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20.05.2013 04:30
Yang Xuan lying on the ground antworten

> Seeking recommendations votes! ! Collection! ! ! ** Is about to set off ...... brothers help smashing votes! ! ! ! Hou Hou O (∩ _ ∩) O book reviews the essence send ... the views I have seen, I just want to say ...... then read the answer will be slowly revealed as the story ...... but I did not say engaged in the care of the household plot of hostility ...... Oh ...... "Kaka!" sound of waves bones chewing sounded, in this dark underground sounds creepy. www. qUanbEN. com Yang Xuan lying in a small pit, quietly watching a spider strange ten meters, he was lurking in here, there are already two days! Two days ago, ground subsidence, and he fell down. Fortunately, with the meat wing to help slow down after he fell out, hit a spider strange body, spider strange to be killed in the past, he himself has not been much damage. Later, he gradually know that even the underground monster! A wide variety of all, spiders, rats, snakes ...... and so on! This area in the whole city, the underground has become a monster in the world! Radius of nearly a thousand years, the world of the underground are monsters! Monster constantly hollowed out underground soil, resulting in a vacuum, and the top layer of the land can not withstand the weight of the building on the city, they collapse down. Yang Xuan extremely fortunate, due to collapse on the ground, in this place, the monster fled, leaving only a handful of some monster. Otherwise, he is just a fall, I'm afraid now that countless monsters surrounded eaten ...... came to the ground, Yang Xuan Action is very careful promotion, he did not run around, but carefully hidden, dare not disturb any monster. Once these monster alarmed, his face will be endless the monster trend of ...... Yang Xuan trying to climb on the surface, but that height is really weak. "Grunt" mild stomach called up two days, Yang Xuan did not eat food. Moment his eyes tightly locked to ten meters out bird hunting spider, spider strange looks ugly and terrible, Yang Xuan, but wait for them to immediately grasp it goes to eat! Hungry! Waves of hunger came, stomach as if a knife in the agitation, waves of pain constantly heard. Yang Xuan and even a kind of illusion, their intestines by stomach acid to digest! Looked around, near a dark, but fortunately empty at the top of the head, some faint light shines, otherwise it really is pitch-dark! "Kaka Ka ..." near the doldrums, the only crunch keep coming. Waiting for a long time, until Yang Xuan found around other monsters away gradually, he knew her chance! He did not immediately rushed to the activities of the wrist joint, but in a small pit, long time lying on the floor, his body a bit stiff. Who feel a little warm, and Yang Xuan was rightly crawled forward, be very careful when he managed to get any pieces of gravel and the like, will he clean out clothes Mount above will be issued subtle sound. Gradually, Yang Xuan from the spider strange getting closer! 10 meters, eight meters, six meters ... attack! Yang Xuan body like a shrimp, bending, suddenly shot from attack! He did not go to attack the spider obesity stomach, but the choice of its head! To be fast, to be accurate, to be ruthless! Absolutely can not make it sound! Kill a spider strange for him, is not difficult! However, you want to let the spider strange little voice is not issued on the die, which have great difficulty! At this moment, Yang Xuan eyes narrowed in a straight line, his fist broke out the 100 percent of the power in the spider monster raised his head, crashing smashed down! "Puchi! Spider strange head directly to the fist smashed brains burst, the blood sprayed his upper body everywhere, especially his fist, as excessive force, resulting in the fragmentation of the bones in the head spider strange to the bar , lost a lot of blood. However, this did not let Yang Xuan action stops. The blow crushed spider monster's head, is the first step in his plan! I saw his toes a little ground, the whole person volley turned suddenly jump to the back of the spider strange, without the slightest pause, Yang Xuan picked up its huge body, flew around. Yang Xuan know,Air Jordan 7 UK, the smell of blood, is likely to lead to another monster! So when running all the way, he was the head of the strange spider clutching, blood will not flow to the floor it emerge in the head as far as possible, lest leave marks! Soon, Yang Xuan put the spider strange drag a dark cave, this cave is hidden, the hole is very small, just a big rock to stop living, most people certainly do not see where there will be a cave. Yang Xuan ran nearly foot kicked the stone, and then the spider strange that huge body into the cave. Done all this, Yang Xuan lying on the ground, ears close to the ground, quietly listening! Thump,Nike Air Jordan 7, thump! In addition to the sound of your own heartbeat, no other sound. Yang Xuan this station, just kill spiders strange moment, his heart in his throat, if not careful this spider strange sound attracted other monster, then he will face the whole underground monster to kill! The most difficult, dark underground, he completely familiar, once hunted down, there is no place to run! Identified near monster, Yang Xuan a strange spider spider legs to tear down. This strange spider spider legs shell is very hard, Yang Xuan picked up a stone to crack the spider legs,Jordan Flight The Power Sale, and then move away the shell, which is the school dripping meat tenderizer. Yang Xuan refused to pay attention to gobble erupted will only spider legs to be crammed into the stomach, suddenly feeling some of the lower abdomen warm, kind of hunger burning feeling uncomfortable in general has gradually receded. Whew! Yang Xuan Qingtu breath, wiped his mouth of blood left from the spider legs, immediately smile a cry, he never thought that one day he actually will be reduced to the point. In the dark underground, Yang Xuan only by virtue of the hunger of the stomach, to determine the time. Eat, Yang Xuan sitting on the ground, and rested his fist had broken a large hole in his cell recovery capabilities, but now is too strong, not long before the Road the wound to stop bleeding, and cemented a scar. And other efforts to restore many, Yang Xuan moved a few stones into the hole, the the strange spider body firmly blocked, done it all, Yang Xuan decided to go to inquire about the surrounding environment, he could always stay This dark underground! Is most Yang Xuan depressed, he now did not have any weapons, relying on the go empty-handed fight, fighting declined significantly! <

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