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20.05.2013 05:10
Mengxiang Li the engraved antworten

> 156 Death around the reincarnation of the neural response and agility when ordinary people a pistol at them and ready to pull the trigger moment, they can be the first step to remove the body, to avoid the bullets, so Wei Seoul pistol, reincarnation is not much of a threat. Www! QUANBen! COM But, this is just the normal circumstances. Withstood the attacks of the two death, reincarnation flustered endless, as frightened. Meng Xiang Jie Juan Han Van psychological quality is better, not anything, but Mu FIR Zhou Lina already trembling with fear, Mu FIR against the wall side, Zhou Lina huddle in the corner. "Michael, how do you ... Michael died, you ... you were to kill the police?" Police shouting outside. Will had deliberately creating sound, unguarded Michael walked over to see, he will hide in the hands of the wire kicked, strangled Michael, and find the key to open the cell mén and found Michael pistol, confrontation with the police through the monitor to see everything. Fast I do, or I will kill all the cell 5. "Will fierce curse loudly, grim, people feel that he is serious. "Michael is going to retire, you could be so ruthless ..." one of the officers said sadly, "Bang!" Gunshots rang Will "hey" screams his left shoulder, has been gushing blood. "Damn, big deal a blow up." Will turned their guns pointing to the cell. "Escape." Meng Xiang Korea where the end of the Zhou Lina cried with a loud voice, because the muzzle, and the two of them form a straight line. Korea where Zhou Lina have been to strengthen the body,Jordan UK sale, naturally enough time to react. Korea where a turn past the side of the flutter open, and Zhou Lina squatting on board to cover the body seems to be too nervous, who knows a foot she just throw throw plastic round cup, my foot slipped, the people paralysis "bang "Will shoot bullets is precisely shè Zhou Lina's forehead. The police pistol power is not, Zhou Lina's forehead emerge a black dot, blood splashing behind her wall panels red. The bullet went straight from the back of the head Zhou Lina's forehead, she had a chance to hum, Soul Heaven. "Lena ..." Mu FIR snapped screaming, tears and Korea where Jie Juan stunned, staring stood a moment at a loss. "Damn, you court death." Meng Xiang turned and glared at Will, the hands holding before the ghost of King Kong Axe. Of Zhebing hundreds of kilograms of ax unnamed team a player is obviously not suitable for use under Meng Xiangsheng anger completely ignored so much, raised his ax, hit to the iron railing and behind Will. "Lala ... Diamond Axe even get to the main space of God, or at least more than double b weapons, and King Kong ax,Air Jordan UK, if not magic, who spent a Meng Xiang full force of kilograms of. Iron railing as paper burst open at the same time, King Kong ax castration diminished, direct bombers in Will's body, lost between the dashing, blood spatter, Will's body, suddenly becomes broken ròu spilled over the floor . "Boom!" King Kong the ax chopped Will the same time, the wall behind him smacked a big Meng Xiang admitted castration. Terror ax, not only outside three police scared silly, even Han and others who can not think of King Kong the ax actually have this power. In fact, Meng Xiang only play King Kong ax power of 1/10, former Ghost to bash, I am afraid that just an ax, the entire police station ruined. Do not move. Police armed with a pistol aimed at Meng Xiang, but have been scared feet shaking their fingers pressing the trigger at any time necessary to buckle under walked back to his cell. Meng Xiang Jie Juan View Zhou Lina injury, she Meng Xiang shook his head and said coldly: "bullet through the head, even if there is a magic pill, could not save her. "Damn. "The Korean Fan Sincere H in the iron wall, quite self-blame. Fact, this thing is the slightest wonder he was, but he felt as captain, but helplessly watching the death of the member, not that one and only have a sense of responsibility captain should be. Meng Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, pulled Han who said: "It 's no wonder you proposed caught by the police to jail I, should I take full responsibility. In fact, the neural response to Lena, even if her hands busy feet, but to escape just that shot is a breeze. Unexpected is that she actually step on the throw away cups slipped, was apparently death kill. Only half a day, death has shot three times, which is to punish the plot? He smiled gently, just laugh is so ugly, full of frustration and unwilling. "... Do not kill Will, you're just self-defense, there is no crime, you ax out. "In fear that three police officers came, hands still raised his pistol for fear of step Will's footsteps." Meng Xiang, I ... how should we do. "Han who picked up the body of Zhou Lina Mu the FIR has holding Zhou Lina Shangfa the lukewarm xiǎo hand whispered cry. Meng Xiang bite the bullet and white Korean who one said:" Now you are the captain, you decide what we should do to do so. You decide, I will certainly support. He also some self-blame, and there is nothing wrong decision caught by the police the police station, but now Zhou Lina died, and his heart feel good. Han Fan eyes turn, suddenly no idea, then outside the police again called noise, it seems to help the Korean who made a decision, "we leave it, at least, Lena was buried say. "Good. "Meng Xiang fist smacked, the three Reiki, such as artillery shells hit the body of the police. Despite suppression strength, three police bone remains to be interrupted," crackling "sound fell to the ground fainted when the days just light, police station only four police officers, Michael died, three other police faint mí Meng Xiang et al and walked out of the police station, just reincarnation, 5 persons to game out, can not help but let some of them sadly driving a police car, they came not far from a mud dug a pit, Zhou Lina buried. Zhou Lina lively, active atmosphere of the unnamed team, although a short time to spend, but the reincarnation who secretly sad , Mu FIR is crying such as tears sun has just risen, driving a car xiǎo residents into go to the town to stay too Yang eye. Meng Xiang then said: "soon came to believe that the support of the police, we best to leave this to take shelter in a another xiǎo town. His proposal has been endorsed by all, they went about to open the car of police vehicles mén, Jie Juan suddenly said: "driving a police car too conspicuous, and the police with the license plate to find us, if you have satellite positioning, it worse. "What do you think should I do? Walk to go? "Han who seem to have lost due to the calm and wisdom, did not speak through his brain." I'll steal cars Jie Juan finished, they ran along the road to the distant houses. See Jie Juan gone, of Meng Xiang pat Korea where the shoulder and said: "of reincarnation xiǎo team captain must look long-term, you can grief and remorse for the death of the team, but I hope not too long. you to continue calm, with more people died in front of you, do not you would like to see this result? "Where bow silence, thoughtfully. Soon, Jie Juan driving a jeep back, open the windows, she said, smiling: "This is a good car, gasoline is full,Coach Poppy Collection USA, faster car." "You ... you are professional car theft. ? "Han who mō jeep body asked, aghast. Mengxiang Li the engraved chā saying: "She is not car thieves, but certainly done it before this line. Forget about her, Let's get on." Said Jie Juan, she mimics the patient's occupation and behavior, in order to understand the patient's psychological . Since the killer of her patients, but also as car thieves. So now steal jeeps, is simply a breeze. Juan Jie driving a jeep, carrying reincarnation traveling to the south, in order to catch her speed away before police arrived quite quickly. Mu the FIR alone in the back seat, seems to be thinking about some things. Meng Xiang Zhou Lina's death that she was still sad, comfort, said: "The the reincarnation world, death is just common, who do not know what will happen next, all we can do is to allow yourself to live. Stop sad, Lena Izumishita the knowledge, will rest in peace. "Mu FIR raised his head, face tears, a sense is jī looked Meng Xiang, blushed, then she asked:" In fact, I have been thinking, attacks of death is not too frequent? "should not be so, if the next four days, all the time by the death of the kill, even if it does not kill us, we had to commit suicide." Meng Xiang answer. Korea who suddenly answer, his words are no longer Ling In fact, I feel that the Lord God so often against us, not because one day, it must kill a target? We originally a total of five people, so it gives us five days, according to kill one person a day to calculate, just five days off. "Not so coincidentally, right? Meng Xiang laughed dismissively However, I also recognize the Han who is right. "Reincarnation of the world, no matter how clever the thing happened. Han Fan said firmly, his words, get Meng Xiang Jie Juan applause. They know that Han who finally got rid the heart yīn shadow, they just do not understand where Han Han who think, not to evade or face, but salvation, he is still suffering from the torture of remorse. [..] .. <

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