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Nite Li a bit surprised antworten

> 172 flash Brontotherium of "team battles ......" Meng Xiang muttered, suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis hurricane flutter face, the story has begun, but can not think of, then dangerous bī nearly. WWW, QUanbEN COM "Han Fan Jie Juan, you protect the FIR and Lena." Meng Xiang said, to unlock the potential lock, his body muscle ròu is a sudden expansion and contraction of a solid, this change is very fast, panic Bing ** Fai did not care Meng Cheung changes, but Zoro face expressionless face suddenly lù the a little surprised, then looked at the piece of spiral leaves behind. Spiral leaf, is the Pandora a rather unique half-plant, half animal life body, under normal driving spiral pink single leaf, but also has neuromuscular ròu organization, by touch, will mimosa immediately shrink, and shrink into the ground. Spiral leaves up to 5,6 m, softened leaves, obscured behind the line of sight, Meng Xiang saw Zoro's face, is surprised because he felt a sense of crisis, it is by the area of ​​the spiral leaves behind. "Deadlines.i!" Spiral leaves seem to be bumped, contraction in the blink of an eye to the ground, the rear of the scene displayed in front of, in addition to the exotic plants, more than one creature - flash Brontotherium. Flash Brontotherium up to 6 meters, nearly three meters high, 6 feet, covering not in a dark blue sè skin but hard horny Leather, on the mouth chún upward folded to achieve maximum tooth extension, hunt Dental moment the storm lù out very ferocious. "Avatar," the original story, the actor Jack Pandora first into the jungle, is also in the spiral leaves encountered flash Brontotherium of attacks, almost became flash Brontotherium delicious dinner. Think of the Lord God to reincarnation and a big joke, the beginning of the story, like Jack, in the same place, experiencing the same beast. Flash Brontotherium not only in great shape, agile and vigorous action, the general the firearms shè not wear horny Leather. Its claws and powerful bite force Pandora biological cries broken is the top predator in the land of Pandora. Korean Fan reaction swift pace, he immediately from the waist chōu the high-spy pistol. General pistol or whatever does not kill flash Brontotherium, but the the Gauss sniper gun close penetration far more than ordinary firearms, that he had faith the the Gaussian solid pellet pistol can definitely to penetrate flash Brontotherium Leather. Meng Xiang hand to prevent Han Fan, eyes flash Brontotherium as the flash Brontotherium seems to feel the Meng Cheung body issued the momentum, but roared in the distance, the legs have been digging the ground, that shining coldness sharp claws, digging the ground like break open as easily as tofu. "Last resort bī, do not shoot, the Gauss pistol can penetrate the flash Brontotherium Leather, but it is too large, solid lead bullets can not kill it, it will jī anger." Meng Xiang spoke, while double together before the delivery of the palm, a rotating ball of light gradually cohesion in the right palm. Spiral pill. Bing ** Hui stare, see emergence of flash Brontotherium the original has so that they too frightened, but Meng Xiang cohesion spiral pill,Coach Bags Sale, they seem to be more surprised, "This is the spiral pill? Why do you ** Hui will be looking at the ball of glowing aura, do not believe look like. "Yes, spiral pill, you really know what's what." Meng Xiang body Reiki raging out, blowing around the plant shook his swing, flash the Ultralisk seems the momentum bī pressure by Meng Xiang, involuntarily back a few steps. Meng Xiang is actually very afraid to flash Brontotherium leap out hair Biao, his power is not able to protect Mu FIR, see the flash Brontotherium shaken, he would lose the opportunity to take the initiative. Shaved! "Meng Xiang station ground burst open, and his stature as the wind as Biao hands of spiral pill to flash the head Brontotherium H to. The flash Brontotherium neural response much faster than the average person, it actually captured Meng Xiang "shave" speed, but also perceived the power of the hands Meng Xiang ball of light, afraid to head-on collision, but the 6-foot fast move to the left, the body bending flexibility, mouth wide open bite right ventral Meng Xiang from the side. The fast flash Brontotherium, Meng Xiang faster feet stays body has an arrow as red, spiral pill in the palm direct compression in the the flash Brontotherium dressed in Leather on the left flank. "Crash!" Powerful cyclone and impact of the huge body the flash Brontotherium the bombers flying several meters overwhelming series of several teams bamboo poles, and finally hit a tree pole, and stopped castration. Meng Xiang flash Brontotherium of body proportions, like mice and cats, But, Meng Xiang easily eyes only monster hit fly, the strength of the strong, long shock Bing ** hui mind. Zoro only exception, at this moment, a panic expression the face lù not, but excited, like sailing for 10 years, and finally found the New World. To flash Brontotherium to stabilize the body, do not seem to give up, physical pendulum, mouth Meng Xiang growled. Meng Xiang which volume it is time to wheezing? The combination of a powerful spiritual force right fist in the little yīn dark jungle flashing blue light, with Meng Xiang loud shout, three shotgun Reiki, into the flash the Ultralisk of Xuepen mouth, to flash Brontotherium the forehead . The flash Brontotherium is Reiki hit, screamed in pain, the body to the side of the pendulum, several beam bamboo poles pressure off,Coach Kristin Clearance, "ho ho" panting mouth out saliva, but blood. It suddenly step the first two steps to the Meng Xiang length, roar, Meng Xiang also think that it is ready to send Biao quickly your breath to be, who knows flash Brontotherium originally feint, it is about turn, stride 6 feet to the depths of the jungle flew escape away, leaving the dumbfounding Meng Xiang. Meng Xiang empty-handed repel the flash Brontotherium, Li Bing with **-hui, simply incredible, and Zoro strode looked Meng Xiang, slowly said: "This is the Lord God the power given to you?" Yes, although not entirely so. "Meng Xiang said proudly, but he just finished, a slightly hoarse voice sounded a little further on a tree:" You in the end is what? Why has such a powerful force. "reincarnation was shocked, and quickly looked Looking back on the direction of the sound, I saw the trees in the distance, a nearly three meters high, covered with blue sè of skin spot, dragging a long braids and long tail biological lightweight stand rod branches. Is satisfied that the United States tribe. The the tribe satisfied that the United States is the most intelligent class Cats class of intelligent life in the planet Pandora popular is Pandora. Nite Li, the Na'vi princess, "Avatar," the the nv protagonist? "Bing shouted excitedly, just face flash Brontotherium fear swept away. "Shut your mouth" Han van pulled Bing, glared at him. "Do you know me?" Nite Li deftly along the branches in the tree to tree climbing, close to reincarnation. Nite Li Department of tall, slender parts of the body only covered with animal skin, even standing on the human point of view, I still think the only class biological Nite Li a bit surprised at reincarnation, condescending, everyone looked something , and then said: "You are much like the people on earth, but why do you violence lù the air of Pandora?" according to the film set, Pandora and Earth have similar environment, the atmosphere contains oxygen and about the same proportion of the earth. with ammonia, methane and chlorine gas toxic to humans, but the atmosphere, the Earth people need to wear air filtration masks to be able to breathe. However, the Lord God set the battlefield in Pandora's Star, also the reincarnation bring air filtration masks to walk on the ground, that's too spoof, so the Lord God had already been licensed reincarnation can breathe freely on Pandora. Meng Xiang squinting his eyes,Nike Jordan Big Ups, smiled slightly: "We are not people on earth, you've seen the strongest people on earth like me?" Nite Li point nod, still alert, but his eyes with a trace of admiration that: "no wrong, even if it is our strongest warrior Na'vi, and can not bare hands to defeat flash Brontotherium you people? come we doing here? "" Do not ignore what we just know that we're here to help you on the line. "" help us? we have difficulties to help you? "Nite Li, then even to say this, but the expression has betrayed her. "Of course things of the earth, we would like to see your patriarch, okay?" Meng Xiang ventured to ask. Nite Li thought, quite like a cat's eye pupil suddenly enlarged, looked up to heaven, heaven, a spin Hebei slowly close to the machine from a distance. This spin Hebei machine wing into the propeller, vertical lifting and suspended in mid-air like a helicopter, human Pandora strange location designed mén aircraft. "Well, you come with me." Nite Li looking very annoyed Shi Ji a jump tree to tree along the trunk of the tree, and then went to the depths of the jungle. "To go along?" Zhou Lina remembered just flash Brontotherium, also a lingering fear. Of course, you follow me, do not touch any animals and plants. "Meng Xiang finish, and Nite Li walked along the first from the ground. [..] .. <

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