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20.05.2013 04:48
think we finally found the arch antworten

Blah! A gun before leaving in the summer after summer the basin was not long before he rang. The picture above Xu Linyuan looked, saw several meters of soldiers and the Indonesian military gun into the cave and basin. Several soldiers who apparently entered the cave basin found that antique architecture in Pyramid in the two blocks of a doorway in breeding progeny spherical monster, because they saw the alien monster fear, let them against the monster first time launched attack. Blah! The bullet as the flames general spewing out like a strip line, intertwined with the SH è to the spherical monster. But obviously, how could these meters troops and Indonesian soldiers will know this monster is not afraid of their guns, their bullets out of SH è to the monster's body, will only exacerbate the monster pain, so angry that monster. Indeed, because the monster before it was summer summer with the paddle mirror attack brought intense damage, and now has been a series of attacks thoroughly angry, he uttered a low strange ring, opened a few cups. Ah ah ah! In the suction opening moment, that a few meters army and Indonesian soldiers had no death consciousness, still frantically sweeping sh è, then they saw a dense green suddenly blooming. "Oh my God, what is this......" Issued this exclamation is a m soldiers, only after he was saying this, his body will be the green breakdown, behind him back to another Indonesian soldiers with him. Also followed by wearing tomatoes on sticks. "HELP, CD465, emergency call, unknown biological found here,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, we have encountered an unknown biological attacks, request rescue......" When the two soldiers were the green through the string, was like being cut countless knife, horrible death is behind,Nike Air Jordan 3 Sale, a bespectacled, responsible for communication soldiers scared immediately back to hide behind, and several other equally mesh the terrorist process soldiers found a bunker huddled behind began to send for help to the main station. Damn it. What is this?" A soldier cried in horror, not by guessing a way: "the sea this will be several times before the attacks on our army warships of the blame, I think we finally found the arch-criminal......" "Yes, we should get rid of him, so we made a great merit......" Another black ensign for the squad, although he heart of the monster has a sense of fear, but he will boost morale,Air Jordan 11, as he said. The soldiers were not too scared, began to talk up the fearless bullet weapons to attack the monster. There is even a soldier timid, pulled out a camera, in front of the monster took photos, see the monster and sh è eerie green, then return to the bunker. But his photo is entirely superfluous. This just in exploration team helmet are equipped with surveillance cameras, where they found the scene, had been transferred back to their command center to the. At the same time, they also don't know, they transfer back the scene picture, make m military command center officers on the spot.

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