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Shi machine Arthur driving antworten

> Yesterday was originally just before dawn, the strange thing is, last more 18 o'clock last night released a long time, actually examination is not passed, then 22 o'clock at night for a long time up to modify the results up to now has not been audited by last night actually made a The 1.1W word to meet not urge more friends, I'm sorry to say this. The seemingly low difficulty of the task, in fact, is not simple. Of course,Air Jordan 7, this is only limited to new, Ding Jie or Meng Xiang, to escape the armed attacks of the projector is not difficult. Meng Xiang was very satisfied with the analysis of the Korean Fan Jie Juan Ding Jie, he asked: "Captain Gold Cloth defense weakened to 1/10, should be to avoid the hail of bullets, of course, massage bar defense, I do not know you have any effect? ​​"impact? must not look down the Gold Cloth." said Ding Jie hum. "Also, but no armor protection, such as the face, leaving only 1/10 of the defense force, terror can not eat a bullet? Magic attack is invalid, should easily ruin the dream afraid of the power of magic is the Lord God and the Lord God is defined this story is really difficult. Jie Juan, you have What do you think? "only to help Kirby to complete the task, our subconscious will lose the idea of ​​invasion Fisher dream, in other words, there is no longer projection armed to kill Otherwise, in the first layer of the dream, we waiting for the week hypnosis yào failure, are also threatened, of course, this threat can be tolerated, the Lord God is really interesting to our choice. "Jie Juan titter said with indifference. Just then, the rain began falling on everyone's clothes, "yào agent in the side of the division," Yusuf braved heavy rain, left hand holding a silver sè the suitcase, while stopping a commercial vehicle, while say hello to them: "Ding Jie, you also made to stay what? faster car." Lord God, this identity given to them is to help Kirby sneaked into the dream partner, come to pick them up xiǎo car ride the commercial vehicle. The plot has commenced, they do not by talking about all squeeze into the commercial vehicle. Car outside addition to less nv architects A Deni, Pirates of the dream Kirby outpost by Arthur camouflage Ames and hire their boss Zeiten all in attendance. The dream is architect Ede Ni design, but the dream master, which is dreams, but it is the target Fisher. Pretender the Eames good long camouflage, transform identity, you can imitate in a dream he was familiar with everyone, the outpost by Arthur responsible for sentry, to assist in the success of Pirates of the dream yào agent division Yusuf is responsible for the entire team to Pirates of the dream Kirby as the core idea implanted, 6 people are almost indispensable in the task. So the Lord God implanted ideas task failure conditions of the arrangement, although confined to the death of Kirby In fact, these 6 people, in addition to architect A Deni has completed the task of dream design becomes a minor role and the remaining five are all indispensable, even one death would lead to the whole idea implanted task fails. Li standard sitting posture is very natural, seems Jie Juan hit by lower body is still faint for the pain in the back seat, his eyes glaring in front of Jie Juan, like to eat Jie Juan. "This kind of weather, he would need a taxi." Driving a car xiǎo Kirby downpour said, looking at the outside of the vehicle. Horror film of this difficulty, the Lord God to change the story and unlikely reincarnation silent silent, waiting for the story as it develops. Kirby Biao car collision to the rear of the front of the taxi. The two cars stopped at the same time, the taxi driver furious, open car mén angrily rushed over a lot of noises: idiot, how you drive. "Kirby pistol raised his, saying softly:" out of the way. "taxi driver saw the pistol, faster run faster than sprint champion. Arthur, Qiteng Fei fast start in the past, on a taxi, to continue moving forward. For this familiar plot, Li cicada Li standard show full of curiosity, just Mu FIR tilted his head to look at their actions, to see her face, seems to have never seen the "Pirates of the dream space". But it is no wonder, Mu FIR farm less NV, the standard of living in rural areas are still relatively poor, how conditional go to the cinema to watch a movie? the vehicles xiǎo soon, in front of a commercial building, a handsome young side of the phone, I called a taxi, Arthur driving a taxi in the past, Kirby stopped the car, Ames rain out of the vehicle outside, go to the next to the taxi, got into a taxi to take advantage of the young man, he would open the car mén quickly dig into. This young man, it is their goal implanted ideas - Fisher. The taxi continued to travel, a matter of fact, Fisher has co-held by Zeiten et al, all seem to have them in their hands. Just Meng Xiang know emergencies should, then, will be the beginning of the "Pirates of the dream space" shootout. Less nv A Deni drill into the car in the rain, Kirby edge acute and yelled "faster car while pedaling oil mén. All hearts are stretched too tightly, addition to Mu FIR. She did not seen the movie, do not know the plot of the next. Kirby has not yet had time to start the car,Jordan 10 Shoes, the car burst of intense shock and vibration makes them shake in the car East West pendulum. Mu FIR screaming your head, others clinging to the handrails. A the classical bucket Train in the city center uprooting their commercial vehicles, trains more than castration continue, such as the to sweep trash broke down the front of the vehicle, blocking the whole road. Looking at the a Kaka train in passing the car window, Kirby A Deni face stunned. A Deni can not help but say: "I did not design this, how is this all about?" Kirby stare across the city train, thoughtfully, Li Biao suddenly a lot of noises: "What also made stay, but also some back from the other side chase off to, stupid. "" You said what? "Cole said angrily, the crowd felt the Li standard face before lighting shaking, in addition to Meng Xiang, no one to see what is happening things. "Boom!" Li standard crashed into the window, his face suddenly blood flow. Natural shot Ding Jie, he said coldly: "Kirby, never mind, continue to do what you want to do it." Kirby does not ask questions, a step of oil mén rapid Back in the car, around the train along the other side of the road to go through. Li target badly scared Lee cicada Mu FIR stay if wood jī Meng Xiang pulled out a hemostatic spray spray spray in the face and forehead of the subject of Lee, and then casually smiled and said: "Do not forget your identity, best not to speak out of turn. "in front of" pop "sound of shooting thorn in the heart of Cole and Ade Ni, they do not care Meng Xiang what to say. Li standard shrink in horror on one side, no longer afraid to speak out, Lee cicada Mu FIR is almost hugged the trembling body, Li header of every drop of blood, stabbed jī their nerves. Listening to the sound of shooting, Meng Xiang Jie Juan tense, it touches Ding Jie, innocently looking out the window, I do not know what a body to fight, pensive look. Turned the corner, the front few xiǎo car blocking the road, before and after the station nearly 40, the respective windshield of the taxi holding caliber pistol constantly Arthur has long broken, bullet-riddled car shell. Ames patrol Fisher, Shi machine Arthur driving a company before and after xiǎo car crashed into a block eyes can not resist. This scenario, much more dangerous than the original movie in just a few shootout. Kirby was about to step on the oil mén hit in the past and Meng Xiang may let him hand and pulling he said: "Kirby, jiāo to give us. Enemy hands only with a pistol, Meng Xiang did not they put in the eye, he Jie Juan Han Fan Yang Yangshou, 3 open car mén washed out, each took out an infinite elastic hair submachine guns and large-caliber automatic pistol, totally unnecessary the stingy the bomb yào to desperately open gun, standing in front of the enemy became a ready-made guns rake. After nine days of gun battles practice when he finally much help, even if it is a Korean who is also quite experienced momentum, the passing of the submachine gun, left out of the fall. "Come on, come over here." Meng Xiang shouted to Arthur, Arthur had to see support, and hurried off toward their side, Just then, the streets next to gradually ran out of nearly 20 people, this time they holding is not the pistol, but a submachine gun. Meng Xiang Nuheng soon,Nike Air Jordan Womens Sale, rallied the the the powerful aura right fist faint glow, dozens of the divergence bomb aura like shells rain as H in the body of those who. Meng Xiang reached the senior level of Reiki Reiki, after further penance, the destructive power of the shotgun Aura comparable to his fist. Those hit knocked invariably fell a few meters, a cut in the ground. In terms of efficiency, of Meng Xiang shotgun Reiki higher than submachine gun. Faster car! "At this time Arthur has been driving a taxi across the commercial vehicle, a lot of noises Kirby the head out Lu Xiangmeng Xiang 3, MENG Xiang killing yourself, but fear that the enemy will be more and more, 20 people at the same time holding a submachine gun to sweep shè, I am afraid he is run copies. The moment immediately Korea where two Jie Juan squeeze into the commercial vehicle, Kirby mad riding oil the mén commercial vehicle driving taxi followed by Arthur flew away. [..] .. <

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