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20.05.2013 04:33
once again rushed to the antworten

> Yesterday rose by 100 votes in the whole! Today is able to continue? Everyone lost a ticket, can hit a good the hundreds Baituobaituo ...... Yesterday dizziness, later, will try a million words. the the WWW! qUANbeN! COM ancient Xi codeword slow, like a turtle ... but this is not a reason, the ancient Xi only want to give me time to upgrade! Er er, seeking votes in the last sentence ...! ! ! ! ...... Suddenly, three days later. Yang Xuan lying on the distant sand, breathing the weight is very low, unblinking staring at those duty soldiers. This three-day waiting were not in vain, he gradually found a rule, these soldiers on duty every day turns to exchange three times, each exchange of a very short time, only five minutes. Five minutes enough for Yang Xuan, he rushed inside the castle. But the trouble is, these soldiers exchange duty is a change one of these to equal without any gap. However, Yang Xuan use these days, has thought of a way, if you are lucky, maybe we'll succeed! For this castle, Yang Xuan not stupid like before, drifted directly. Beat rerun, this move on the map, no longer work. Once these soldiers more than a dozen gathered around to involve him live, waiting for the other reinforcements, he would be in dire straits! You know, each of which has 70 times greater than the power of these soldiers! The patience of three days and Yang Xuan has been lying on the sand. Stands to reason that you want to survive in the desert for three days, ordinary people, is almost impossible, let alone in this map. This desert hot than in the hottest the Sangha La desert on Earth hundreds of times, the temperature is always maintained at about a hundred degrees, two in the afternoon, will be a sudden rise to about three Baidu. Therefore, Yang Xuan body of water consumed very fast! However, if he never experienced before training, may simply not stand for so long, but now the Yang Xuan, all aspects of completely de changed, is no ordinary person can be compared to! This off change, not strength. But his war experience, fighting skills, in order to kill the enemy regardless of all means terrible willpower and amazing degree of tolerance! Three days, he is relying on some of the desert scorpion, snake like animals when the food. These animals after a chef, very delicious, but so bloody swallow, taste children indescribably disgusting. However, Yang Xuan, even more disgusting maggots things western, not to mention snakes and scorpions and the like animals! Just then - "Hey, to me!" It to you, I go to rest! "Not far from the front, a soldier came to exchange a soldier. Yang Xuan a blind eye, while the two attention not so concentrated in the sand, he crawled forward quickly. Him a thick layer of sand, just do not pay attention to see, is not abnormal. Soon, the two soldiers to go in a new shift soldiers stand post, began to check near. "In ten meters on the left, there is a soldier, ten meters on the right there is a, in addition, also has a place of two hundred meters on the left, but from that point to see here is not easy!" "These soldiers check, generally looking ahead, the little twist his neck to look around!" Yang Xuan habits of these soldiers on duty, and everyone stood orientation survey clearly. In the blink of an eye, to get rid of three of them, must not allow them to sound, or after they caution, it is more difficult to attack! "Yang Xuan eyes narrowed in a straight line, a ray of Fengrui like a knife murderous from passing the next moment, he came to the place in the soldiers about 100 meters, suddenly flushing to spring up, like a leopard, a creeping shape rushed past, in this position, it will not disturb the next too far. Yang Xuan shocked soldiers suddenly out of his mouth just an open, Yang Xuan would have come in front of him, 100 meters distance, to Yang Xuan speed, less than 0.1 seconds will be able to rushing! "Click!" Yang Xuan rushing, the hand has been pressed in the mouth of the soldier, and then his other hand quickly hugged his head, hard twist! Suddenly, the soldiers took it eyeful shock, soft body down. The left and right sides of the two soldiers for the first time found that Yang Xuan, just so they react, Yang Xuan soldiers to kill. One of the soldiers face horror, mouth fell open, he tried calling for help. Yang Xuan eyes of a cold, he seemed to teleport in general, appeared in the soldiers behind him, and then like a deal before the soldier, gently wring his neck. Another soldier opened his mouth, has not yet issued a syllable, Yang Xuan came behind him, the same wring his neck. All this is done to fill the gap, as if practiced numerous times in general. Although relatively slow, but everything is a split between the occurrence, made a total of only 0.4 seconds! 0.4 seconds, lay down the bodies of these soldiers some waste, kill their time only with only 0.2 seconds less! The whole process, less than a second to end, Yang Xuan quickly their bodies buried in the sand below, the soldiers found no one, and will definitely go to Find, and then confirm ...... these will take time! Just that everything looks smooth, but in reality Yang Xuan secretly severely pinched the cold sweat, if not the three soldiers for a time did not react, he did not succeed succeed. Deal with dead bodies, Yang Xuan no stay, gently jumped, turned into the walls up to 10 meters. Inside the castle, showing in front of a beautiful garden, in the garden, with a few graceful beautiful woman laughing to watering the flowers ... Yang Xuan hidden in a pile of flowers, looked around, found Nothing soldiers. He quickly bypass several distinct no strength woman into the back of a housing. Yang Xuan found through the house, not far away, dozens of soldiers standing tight defense around in every room. Yang Xuan frowned, he did not have the extra time, once detected outside the three dead soldiers will enter the city immediately after the alert. To act,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK, you have to take advantage now! Yang Xuan softly climbed the one above the house, and looked far from the scene of the inner city close embrace in the eyes. The center of the inner city, far you can see a magnificent palace, located in the center of the castle, it is clear, that is the place of residence of the lord of the castle! Yang Xuan shade of a smile, quickly walked down the houses, to some walls somersault with care round the guard of soldiers along the way, and soon, they came to the front of the hall. The hall is decorated very luxurious glazed tile cornices, grand splendor. Yang Xuan, with excellent vision, I can see the inside of the hall, a robust middle-aged man and a woman of the United States if the angel affectionate ...... good opportunity! Yang Xuan joyful hearts, quickly surreptitiously to the main hall at the door. "Wait!" Just a few steps out, and Yang Xuan suddenly frowned and stopped. Do not know why, he always a little different feeling, at the same time the front line when there is a strong sense of crisis! After numerous life and death honed, Yang Xuan for their feelings very much believe, without the slightest hesitation then stopped. "Yes!" Yang Xuan suddenly understood why will feel that something was amiss, stands to reason that the castle outside and inside, full of soldiers, very guarded, but why is this front of the hall there is no soldiers? Yang Xuan solemn face, looked straight through the main hall of the path, thought for a moment, but it is not walked from the road, but went around the corner and around in a big circle, before we went to the hall door. "My precious, you are so beautiful!" The king, I would like to ... "" Ha ha, good! "Yang Xuan was about to burst into the go, but heard the sound, but stopped. Wait did not take long, there came the waves of gasps and groans. At this time, Yang Xuan and then not the slightest hesitation, rushed into direct! "Bang!" Yang Xuan fist hit a ball in the pressure in the body of the woman of the man, the man in excellent shape, all their muscles, very robust, suffered a Yang Xuan Zhe Yiquan immediately after wake up Come here. Yang Xuan waved his big hands, roll up the wind directly off the sheets on the beds, the whole body naked woman covered. At the moment, the female talent has just recovered, she saw Yang Xuan uninvited guest, open mouth, immediately want to scream out. Yang Xuan could not help Antan heard, palm shoot, Zhang Li directly to her Zhensi the past. "You what?" At this time, the whole body ** middle-aged man, I do not know where hosts an exquisite silk armor wearing body while holding a two-edged silver sword, looked coldly Yang Xuan . What people? Yang Xuan awe-inspiring smile, body pediment, "I am ... kill you!" Bang bang bang ... Yang Xuan feet per floor, it will leave a deep footprint. Middle-aged man's right hand punch Mr Yang Xuan to directly interrupted sword in his left hand, at the moment, screaming, to Yang Xuan cut! Yang Xuan body flash, the least bit of difference to avoid the past, while boxing out. Middle-aged man face slightly changed, quickly take a few steps back, screaming at the same time. Brush! Brush! Roar, two black people rushing quickly from a distance, watch the speed, the absolute power of ** ten times! Yang Xuan face Weileng the once again rushed to the middle-aged man. Two black people rushed over to, and he wanted to kill him, the more difficult! The strength of this middle-aged man is not weak,Air Jordan New School UK, reaching the point of a hundred times, usually stamp a stomping ground had to shake shaking. Yang Xuan fist at the moment, but it is very awkward. "Bang!" Yang Xuan fist, had to fight to his head, but suddenly in the middle of varying potential, hit him in the chest. "Click" sound, the sound of shattering bone sounded. Yang Xuan fist hit his chest, suddenly turned into claws, suddenly grabbed his silk A force said something the other fist at the same time hit! After so long workout the Yang the Xuan Combat.You technology, never reached a point of terror! Do not be close, just let him close to one meter range, then even if the opponent is higher than his twenty times the power, still have to die! Bang! Middle-aged man's body as if sandbags, Yang Xuan two fists hit. The force of each punch can be a piece of iron broken, but the middle-aged man was hit in flight. It was not his reason, but Yang Xuan each fist struck in the little finger will force hooked him wire, he just would not let him leave! In this way, the middle-aged man with room to fight back, he was shattered heart and died. "Mission accomplished!" Ears system alert tone: "sent back to the training room, countdown begins ......" At this time, the two black people have rushed over, one of which pulled out of the waist of the sword, Yang Xuan pledge to Pilai the! Yang Xuan look dull to look at, but did not escape the mean,New Arrivals Coach Sale, seeing he would be the sword to hack, but at this moment, only one in the forehead of the tools and try sword from Yang Xuan finger width distance Yang Xuan body flash, disappeared out of thin air! ...... Metal hut, Yang Xuan slowly open your eyes! <

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