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Despite Meng Xiang unlock antworten

> The werewolf claws conquering, werewolf fangs with the curse of the werewolf, once bitten by a werewolf, full moon night off human skin, a werewolf, and controlled by Dracula. The Van Helsing wWw.QUanBEN.CoM is an alternative to the original story, the movie does not words Mingdegula the call Van Helsing Gabriel, table Mingfanhaixin the the archangel Gabriel reincarnation, however, seen the movie audience speculation , Van Helsing is the incarnation of the archangel Gabriel, Gabriel and God divided was banished to the earth continue to hone, hundreds of years ago, Past and betrayal of God's Dracula to war, and ultimately kill the German ancient pull past life. Because of this origin, after 400 years, has been cursed to become a vampire Dracula Van Helsing one will recognize. Incarnation as the archangel Gabriel Van Helsing, doomed Dracula has the fate of the war, the end of the movie, Van Helsing is bitten by a werewolf, full moon night turned into a werewolf, despite the loss but still be able to get rid of Dracula control, and his life and death duel. Meng Xiang did not dare body as a bet, werewolf fighting first thing we want to avoid being bitten by a werewolf. At this time breaking the wind was behind me werewolf, he had to give up a great opportunity to kill Frankenstein, trying to "shave" Biao forward 10 meters. "Ow ... werewolf across the body of Frankenstein to open Xuepentaikou bite over Meng Xiang Zhang, Meng Xiang hero sword in hand, simply did not afraid of werewolves, but more importantly, will lose right foot Frankenstein kill. He hurled a hero sword, across the space green like the formation of a green network enveloped his whole body, werewolf several times tripled extending its claws going to attack Meng Xiang, are light green sè scare. "Hula Hula ......" heaven came the sound of flapping wings, vampire bride Mallika fall from the sky, Meng Xiang, a cold heart, did not see Jie Juan and the other vampire figure, hearts just sit tight, at least Jie Juan has not yet been vampire bride shredded. However, Mallika's goal is not to him, but Frankenstein. Frankenstein off his foot, he standing on one foot, Shui-off around the trunk of the tree, suddenly shot to Mallika go Frankenstein Litaiwuqiong, Mallika moment can do nothing to him. Van Helsing finally came, he raised his crossbow constantly to Mallika facilities shè, with arrows mid-air deadlines.i, Mallika stature fast, but Frankenstein and Van Helsing joint attack, it had to flying through the air. Mallika anger is not dried up, opened his mouth full of fangs screamed one to burned black Wuwu the werewolf never far from the jungle jumped out of the vampire bride brought two werewolf, one is a Viken, and other unknown Meng Xiang secretly crying wolf let him overwhelmed, the addition of one, he saw Van Helsing raised very calm and composed the silver bullet pistol werewolf immediately with the hero sword bī of retreat around werewolves, and drink like a fish to Van Helsing: Van Helsing, you retreat, not to the strong side. "Do you think you speak with who? I was strong? "Silver bullet can kill a werewolf, but the werewolf is not only quick, but also can capture the bullet shè strike speed, half silver bullets, light with a thick palm werewolf can be bullets fly Van Helsing side to side to remove the flywheel from the waist werewolf rejection to his flywheel is like life, avoid the aspect jiāo wrong trunk of the tree, from after the raid to the werewolf werewolves always not conscious puppet, does not like people to understand the tactical thinking, just to continue to the top at the same time slap bullets, suddenly the flywheel from the post to the "sound of the cries of the werewolf's neck was cut." wailing "werewolf has been hit hard and finally made Biao, regardless of the bullets hit, an arrow sprang to the Van Helsing. "Bang! "After the gunfire, werewolves and Van Helsing hit heavily with the werewolf wolf skin off gradually emerged in human smooth skin. Meng Xiang see Van Helsing pack a werewolf, and my heart just sit tight,nike jordan outlet, but the werewolf in front of him like a tiger, despite hero sword in hand, Meng Xiang also can not take off the body to slain Frankenstein, seeing Frankenstein one-man is difficult, Mallika around the trunk of the tree, sometimes passing in the side of the trunk of Frankenstein, it the claws attack Frankenstein double shoulder with eyes, in front of the it Hedgehopping speed Frankenstein like a pig as bulky as one of his eyes has been Mallika pulled, "Kaka! "Frankenstein's right shoulder flashed fire huā, right arm was removed, and the left arm could no longer hold the trunk of the tree the rumbling the Shugan finally fell to the ground. Mallika roaring loudly, Franken Stan cut the left shoulder, then seize the neck outside of Frankenstein feet, flapping double Ji, "call" bang into the sky. Meng Cheung anxious, must not let Frankenstein laid Rudegula, the hands , or if they want to latent Rudegula the lair kill Frankenstein, I am afraid, will have to face a ten million children incarnation of Dracula vampire when Mallika has captured Frankenstein takeoff to 40 meters above the ground, despite the Frankenstein weight of 170 kg, but the the vampire bride strength much stronger than the movie, catch this monster, flying speed is still very fast. seeing things has been developed to irretrievably suddenly a white mist to break up the same light as jī through the huge body of entanglement Meng Xiang werewolf, werewolves sharp roar, its body drive long máo start burning, "buzzing" sound in the white light The place of shè sounded, braved the white smoke. werewolves like hot Shuitang like screamed Ben hop run away. Meng Xiang looked up, the light source is from the rift over Jie Juan Light Angel intricately spell, the Light can heal companions or harmful to undead enemies. primary Light Light Intermediate Light and Light, respectively, need to exchange the descent of the archangel, the main angel descent and Thrones origin may use. originally Jie Juan primary Light does not attack skills, but happens to be the werewolf and vampire, born cursed, cursed spread, not old fool, so the primary Light werewolf can also be harmful. midair Juan Jie behind the emergence of the first three vampire brides - the Wei Luona, Meng Xiang repeatedly shout: behind the heart. "Wei Luona attempt from after holding Jie Juan, Juan palm Jie of Light did not lose her swing back, Light from the mid-air paddling around, almost with the Wei Luonuo come from after hit behind. Wei Luona seems eaten the loss of the primary Light hastily back feicuan the round Jie Juan fly round and round. Meng Xiang Jie see Juan temporarily envy, they stop and look at take-off to 60 meters away Mallika and Frankenstein, if we fly high, in the mist, even Meng Xiang with a telescope, are not necessarily Frankenstein can be clearly seen in the huge body. Meng Xiang Sharp mind, bite the bullet and said fiercely: "Damn, fight." To remove him from the sodium ring silver scalable spear, this spear value of 2,000 points C grade weapons, throwing strength and speed + 5. Originally planned under the the silver cone used in order to deal with the werewolf, so he, Meng Xiang gave up so much, he will spear elongation to 2 meters, the right arm the muscle ròu expansion to the limit. By unlock the potential lock, systemic muscle ròu coordination, even 60 meters away, Meng Xiang the confidence shè in. However, the the Frankenstein steel body with bullets shè do not wear, the Zhezhi spear can penetrate his body? Emergency situation, do not have the room for thinking of Meng Xiang, his taut muscles ròu, raised his spear in his right hand, jogging two steps, "drink!" Spear like across the sky, mist spread out forming a trajectory shrill voice just sounded, spear up shè. Supersonic. Despite Meng Xiang unlock the potential lock 2 increase in the power of spear throwing out is not likely to reach supersonic, all this is Meng Xiang did not anticipate. Throwing strength and speed +5, such a measure similar to the game props Points bonus, Meng Xiang did not understand the +5 is enhanced after conversion, he also never tried to throw anyway, C grade weapons, which is more than the conventional weapons a +5 bonus, so he has ignored this throwing a role. Scalable silver spear worth 2,000 points, all because he's throwing a role. Throwing strength and speed +5, making spears to the more violent momentum faster than the missile shè on altitude. Strong penetration force to penetrate the high-speed Frankenstein's back,Air Jordan 13 UK, spear throwing and strong penetration, as bullets shè in watermelon, not only to wear the sub bullet holes so simple,Air Jordan 8, +5 strength, astigmatism fog gun burst open. After the fire came a burst of huā Frankenstein before had been wearing a big spear yet stop castration shè the wear Frankenstein, continue to the air and then disappeared without a trace. Meng Xiang, a dream can not think of this C-class weapons actually have such a power, in addition to his own make every effort to throw the addition of strength and speed also makes the spear into a terrible throwing weapons. Unfortunately, once fully throwing spear would not stop castration, in other words, Meng Xiang cast, has lost 2,000 points. Frankenstein's mouth is the voice of the Lord God then sounded in the ears of Meng Xiang: kill Frankenstein Frankenstein, get two classification task is completed. Classification task, the final mission, the protection of Van Helsing, killing Dracula. "Meng Xiang has not yet had time to happy, because the full throwing centralized jīng God let him ignore the dangerous bī nearly, he cast a spear, will feel a sore right shoulder, werewolf fangs into his shoulder ...... [..] .. <

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