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v> Seeking recommend ... "Ow ..." Van Helsing cry wolf roar, bite to go the open Xuepentaikou to Dracula, Dracula larger body, but did not affect its flexible skill, it sticks out larger hands a film Van Helsing with his Van Helsing into a werewolf after more than 3 m in height, shape Bidegula slightly, but seems a far cry from the force, even if it has been with arms open lattice Dracula beat up, his body still looks dashing out. www QuANBEn, com cover Van Helsing "Ding Jie anger readers cry, fist faint braved the qingguang, but he did not exchange Alaya, sacred clothing in addition to enhanced damage to the soul, increased defense and xiǎo universe increase, the effect becomes and the the Gold Cloth difference has, his fists H Dracula's body, like mosquito bites, Dracula half eyes did not look at him, set their sights on Zhang Jin, who, apparently castle, Zhang Jin had caused him considerable impact. Long as Wisdom reactive layer 11. Zhang Jin Zhang Li to destroy the stone of like a shot, setting off a violent gust of wind, suddenly Feishazoushi, Dracula looks such as a broken line kite crashed through the frozen castle wall, one crashed into the castle. Van Helsing has once again rushed over, screaming, staring at the castle, spray fiery eyes of anger. "Hula Hula ......" the sky is the air is slapping sound, burst blanket of darkness from far to supposed to fly to attack tens of thousands of human vampire do not know when to fly back from a distance, suddenly, the sky is bat xiǎo, shrouded closing date. Despite these Vampire xiǎo child is much weaker force than the average vampire, and even ordinary silverware blow can be broken up, but too many, and the vampire's curse still exists, even if it is reincarnation, if bitten by a vampire. I am afraid that on their own are not necessarily how long it will become a puppet of the vampire. So many vampire people how to resist? Just as everyone is shocked, Jie Juan has commenced Yu Ji Tengfei sky, her hands leaning against a mass of bright white light like the sun, "Ladies and gentlemen, I could not hold it long, the rest is up to you." People not react White Jie Juan the center shè a Light cuticle, the entire ice castle shrouded in mid-air Vampire xiǎo child completely isolated. Some vampire xiǎo, child did not seem to feel the Road Light cuticle at stake, he just swooped down, but after the baptism of the Holy Light cuticle,Coach Satchels, its body like a balloon, "porphyrin" bang, burst into a ball of liquid. Road Light cuticle Undead baptism of the soul, attack power is much weaker than concentrated into the Light column advantage of a wide range. The weak vitality of these the vampire xiǎo children will burst into a paralysis of bloody Once the entire body was baptized. Vampire bride growled fly over is necessary to attack Jie Juan, Meng Xiang awareness is still very clear, know Jie Juan this trick his two-foot re-leased, facing the Wei Luonuo blasted tens of divergence bomb Reiki . And the ground Van Helsing, Zhang Jin Ding Jie has once again penetrate into the castle, Dracula life and death. Wei Luona flap double Hebei avoid Reiki attack, and screamed at the top of the castle, seemed to summon something. Meng Xiang fell to the ground, he has the body covered with short máo hideous face a little good wolf, over time, he is getting close to the werewolf, but the strange thing is, Meng Xiang In addition to the heart Curse of the Werewolf of 3 violent attacks on the soul seems weak, it seems that the power of the curse because weakened against the T-virus. Meng Xiang turned to see Carl and Anna Lianrong sè loss,Air Jordan Womens Sale, face, blue seems to see terrible things, could not help but ask: "What are you doing? Kill Dracula, his children and even vampire bride will die, no need to be afraid. "Carl finger pointing to the top of the castle quaver said:" ...... then the werewolf, it will be restored was going to do? "werewolf and vampire, Dracula death, werewolves only out of control, will not restore normal. To Meng Xiangshun with Carl's fingers looked up looking and suddenly scared the face muscle ròu stiff, can not say a word. If we say that now has half the power of the wolf Meng Xiang, 10 werewolf he did not in the eyes, then let him to panic anxiety was at a loss, it can only be 100 werewolf. I saw the roof of the Frozen castle, dense station full of nearly three meters high werewolf, blood-red eyes glaring at the bottom of a long and sharp the mouth jaw stream drops of saliva, "Ow ..." deafening yù deaf wolf roar, filled with the entire mountain, thorn jī everyone's soul. For creatures who can not fly, wolf encounter these people, can only eagerly await death. Carl trembling voice, huddle himself said: "the original Dracula capture living purpose is to turn them into a werewolf, his children wake up to their vitality so the number of werewolf, no wonder he can be that thousands of The 10,000 baby at the same time resurrection. "" ...... that how do we do? "Anna tightly clutching the hands of the werewolf solution yào, panic asked. Protect Van Helsing and kill Dracula, reincarnation safe return werewolf how damaging this world, they could do not have to bother. Just, Van Helsing and Max, Ding Jie Castle Dracula play war, if controlled by Dracula 100 werewolves join the fray, not to mention to kill Dracula, I am afraid even Zhang Jin is difficult to get out. Werewolf's blood boiling, even if only in a state of half-wolf, Meng Xiang strength, speed and physical development has gone up several times, so even the king of boxing to 30% efficacy of play, he can still withstand the forces back to bite them. He looked up mid-air are struggling to support Jie Juan, I do not know what Reiki werewolf blood at the same time killing the heart of greatly increased. He barely restrain violent Heart sodium ring in of glycerol jiāo to the Carl said: "You gave me the glycerol sprinkle werewolf who can scare them, if necessary, protect yourself." " intend to 1 person to deal with this group of werewolves? "Anna had huā capacity loss sè asked in surprise. Meng Xiang did not answer, he had given the answer with action. Potential lock 2 further unlock the power of the half-wolf, physical growth and 30% of the efficacy of the king of boxing him raging out of power, such as the irresistible force that comes out, just ordinary people Karl and Anna can not help but The name of the Cold War slowly backwards. "Boom!" Ground broke a pit, Meng Xiang Biao, like an arrow, werewolves out in force, swooped down from the top floor of the castle. The claws of the werewolf can kill a werewolf, Meng Xiang has long been known. He self-sustaining powerful forces brewing in the body, and in the heart of the violent agitation, fearless claws to the werewolf's throat caught digging in the past. The strength and speed of the werewolf face is half wolf's body Meng Xiang has no advantage, five werewolf's throat in the blink of an eye Meng Xiang has been cut off. Wolves, such as hurricanes the pouring light blue Aura Light Mission Meng Xiang especially eye-catching, "shave" faster, in the siege of wolves left and right sudden, gleaming, werewolves have throat spray black and red with the blood, the wolf blood Xingsao sudden taste imbued with the whole hill. Meng Xiang kill more and more excited, almost entirely defensive, by virtue of Emmanuel defense, non-vital parts of Meng Xiang simply ignore werewolf attacks, killing more than 30 werewolf, his back,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, shoulders have been all over the scratches, stained with blood his red luǒ the upper body a short wolf máo. Meng Xiang was wrapped up in which the fight with the werewolves, but still have consciousness, still pay attention to the movement around. Although he single-handedly deal with the wolves, but behind Carl and Anna will soon become the target of public criticism, passing through the air in his corner of my eye, I saw the vampire bride Wei Luona existing action, patting double-leaf has bī near mid-air has long been near-collapse Jie Juan. "Deadlines.i" right fist Meng Xiang number of divergence midair bomb Reiki shè, avenue sealed Wei Luonuo, and shouting: "Jie Juan, bring Carl and Anna drill into the castle." Jie Juan already weak difficult to support, listen Meng Xiang such a shout, do not think carefully, and quickly put away the Light protective film, flew to Carl and Anna head 2 filed hastily flew to the castle. Meng Xiang Liansha the six werewolf his own onslaught by the werewolf. Even if the werewolf has a dead body, but the werewolf werewolf injury, dead body's ability to heal is suppressed, because of this, the wolf talent can kill a werewolf, or even kill a vampire. He did not care so much, 40% of the world boxing king efficacy, strength like a snake biting Meng Xiang body excess fat at the same time, he felt muscle ròu began to tear. Half-wolf's body, still succumb to 40% of the efficacy of world boxing king, the king of boxing can be seen is how overbearing. Meng Xiang gave so much, big upper hand, even though the initial battle with the wolves kill a werewolf, but with the fight with the werewolves, he is beginning to feel the aura successor is difficult to continue, and then struggle with the werewolf, he will collapse died. Werewolf or vampire, even with immortality, strength is always limited, the consequences of overdraft forces with people. Drink! "Like dozens of the divergence bomb aura like a missile towards the castle direction in front of the werewolf have avoidance With that instant, Meng Xiang has been cast Biao went to" shave ", but to hear at the top of Wei Luonuo such as the devil as cries called curse: children are kill Exorcist. "the original Jie Juan mentioning the Carl and Anna flew to the castle, Wei Luona, of course, would not let her have easily was, but suddenly Carl glycerol wine in its body, Wei Luona immediately scorched by the flames, coke skin, rapid recovery, but severe pain made Weiluo Na crazy. By Wei Luonuo summon sky vampire xiǎo, children have been crazy to them leap out ...... [..] .. <

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