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the ghost towering into antworten

> Chapter 147 before the war ghost (b) "bang bang bang!" Meng Xiang has picked up hp5 submachine gun forward ghost but the bullet shè is the first ghost who, as shè steel, issued a "bang bang" sound. The former ghost disdain staring at Meng Xiang said: "Human, Do not be naive, you do not think with that broken weapons to hurt me?" Meng Xiang received a good sub-machine guns, know this God Sadako, fear firearms attacks, he alert before the ghost after ghost, did not say anything. After the ghost in the back lot of noises: human, go away, you are not his opponent, it is meaningless to die in vain. "Humans are not my opponent, do not you my opponent? Fixed long stick with your hands, can match my King Kong ax? "ghost lù to a crooked contempt laugh, completely after ghost in the eyes. Long stick does not move, just like the Monkey King wishful bāng of remain elastic after ghost-powered weapons. "Whoosh!" Burst of coldness skirted Long stick does not move like a black dragon sea, the sudden elongation comparable to the speed of bullets, split between the grab in front of the heart of a ghost, "Bang!" Earthquake almost wear eardrum strange sound coming out. "Good fast." Meng Xiang secretly horror, completely without warning, even murderous there is no leakage, can not move dragon stick an arrow, like thorns, to hit somewhere boundless Juli, this element of surprise weird does not sound anti-anti. However, before the ghost faster, the moment he had King Kong ax ax surface stand in front of, dragon stick the club head does not move, just grab the diamond ax, did not cause any harm to the former ghost. Meng Xiang has depth to unlock the potential of locking two barely see fixed castration Long stick, in other words, before the ghost of the neural response, certainly not in the best condition under Meng Xiang. Former ghost casually blocked ghost of the blow, indifference, cold hum: "Yes, after more than a dozen lives reincarnation, you do not move dragon stick forces increased, but during the seal, I not sitting, my strength, than you improve more my strength lies in attack, and then the ghost is more important than defense, I do not know the strength of your defense did not improve? "ghost flick of the body to King Kong ax Axe surface will not move dragon stick abruptly broke. Long stick does not move has not been fully retracted, the former ghost waving King Kong ax, cut off the hands the gold sè ax subsequent ghost. Speed, Meng Xiang cast "shaving", and certainly not before the ghost. After the grimace on full dismayed God sè, it seems hardly guess the power of the former ghost upgrade to the point that his hands holding a fixed long stick, abruptly resist the former ghost the explosion xìng the strike. Suddenly, the earth was moving, mountain horse mountain like a split, rolling boulders down, smashing down the hill to go. The power of King Kong ax entirely focused on not move the the dragon stick and after ghost who myeon actually unable to stand before the ghost people fear the power of the strike, after the ghost screams, and does not move the dragon stick abruptly hit into the face of the mountain, and disappeared without a trace. Breath after ghost disappeared, Meng Xiang secretly horrified. The power of the former ghost at an alarming rate, but more terror before the ghost of King Kong ax. The force of the blow,Air Jordan Store, the power ax to emerge from King Kong, it seems more frightening than the previous ghost. "If King Kong ax back to the main space of God, is definitely a magic." Meng Xiang muse, he gearing up, and my heart is excited. Although the first ghost showed the devil cold and inhuman strength, but the Meng Cheung mood, excitement than fear. One-on-one confrontation, feeling too subtle, "Yu Yu Hakusho" train hard, Meng Xiang confident, he bī to need to know their own strength. Ding Jie has been defeated by his men, but he was not satisfied. "Ghost nonsense Come on, one of life and death." Meng Xiang gracefully posture, saying softly, there is no impact after ghost encounter. Before the ghost is a little surprised, to re-examine Meng Xiang the face lù excitement God sè Diamond Axe care on the right shoulder, curious to ask: "I was sealed before seen a lot of Oddities disabilities, human addition to spell supernatural power, simply can not fight the monster you in the end is what people, or that in the end you are not a person? "who I am is not important.", Meng Xiang aura surging out of the former grimace sè of stunned. But then his and Yan Yue sè,, laughed and said: "a strong spiritual power, it really is if you eat your body, my strength is definitely better than expected growth." "Then you to try about. "Meng Xiang has been channeling before suddenly cut off the hands of the spirit sword forward ghost. The former the ghosts danced Diamond Axe, calmly greet up, lightning sword ax collision dozens, Meng Xiang "shave" the speed is fast, but the hillside potential advantageous,Coach Online Outlet, suppressed his speed, the other hand, former ghost, force such as cattle, the hands of another King Kong ax artifact, such as a bulldozer, who bumped his scorched the trunk of the tree, or was knocked down, or he kicked. "Bang!" Sword ax suddenly collided and made funny noises. Meng Xiang Ling sword is not a powerful weapon, but for the spirit has a strong mass destruction, before the ghost's body as hard as steel, defying the bullets have to be careful Fu Mengxiang spirit sword, the two of you come to me in a battle pitted against each other. Meng Xiang, of course, left hand, just testing each other, but the former ghost hands of King Kong ax too powerful, strength, stupidity the Lu Di muscle ròu strengthen by stronger than the devil reincarnation xiǎo team households, with his Emmanuel defense, absolutely could not stand an ax attack, has been xiǎo the heart cautious, often reserved to retreat, in order to to beware before ghost mountains Shardling blow. Sure enough, after a series of tentative, the former ghost finally unable to bear waving Vajra Axe ranted: "You only this ability? Big let me down." Ax momentum suddenly inviting, golden shine, just like bears sleeping dragon suddenly waking up, the sky, the light of the early morning sun cover. "Boom ..." the former ghost ax the Hong Xiang Meng Xiang, Meng Xiang dare Parry, hurry back, King Kong H ax on the ground, the rocks burst open, a crack down along the hillside Yan Shen. Diamond ax actually Ikoma mountain cut open, this power is really hard to imagine. Mountain in rock, boulder rolling down the occasion, Meng Xiang use the shaved down the hill feicuan the away. "Where escape!" Ghost marching ground, high-speed running down the hill, his marching mountain face, have left deep footprints, the focus of tree stand in front of him, severing all. The Tomb already scattered and fled, even if Lee yù blinded, they would not as consideration own xìng life, experience the real ghosts give bile days they do, they did not dare to stay in Ikoma near Mt. Mengxiang Fei ran down, turned around and I looked, I saw a big crack down from the top split, Golden Axe forces strong, people made. Before the ghost beast from the mountains rushed down behind him, in the scorched tree trunk in the forest, abruptly he reclaimed a mountain road, has been to the foot of the Peak,Air Jordan New School, "human beings, to take life." Everyone no dead, the problem is that you first or me first, 10 rounds distributed shotgun the former ghost shè Reiki is lunged past, before the ghost towering into the sky, the ax face against the front, "porphyrin porphyrin porphyrin ... "shot hit the Aura King Kong ax as breaks against. "Boom!" Ground burst open, before the ghost of King Kong ax has been ground Meng Xiang original, standing ground cut out of a pit, Meng Xiang will not eat the immediate loss, already out of the way again and again, to open more than 20 meters back channeling, put away the spirit sword, turned and looked at the former ghost. The second round battle of the former ghost "Well," a cry, pendulum has just ax, laughed and said: "You give up? Do not intend to run away, it was too late." Give up? Disadvantage, does exactly what you do? began to hum Meng Xiang said, his fists a grip, the outbreak of the aura, the tip of the ground soil have been set off. The efficacy of 12% of the world boxing king, Meng Xiang finally broke out. Meng Xiang is not to run away, choosing instead to duel at the foot of the mountain. Mountain terrain is too advantageous, Meng Xiang speed, especially "shaved" is simply difficult to play, only "shave" speed, in order to override the front above the ghost, put it more bluntly some, even if the face of the crashing ax, shaved enough to help Meng Xiang escape. Moreover, Meng Xiang abandon the use of the spiritual sword. His spirit sword to physical attacks, there is no difference with the ordinary blade, the advantage is that you can always emerge and attack the enemy in your hand. But the power of the sword of the Spirit is to kill the evil, the former ghost even bullets shè not wear his body, but the spirit sword can easily pierce his defense. By Millia advantage, Meng Xiang hidden spirit sword fighting with his fist. In fact, for Meng Xiang, fist fighting, more handy. Meng Xiang shouted, systemic eruption Reiki, unarmed move the ghost went straight past. [..] .. <

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