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> Because the other side of the snow-capped mountains sāo move to attract the attention of a large portion of the projection armed personnel, the base residues armed soldiers did not have much. WWW QunabEN com Meng Xiang is not worried about the battle of the base, if not for the Ding Jie trigger the story line, leads to a strong projection army, this time to complete tasks promulgated by the Lord God can be said to be almost certain. But now there is a variable, the first story thing regardless of the punishment solely on the short term, only a mountain troops? By the Lushan, Ding Jie Bai Long Pa destroy, really so easily collapse of the military forces in the mountains? Of course not, Otherwise, Ding Jie do not like Sangjiazhiquan fled everywhere, even had to cheat to leave the third layer dream. Meng Xiang may to Ganna xìng life at stake, following more than 10 minutes, if by the military power of the mountain pound luàn the fray, so that they can not return to the second layer dream, then the next 10 years, they are must live in these powerful forces kill. This is more painful than death. Han Van driving the snowmobiling, carrying Mu FIR Zhou Lina drove to the base along the left side. Mu FIR only a weak nv flow, not yet hardened, cold root shivering in her bones, but very tough, tightly holding her arms Zhou Lina, I heard a hum, a short while, she double eyebrow has been covered with white frost. Jie the Juan handheld Meng Xiang large-caliber automatic pistol from the right side close to the base gliding past in front of a wide-oriented Expand Yu Ji, she was like an angel fluttering, the speed is much faster than Korea where snowmobiling. Meng Xiang has solved two of the potential lock, by potential lock tactile sense of crisis, he openly dive to the base in the past. From the base, less than two kilometers, has been sounded in front of the sporadic gunfight sound of Kirby offensive, the projector armed hillside at least a few minutes to come back in time terms. A few minutes is the key, Meng Xiang, they must be back in the projection armed ambush them in the front of the base, so that Kirby they successfully complete the task. In the original story, the ideas implanted obstruct Kirby is not a projection armed, but lurking in his mind his wife's projection Zhan Jia. Kirby had with his wife Zhan Jia dream dream test, they both enter mí failure domain. Kirby To Zhan good wake up, to implant the idea in a dream, the idea of ​​"all doubt" Zhan Jia, and yet they were waking up from a dream, but Zhan Jia still think that the reality is actually just a dream, and finally suicide end. Kirby therefore very remorseful, hidden in the depths of consciousness Zhan Jia remorse terrible projection, each depth dream, projected Zhan Jia will be out pounding this. Zhan good pounding luàn, the results, but it is shootings Fisher, Fisher caught the faint mí. In order to ensure the smooth implantation of ideas, Kirby A Deni had their dreams grafted to sneak into the fourth layer of the dream ideas implanted in Fisher's dream, indirect Kirby into mí failure domain. This difficulty is too low, the reincarnation is to prevent the projector armed scored base, the plot is 9% chance of the original story, in other words, they are not at all necessary to help Kirby. Meng Xiang body cloth over the aura, like a ball of blue fire in the snow flew, naturally attracted the attention of snipers. Around the base is certainly a handheld gauss sniper rifle alert, Zhou Lina was suffered a crushing defeat in the sniper war. Meng Xiang not want revenge for Zhou Lina, his purpose is Gaussian sniper rifle. Gauss sniper rifle is too powerful, or no role in the melee, but long-range sniper, especially in team battles, Gauss sniper rifle power will be greatly improved. Of course, such a powerful weapon, there must be restraint, such as hair gun interval or targeting under harsh conditions, and so on, but such weapons, the Lord God space conversion, must require a significant amount of points. Since the weapons in the horror film can be brought back to the Lord God space, powerful weapons, do not white is not white, maybe later use. Moreover, before Zhou Lina projected in the distance sniper sniper sniper and it did not Kirby et al., If he does not give snipers a target, maybe the next shot dead Kirby Jie Juan et al. Meng Xiang confidence in their own sense of crisis, more confident of their speed. Curse Ling ingot practice, Meng Xiang enhance the largest the Reiki amount and speed, this time in the the Reiki group of wrapped, an arrow as he ran forward, speed and even faster than Korea where snowmobiling. An invisible pressure from far to Meng Xiang that he had been a sniper eyeing. The wind is blowing! "Meng Xiang suddenly turned, he stood the snow burst open a pit," shaving "extremely fast, his stature as suddenly disappear. "Boom!" Meng Xianggang just ran behind him at 1 meter ground burst open, ground vibration, gravel flying under the snow and the snow hit in the back of Meng Xiang, issued a "flap" sound. Meng Xiang scared FULL sweat, this gun is almost destroyed his confidence. Potential lock is the human brain potentials the jī hair, the most prominent change is the human brain is able to capture the feeling of danger around. Meng Xiang confident "shave" Speed ​​has its head, and a feel murderous, he immediately changed to escape, but also just lucky to run more than a step, avoiding the fatal blow. Gauss sniper rifle, regardless of the speed and destructive power, powerful hard kick measured. However, with the direction of this sense of crisis came, Meng Xiang has been substantially infer the location of the sniper, the next time, he can definitely master snipers were hidden. The face of the crisis and the feeling of excitement, Meng Xiang as back with the devil reincarnation xiǎo team battle. While he bolted on the side of the heart and counting. Order to capture the next shot shè timing. Animation or sci-fi xiǎo often mentioned, Gaussian sniper rifle hair must skip some time electromagnetic empowerment to the hair shè second hair. Meng Xiang is to capture this time interval. When Meng Xiang heart to 68, the strong sense of crisis hit, Meng Xiang,Jordan 12 Shoes, this time to display their "shaving", but directly to the left to avoid the same time, the body cast Emmanuel defense. "Boom!" Powerful spiral force pulling Meng Xiang body, the bullet passing 50 cm from of Meng Xiang xiǎo abdominal, Meng Xiang ago Saiyan battle suit issued a "buzzing" sound, like at any time will tear. His clothes, such as burnt paper, the wind blows, scattered into ashes. Meng Xiang feet of snow and the rocks below, immediately crumbled into powder to form a pit, he nearly cut in the pit. Despite the risk to the uttermost, but Emmanuel defense, Meng Xiang before the battle suits and clothes to make broken, and not injured. He Lengheng soon, eyes glanced at the base of the second floor, 300 meters away in a corner, "the Gaussian electromagnetic sniper rifle recharge time is 68 seconds, count the time-of-sight, it should be a time of 6 seconds,Coach Online Bags, enough." Aura surging out, snow on the ground have been scraping fly, Meng Xiang has been in the 10% efficiency under the king of boxing. Shaved! "Meng Xiang braces on our legs,Coach Bags Outlet, the body is almost high-speed flying close to the ground. He fully display their speed, even in the snow, a distance of 300 meters, he only takes more than 10 seconds, he does not allow sniper shot. At this time, both sides of sporadic gunfire, with the base of gunfire jiāo knitting, apparently Jie Juan Korea who has to join the fray. The base projection remaining armed is not much, Meng Xiang calm down, an arrow as he went to the base, plunged into the stream, has jumped on the second floor of 8 meters. Meng Xiang sniper hiding in the shelter has not yet had time to escape, and Meng Xiang Iron Fist has played in his head, is full punching force of kilograms of, head of the sniper outbreak such as watermelon, brains splashed over the floor. Sniper's head burst open, his hands still holding the sniper rifle. Meng Xiang, one sniper rifle taken away from him, Gauss sniper rifle larger and heavier than the average sniper rifle Barrel spiral-shaped, 20 cm gun who braved the faint green light, the gun will carry with them a times the sight of more than 40 cm long barrel set in the gun body, very Latin style. Meng Xiang did not have time to play, he will be Gaussian sniper rifle Seru Na ring, then pulled out a submachine gun At this point, the jungle hillside sprang projection armed team, driving a snowmobile rushing to the base. [..] .. <

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