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20.05.2013 04:34
opened that accidents will happen......" antworten

A new week is coming, people hope and apprehension, as the stock market amidst the winds of change. Now R ì changes that occur after the New York stock market opened, immediately in the New York market caused a big earthquake, also let most American investors who eat a Jin, is for the most so-called experts face hard to fan a slap in the face, hot. After all, most experts according to the New York stock market last week, analysis, and after the recent Qihua consortium turbulence and decline trend, and also some changes the zh è NGF ǔ in policy...... The combination of these factors, most experts agree that in last week's HSI a huge drop thousands of points, and each has influence on its economic policy has not changed too much adjustment, then opened this week, the stock index will continue to decline, there won't be any accident. However, the weather is unpredictable. No one expected this week, after the stock market opened in New York, the Hang Seng index did not continue to decline, but in a deformed way all the way up, the continuous rise of more than 4000, not from below most people's eyes, but also let some of the loss is very heavy, facing bankruptcy. Qihua chairman's office, condensing eyebrow stare big eyes, display screen, her eyes staring in front of the computer,Coach New Arrivals Online, face not credible. "Why, how could this be......" After falling for a moment of silence, heard a loud screaming sound suddenly in the office, it is just a moment ago still floating in the clouds, but when it comes to wake up, found in the hell, it is difficult to accept this come unexpectedly changes. Damn it. This is how to return a responsibility, how will rebound more than 4000 point,Coach New Arrivals Bags, this is a huge capital inflows in where, who control it all in C ā o......" Condensing eyebrow still cannot accept such changes. And in her eyes, she only saw the Hang Seng index is still on the rise in a straight line, at that moment, her heart seemed to be an arrow after wearing, and infiltration with a bloody penetrating again. Straight will she poked a cool, the index is still in recovery, let her into the abyss in the cold. Even to the extent that. Even despair have no chance to give, in the period that curve condensation eyebrow dull looking back again, the Hang Seng Index * * more than 5000 points. It suspended growth trend. But is such a god of Kung Fu, let her at least more than the loss of tens of millions of meters knife. Although the heart is bloody, but condensation eyebrow is a experienced the storm woman, her in return to God, the first time began to realize, this must have been carried out the operation with huge capital impact. But such large sums of capital operation, non - is the number of consortium jointly C ā o longitudinal is unlikely to have such a huge contrast, then condensation eyebrow first time again to her partner call. "Mr. Gorman, how is this going on, why this R ì opened that accidents will happen......" "Cold miss. I'm very sorry, for this program, we think the risk is too big, have early termination on Friday......" Hearing this,Coach Store, the heart began to sink the condensation of eyebrow. Then give another partner to call, and they told her the same message. She didn't know why, but >

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