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> The Chapter 163 Mu FIR (a) the perfume coming from the hall, and a mouth-watering yù drops. www! QUAnbeN! COM Meng Xiang almost comparable to "shave" speed ran, filled with sumptuous meals on the table. Mu fir placed nòng the the the dishes, after half a day of domestic work, Mu FIR injury in the body of God would be more exuberant, smiling bowl full of soup, and then said softly: "sit down quickly, Western I will not only to Chinese and Western taste delicious. "her like a virtuous wife, a phrase, then, are all full of caring tenderness. Meng Xiang hungry growling, how experience to Mu FIR feelings at this moment, sit down with a fork chā the cattle ròu go out into the gag. Mu FIR does not understand nòng Western, her steak sliced ​​and then fried with celery to eat, the idea is very delicious. Meng Xiang also refused to praise, desperate to plug the mouth, like eating delicious delicacy. Mu FIR sitting Meng Xiang opposite, staring meet Meng Xiang, blushing all, full of shame state. Meng Xiang see Mu fly she looked at his hand, a bit embarrassed, quickly put the busy fork, drinking soup with a spoon: "You do not just look, did a half-day living, you hungry, eat some fast." child gently buttressed by a dish with a fork into his mouth to chew, his eyes still looked great tenderness Meng Xiang De Meng Xiang overwhelmed. "I do not know how my family." Mu FIR suddenly long sigh a sigh of relief. Meng Xiang drinking soup, listening Mu FIR speak. Although he rarely nv child get along with, but he knew that nv the child vomiting lù mind, the best men because nv child, just one listen to the people, rather than a give him ideas. Live at home are generally dry, I really like every night, dedicated nòng dinner, and then waiting for the family to come home for dinner, watching them meet eating the dishes I cook, I felt very happy, I do not know now ...... who nòng dinner ...... "said Mu Feier sudden chōu of the weeping. Looking at this pity people nv child, Meng Xiang feel I should say something, but the total can not think of the right words, know what to say, branched Well only half a day, said: "Just get 100,000 points, you can go home, to ,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, you can continue to provide them nòng dinner. "Meng Xiang felt that nonsense, even if it is his own, and have no confidence deposits 100,000 points. Want to go home, easier said than done. "Points 100,000, although distant, but slowly accumulated, one day can go home." Mu FIR eyes shine with hope of eyes looking at Meng Xiang, faint said: "when we can together to go back? "the Meng Xiang Leng Liaoleng, and looking at the the infinite tenderness Mu FIR, to understand her words with a pun. He just can not make any commitments. "Well, I will definitely go back and wait for me Fun reincarnation of the entire world, I took a lot of gold home to the popular hot drink, ha ha." Meng Xiang said, silly laughter, Mu FIR looked He also can not help laughing, put down the knife and fork, his hands play nòng the finger at me: "Fun reincarnation of the world, hee hee, Meng Brother, you can do it with other people, you, I am confident that I do not have you so big dreams, but I really want to go with you ...... companions Drama World Travel Unfortunately ...... "I think of the dead companion, Mu Feier heart fell when. Meng Xiang do not want to see her cry again, quickly said: "to spend a horror movie, we went to" Inception "Wan Jitian, we can go to the Disney theme park to play, or even to the beach to play, when I catch Seafood give you to eat. "" Really? I always wanted to go to Disney to play, I have not seen the sea, really aspire to. "Mu FIR seems to have been caught up in the illusion of being, then suddenly said:" Meng brother, do not be dead. "Meng Xiang did not know why she suddenly say, he patted the mouth, said:" Do not worry, I will not die, I practice, through the hellish death kill like ass, you may do not know, once we face the devil reincarnation xiǎo, team group fights, I am a man to kill their three strong, that war, nameless team ...... "Meng Xiang network network Jedi said he had record, to put it Tuomohengfei, Mu FIR interesting to listen to, and sometimes makes the "home" laughter. But, this laughter will not last long. This evening, Meng Xiang quilt shop in the lobby, Mu FIR sleep on the floor, he is sitting on the sofa, while eyes closed, while vigilance around the movement, not the slightest effect. This evening, Mu FIR sleep through the night. Looking back, Meng Xiang Mu FIR has survived for three days, just to endure two days, you can safely return to. Meng Xiang chances, always pay attention to the movement of the surrounding. Mu FIR home security here,Nike Air Jordan, appears to be correct, at least have to run around, you can stay at home, the body and mind equatorial. Mu FIR since settled down here, especially last night with Meng Xiang talked about and become comfortable many household chores, for food, watching TV exactly like travel, Meng Xiang tension at all times maintain the mentality of a ratio, the idea seemed Meng Xiang bit neurotic. All day, actually did not happen, this great Meng Xiang's expectations, but it also proved to kill of death is not the law, so that in fact the more tense Meng Xiang. However, Mu FIR live together, it is in a pleasure. Mu fir Jie Juan will not Chenxi ironic, in some xiǎo things calculated to take advantage, chat conversation with Mu FIR, is a pleasure. In particular the Mu the FIR tǐng will care according to people almost hungry, meals just nòng the to up, thirsty, tea, handing me Meng Xiang since since the beginning of the reincarnation of the world flies the most stable, riding into the first four days, to be precise, after 21:00, they live peacefully is broken. Meng Xiang is sitting on the couch, eyes closed, Mu FIR croon lying on the ground covered, exposing a fashion magazine, is seen with great interest, suddenly a voice broke into their quiet life . "Listen to the people inside, you are surrounded, come out to surrender." Police warning sound, Meng Xiang Yi Zheng sky, quickly went to the window, I saw the outside of the house has been around nearly 50 police officers, almost plug full of all of them armed and wearing bullet-proof vests, guard the house in which they live. "Well, finally found to, but to how they find us?" Meng Xiang squeeze out a smile, every time you encounter the police, there is always a companion had been killed, he prayed that the exception. Mu FIR put down the magazine in hand, climb up, surprisingly calm, she came over with the previous panic luàn different person, looking out the window of the police suddenly began to say: "Meng brother, you leave it, anyway, I just cumbersome, you took me not fly away. "Feier, you do not joke." Meng Xiang can not read Mu FIR in the end in mind, the face lù the suspect Mo Feier faint smiles: "Did not you say, even if the police arrested and condemned, it is impossible in the remaining days of the death penalty, not to mention I did not do something, so even if I was caught, will be fine. our enemy is death, you should beware of the death of the kill. "" Do you? "'luck, anyway, so death really the target stare at me, you could not save me." Mu FIR seems firmly decided to part ways with Meng Xiang. Meng Xiang silence, indeed,Jordan New School Shoes, if only he was a man, he will be able to all jīng force on himself, leaving only two days, even if it does not sleep, he can sustain, however, together with Mu Feier , he should at least take into account the Mu FIR multi and doubled just, but he will not be able to put down Mu FIR no matter. "Shut up, or we surrendered to the police with it, anyway, it is not the first time going to jail." Meng Xiang said dismissively, this time the mén police rang again voices: "The people inside listening to , to lay down all arms, hands held out to police Meng Xiang feel very unhappy, but he was helpless, the took Mu Feier hand should come out, a reduction Mu FIR hand, said firmly: "Brother Meng , you quickly leave without going to jail with me. "" That's how the line. "Meng Xiang hee hee smile, suddenly," "bang, the window glass broken open, a thing like a stone shè enter unexpectedly, Mu FIR is the window and pulled want to push the mén out the Meng Xiang, that object just head H Mu FIR, Mu FIR frivolous pace, "snapped" lying on the floor. Sinking thing is a smoke grenade, smoke billowing out, choking cough Meng Xiang again and again, had to display their the Emmanuel defense, isolated intrusion of smoke. FIR, how do you. "Meng Xiang squat body, but at this time, some of the debris that still remnants of the broken windows, outside winds, peeling down toward the same as the knife lying on the window go Mu FIR. Smoke billowing, such as Meng Xiang aware of the oncoming glass, has no time to opened Mu FIR, he suddenly lying on the body Mu FIR, glass are precisely chā in his back, but far more than ordinary Meng Xiang physical , is the Emmanuel defense, which, of course, are not afraid of a piece of glass fragments. "When" sound of shattering glass, hit the iron. "Damn, death, this time to Tim Meng Xiang secretly heart to criticize such unexpected xiǎo Meng Xiang nothing but for Mu FIR tantamount new reincarnation, but it is a fatal blow eruption of smoke bomb smoke has covered the whole house, if we do not go out, Mu FIR will be choked to death, he quickly picked up the Mu FIR has been kicked, was going to run out, three holding gun, wearing an oxygen mask police break mén into the room, Meng Xiang bother with their nonsense, even the well-known police croon, all unconscious. [..] .. <

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