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20.05.2013 04:58
you and the leading Chinese guide antworten

The middle-aged man seemed more curious, coughed,Nike Air Jordan, and said: "Chen, Lu elder, who is what Wu predecessors teacher Zu don't know, don't know if he would sell a central leader:: guide persons, the jade green son back to Chen?" Lu Huazi listenned to this words, not by laughed. But Chen Lao stared his one eye, way: "kid, you rest assured, I will turn to you: a field guide, but our rivers and lakes, you and the leading Chinese guide, or no intervention......" The middle-aged man can't turn head, way: "why?" Luhua son laugh for a long time, this just way: "don't ask, because the old liar with God is the father of the disciple's disciple......" "......" Chen see Lu Huazi there take pleasure in other people's misfortune, looked at him and said: "now that the old liar first step, then the thing I don't embarrass you, well,Air Jordan Flight 9, you just have domesticated the three months of Jackson, temporarily lend me seven days, seven days after the promise to pay you back......" "My God, let me die, you also let people live, then the poor young, only three months of small green son, you wanted to destroy......" Luhua son a listen to the words of Chen Lao, was almost fainted, he is the man on the occasion, Chen Lao had a serious look, said: "this is to save lives, is just a bug just, why are you so, only a word, you can't borrow borrow......" "That's not borrow without returning, but this just three months of Jackson, in seven days, with two days will die......" Lu Huazi heard Chen is to save lives, relaxed a little, but still very reluctant, after all it is extremely rare, he cultivated a few eggs will spend much energy and time. Chen Lu see this flower still refuses to submit, you have to use the assassin's mace, road: "this to save people, is ready to teach the princess's favorite, your own thinking to do......" "To, I give you,Coach Bags Sale, since you mentioned the princess empress, you how much in her student body, I will give you as much, okay......" Luhua son finally compromise. Chen Lao saw a purpose, let Lu Zi quickly will the little green son behind the bottle up into. Bag. After the run, he looked at the time, but is a little faster in the morning, the heart thinks Xu Linyuan promised that he would give him a reply in hours, there are a few hours, then next to the middle-aged man said: "now, back to the hotel to rest, but tomorrow morning I will only give you two hours of time to heal, over ten points, after you don't bother me." Middle-aged man listens to doctor promised his collar: Guide to heal, not from exultation, even when a wave, not far away and soon someone from a car stopped. Of course Chen Lao knew has been behind them, he also knew this middle-aged man's level is not low, but he is sincere, also did not pay attention to these, and he didn't want to walk home, and sat on the car back to the hotel. At the same time, ordinary suites hotel. Xu Linyuan didn't sleep, he lay on the living room with a sofa, eyes staring at the front, looks like in a daze.

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