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20.05.2013 04:40
Just don't be the young man said antworten

At this time, after the princess that the ghostly figure longitudinal saw a to the last post on that trigger organ, the blink of an eye, she fell upon the bridge of Pyramid building zh ō ngy ā ng. Thunder! When the princess J ī ng was completed the task of the ancient architecture, then suddenly to shake, especially among the two mysterious door, faint to open the potential. "The teacher carefully!" But at this time, suddenly occurred. Princess heard the disciples a sound cues, instinctively figure a longitudinal, sees a green light from the side of her, very dangerous. However, the action is not a princess, at this time the green Wanggeng, followed by two road, three road...... The number of green mountain is like death released the sickle,nike jordan outlet, ready to harvest the life, every green mang hit out, will bring up a strange surge of energy. In attack position on the princess,Coach Poppy Collection Sale, this time not much, those green mango can be life-threatening, but the speed is not fast, her body has been to the extreme. In three or four green with Xijuan, consort eyes flashed a J ī ng light, quickly locked an angle, she along the middle of the gap, the body a longitudinal, then from the narrow gap drill in the past. Plop! Consort through the Green Cross attack, he fell down from the bridge, right into a pool of water, splashing a big splash. "Damn it, this is how to return a responsibility, where is the problem?" Gan Si seeing consort to the bridge. And in the middle of the door also has a open potential, but at this time suddenly accident, a unit of unknown attack to attack consort, this is totally unforeseen circumstances, because only in that door opening moment, there will be many green sh è for defense. But now the door is not opened, the green light will appear, this shows that on the outside or maybe someone touched the body array energy defense system here. Thought of here, Gan Si y ī n heavy eyes immediately sweeps to the seven person standing under the altar, it was found that one of its children to dishonest stood. It is already out of him at the foot of the aperture, the aperture is bright, but because this guy to leave, the aperture is dark down, and touched the energy matrix. See this scene, Gan Si heart of the emergence of a wave of anger, spewing out,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, shouted: "you this asshole. Who let you in this crucial moment tamper with, you want to make love to drag everyone together with you, I can solve you asshole in situ......" The man was some panic, he see the GaN Si angry, also want to stand back, but how can not go back. Instead of being a force sucked back, not by more panic, call way: "no, just not me, I did not move. Is......" Just don't be the young man said, this time next to the coax nicardipine suddenly thrown a kick, the paradox is that young man is like a giant hit, the whole people like a kite fly out. Ah! Sadly, the young man after flying out, just met a green light. The green light from his halfway down across, will the young man cut into two, he only had a scream, >

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