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> Today outbreak of twelve thousand! ! Four more! ! ! Request for tickets! ! ! ! Votes Good, we hit a smashing, bow ............ stood a few rows in front of the City at this base, guard, are the whole body wrapped in animal skins, holding the hands of shiny, silver sword weapons. WWW, QUAnben com Yang Xuan, a pedestrian walking slowly. "Stop!" A bald man walked over, his eye over Yang Xuan, in the to see Tommy hands of gold shield his eyes, immediately a lot of peace and smiled, saying: "You live in the city so? Hu Bing directly pulled from the arms of a black sign, the middle of a strange pattern, this bald man looked at, moved slightly, "turned out to be the brother of the Society of Black Rock, Oh, just do not know, all of you! ? "Then he ran his eye over the other hundreds of people in the Yang Xuan. Tommy, who apart from anything else, directly out of the token. Bald man 11 seen last Yang Xuan eyes fell on the body, he wondered authentic: "The brothers, your token?" Yang Xuan shook his head: "I do not have the token, you said that What live in a city order. "bald man smiled and said:" Since you do not live in the city so that you can turn in ten white nuclei, I immediately issued you one. "Yang Xuan did not say much, pretending to hand in his pocket, The idea of ​​a move, took out a yellow nuclei, said: "such nuclei can it?" While nuclei in the underground world easily hunt a monster obtained from the space ring. Bald man nodded and said: "Of course! A yellow-grade nuclei is equal to ten white level nuclei!" He took the nuclei, confirm it, and then a thin metal of the arms to work, looks a bit like the ultra-thin mobile phone, "This is live in the city to make, I would like to ask, how long you want to live at the base city?" Yang Xuan asked: "Just how long can you?" bald men laughing, said: "a white grade nuclei, can live for two days! "Yang Xuan thought, has come up with a yellow nuclei handed in the past, the space inside the ring, the lowest level of nuclei yellow. Bald man took the nucleus, similar mobile phone metal input again, then gave it to Yang Xuan, said: "a yellow nuclei enough to live 20 days, until the last three days, which live City Order will alert when you are in town to find brilliant Association, you can re-add the number of days spent. "Yang Xuan holding live in the city Order a look, I saw at the display,Nike Air Jordan 10, there is a" 19 " digital, next to a small line of digital into the city, Yang Xuan Hu Bing asked: "Why would get the city to make a living?" Hu Bing said: "This brilliant Association set up a base, you want to live in there, you need to turned over to the nucleus to do the cost of living, or they can not be that well-intentioned this shelter! "Yang Xuan Yi Zheng, immediately came to understand. So this base city a nuclei earned machine, you want to live inside, you need to handed over to the nuclei! These nuclei, and finally into the pocket of the so-called brilliant Association, and then they Association absorbed nuclei, the overall strength is growing, it has more strength to fight off the external monster. "This brilliant base city is just a base in Hangzhou City, like those big base city living nuclei more!" Hu Bing know Yang Xuan understand these are not, it would be for him to explain, "the general base City is more powerful, the security of the base in the city of stronger! security attracted to more people. After all, who does not want to sleep in the middle of the night Masaka, monster Xisha. "" So, This is a cycle! "strong base city, the people, the more attractive, more attractive more contribution nuclei, these nuclei to flow into the hands of the bigwigs of the set up base in the city, they enhance the strength of on faster! "general since the formation of a base, as long as we can, basically, the same as having a cash cow, a chicken that lays golden eggs!" Yang Xuan is not stupid, Hu Bing little one said, he would come to understand. This is like a poor man, you want to make a million dollars, absolutely prohibitively difficult! No money to invest, no money to do business, to rely on work from year to year deposits, and then do a little business, and then slowly expand the business ... this is a process, and time! Saying celebrities said that first million, Nanzhuan! The second one million, it is easy! Why? Because of one million, he can just go and investment to business ...... his starting point, go natural, the away! The base is a silent struggle, never set up a base in the city of power. A waste, as long as he has the base city, what do not have to do every day to have a lot of nuclei send to absorb. This difficulty in the construction base is too difficult! The starting point is not high, only to rely on hard work, to accumulate in the hands of nuclei, to enhance the strength, and then, until one day, has set up base in the city of power! Even a person of his efforts a decade, maybe not yet these have bases City, Gangster day income nuclei! He succeeded, the base city chiefs, toward a higher step! Yang Xuan had to sigh, life does need the opportunity, and sometimes a little opportunity, to let you suddenly turn over from ancestral family farmers, became emperor! The beginning of the end of the world, for example, occurs in viruses evolution, they are far from pulling away from the other people! Of course, the chances of evolution is too low, like buying a lottery ... they spoke,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, he walked into the base inside the city. Restaurants, casinos, KVI karaoke ...... "looking ahead, you can see a lot of entertainment, Yang Xuan inevitably a little surprised," how in the base of the city, there will be these things? "Hu Bing smiled and said:" Every day the face of those disgusting monster, came back, naturally looking for some place to have fun! However, these places of entertainment are nuclei, although very cheap, but very few people can afford them, unless some very strong people! "Yang Xuan could not help Gee wonder, half a year gone, really big changes in the world! The beginning of the end of the world, he thought after days and nights, to be struggling in the monster kill that day, think about all the terrible ... who can think, after six months, do not even big change. Strong enough, you can still enjoy the original! Such a society, it is simple! Only to live, target only one that is strong! "Today's a good harvest, walking, brother,Nike Jordan Spizike, I invite you to eat a big meal!" Hu Bing looked far from a restaurant, smiled and said. Yang Xuan gently smile, polite, nodded his head. In the underground world that the past six months, he is using the nutrients to maintain the body, already forgotten the taste of food. No one can imagine that six months have not eaten any food is what it's like. Because the so you tasted feeling, you have to die ... a pedestrian walked into the decoration is very luxurious hotel, hall, dozens of seats, diners sit in twos and threes. , However, and before the restaurant to see a completely different, these diners have skins wrap the waist or the back of a weapon in his eyes, not a cent of the loose and careless wake of the ordinary people, but full of sharp edge! These people are at the edge of life and death roll! This is coming towards an elegant, pleasant staff, she looks ** 10-year-old, white skin, covered with a trace of a pure breath, Yang Xuan absolutely certain this girl will never be a waiter! Gentlemen, you have to in the first or second floor? "Girl smiled at Xuan Yang et al. Hu Bing said: "on the second floor!" "Yes, please come with me!" Girl's eyes flashed a hint of surprise, soon respectfully in front to lead the way. This hotel is not great, but is generally on the second floor enjoy some identity. Yang Xuan followed, quietly that the girl in the detection, found that, just this cute little girl, even 30 times the power! But thought, to Yang Xuan will come to understand. The virus outbreak once a month, once the strength did not meet certain requirements, will be virus mutation or evolution. Today, the minimum level is 30 times the strength of the people of variation than the bottom line, it will be a virus infection. That is, there is no less than 30 times the force! A pedestrian walked into a luxury box. Girl to come up with a fine menu of the authentic smile: "Our signature dish is the Thai Lu Ya, Japanese, American big tractor braised pork ...... girl reeled many very famous the name of the dish, Yang Xuan never heard of. Some random points, followed by the menu to Yang Xuan Hu Bing guest. Yang Xuan some stunned to see the menu, a small restaurant, could have produced so many places of the famous dishes? Hearts have some doubts, but he just order some of the dishes. In this menu, every dish that price, but are XX crystal. Such as a dinner, you only need 5 crystal! The so-called crystal refers nuclei. Yang Xuan asked: chickens? "There is a name of the dishes is braised chicken feather, he had never heard such a chicken ... girl face emerges out of the comforting smile, description:" The so-called feather chicken is a powerful monster, it was very tasty meat! "monster?" Yang Xuan hesitated. Hu Bing then said: "general hunting monsters can sell their bodies to these hotels, the monster fur can be sold to some of the tailor shop, monster claws and the like, can be sold to the weapons shop." Yang Xuan understand over. A monster, the most precious is a nucleation its head, but it's body also can be sold. The girl took the menu, poured a cup of tea for everyone, and then took a few drinks up, went down. Yang Xuan could not help lamenting, the world has changed so much! From the beginning of the end of the world, who would have thought he had been able to sit in the hotel, sipping drinks, eating fragrant rice? In conversation and Hu Bing, Yang Xuan base something more to understand. <

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