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Remaining three monster growled, of which only a small monster you want to turn and run, but Yang Xuan how incensed it, he saw the figure of a move, the outbreak of the speed of 250 meters per second, the moment chase up. www. quANBen. com ancient knifed in these monsters, like cut watermelon in general, somewhat hindered cut to the bone, the meat is very easy. Moment, a monster fell to the ground! Whoosh! Yang Xuan turned, turned into a blur, heading for the other two monsters, few blink of an eye, the two great size terrorist monster, fell on his feet. 27 times the power, coupled with this extremely Fengrui ancient knife to kill the monster even twenty times the strength not to, is simply a breeze! Yang Xuan jumping down, remove a few monsters head nuclei, nuclei are purple. "I rely on, when are you so tough!" To see the back of Yang Xuan, Wang Chen immediate consternation authentic. At the same time,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, his eyes looked hot Yang Xuan, his pupil, as if there is a spark in the combustion. Yang Xuan some silent, and said: "Do not be seen with that look, I will not fight with you!" Cut, really happy! "" ... "" Let's go, wait for the next variation chase up trouble. "Yang Xuan said. "You're so powerful, afraid those people of variation?" Feng Ye froze. Yang Xuan smile sound, said: "I am, after all, just one person, no matter how strong the face of numerous the not afraid refuses afraid of the pain variability, but to kill it! Total strength runs out and I was able to them the crisis to go out, but you will die! "Feng Ye understand place nod. "Come on!" Yang Xuan to take the lead and walked to the building is a fairly intact, Xiao Chen et al have to follow behind him. It was late, Yang Xuan freely in the building looking for a spacious room, everyone went, he was in the vicinity of the residence buildings to find some food. "For security reasons, we all live together!" Yang Xuan eyes swept the rain Yao, a slight flicker a bit, they look to the month said: "You two bedroom room to sleep at night, as we slept hall! "After all,Air Jordan 3 UK Sale, men and women are different, Yang Xuan total can not make things difficult for their two girls and so a lot of men sleeping together. Chen months nodded, though she lively personality, but the mind is very agile, the eyes some look to the side of the rain Yao meaning. With two girls food, month and rain Yao, will be busy in the kitchen. Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen and Wang Chen Feng Ye so few people talk, few people spent a total of life and death - a good friend, talk about anything. Xiao Chen, sat, quietly smoking a cigarette, looking out the window from afar ... As for the fat old man, idle without incident, Yang Xuan conspire with people chatted up. Wang Chen, how strong you strength? "Yang Xuan slightly looked curiously at the militant mad. Wang Chen grin, said: "14 times!" Eleven times! "Feng Ye said. Yang Xuan looked at Wang Zhen, Wang Zhen said: "14 times!" Are so much! "Yang Xuan little surprised, we separate it did not take long, actually have grown so much. "Do you?" Feng Ye Yang Xuan looked surprised and asked, before Yang Xuan easily kill a few even they are scared of powerful monsters, strength is certainly not in general. "I ah!" Yang Xuan touched his nose, said: "16 and seven times!" "I rely on!" Metamorphosis "Wang Chen and Feng Ye are stunned face, Yang Xuan strength, but they more than doubled! Even the side of Wang Zhen, eyeful surprised, he remembers, when, and Yang Xuan Yang Xuan strength was only fifteen times! This left a few days, even a sudden surge of so many! They all know that more and more to enhance the strength, the nuclei. Yang Xuan can reach 27 times the strength of the nuclei is how horrible a number! "Hey, I think that they have a strong, did not think ......" Wang Chen sorry authentic. Yang Xuan smiled, his eyes look to the Feng Ye, said: "You is not to say, nucleus you will be able to quickly reach the building the base? How I feel now, just before the middle of the air-entraining?" Feng Ye write the curl one's lip, said: "How can so easily I can in such a short time, from the beginning of the air-entraining, the medium-term, it has been quickly! However, although my soul before the middle of the air-entraining, but my body vitality, has reached the bleed air throughout late! "" Really? "Yang Xuan startled for a moment, the vigor of his body to the present, or only air-entraining early, he did a practice, but their strength to enhance the speed, it is slow pathetic! Nucleation energy can be converted into "Of course!" Feng Ye proudly authentic: "Why do you think I ** strength so low, because those inside the energy of the nuclei, all converted into vitality!" vitality? "Of course!" Feng Ye some authentic pride: "Those nuclei absorbed into the body, wrapped in vitality to live them, and then constantly refining can be converted into vitality!" So! "Yang Xuan Huang Wu . "Vitality?" At this time, Xiao Chen do not know when to go over, his hands tucked a cigarette, looked at Feng Ye Road: "What is their strength?" Feng Ye looked at him, looked at the Yang Xuan it said: "I am a self-cultivation, their strength is the comprehension of spiritual power!" comprehension? "side of Wang Zhen and Xiao Chen are hesitated, but exists only in fiction career, even really exist? See their facial expressions, Feng Ye very proud. Surprised, but xiaochen furrowed brow, he seems to think something. See his expression, Yang Xuan mind to an ominous feeling, like a trap ......! Meals to slightly! "At this time, Chen month and rain Yao, carrying a delicious meal, came out from the kitchen, two people face wearing a smile, obviously get along very well. "Eat!" Yang Xuan station up, went to the front of the table, looked at the dishes, suddenly feeling stomach grunt cried. "Eat eat!" Everyone pick up the chopsticks to eat it, while eating, and talking. The room, filled with a rare quiet warm. "The old man, all in the past for so long, how are you waiting for police?" Feng Ye eating meals, asked curiously. Not only him, all a little curious. Police bitter old man laughed loudly and said: "the catastrophe that night, just when my granddaughter came to see me. We are happy eating meals as a result, the door suddenly there was a knock when I went to open the door, found A former colleague, even body ulceration, face blood hideous rushed over to me. "" I subconsciously feel bad to repel the colleagues Yaoyao and I would hide in the room, close the door, , not daring to go out through the window, we could see the outside but found everywhere outside a zombie variation. these variants are very powerful, a great effort. "" At that time, if I wear pistol, I'm afraid already dead. "To be on the safe side, I'm all the way and granddaughter gingerly felt for food stock room, intend to get through a period of time to see these monsters will leave." However , and later our food gradually eating those monsters wandering around or at the door! I only took Yao-Yao, to the arsenal, take some of the weapons, ready to go out. "" But then, a car rushed over, but also attracted the numerous changes people never see a variety of monster I'm scared to hide back. "said here, the eyes of the old man gave a Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan weird looking embarrassed, he did not expect to inadvertently, will bring so much trouble around. Later, outside the police station is full of monsters, we only hiding inside, eat the things Dounong the eat them. Finally, there is really no way to prepare a desperate fight, the result was the group of young Rattus blocking all then met you. "Yang Xuan nodded, only the old man's word mentioned, he can imagine the kind of countless variations siege, struggling daily feelings. Just then, the wall clock on the wall, suddenly sounded, scared people hop. Yang Xuan looked up, alarm clock display at the moment of time is seven o'clock! "-" A miserable cry sounded. Everyone was shocked, turned around and looked, but found that was looking for the old man to eat the fat body suddenly flick, followed by his body began festering black blood outflow had a foul smell. In addition, his nails visible speed, rapid growth in the blink of an eye, there chopsticks so long, glowing icy sheen. Moreover, in the old man's ass, pants suddenly rupture, grow from the inside of a dark tail! "Roar!" The old man growled, a bestial cry. Yang Xuan alarmed the old man what it is today, Shizaitaixiang variation and mutation than those he had seen, but also powerful! "How is it?" Feng Ye in the eyes of some confusion. "Grandfather!" Rain Yao wearing white clothes, to see the change of the old man, his face is necessary to panic rushed, but Yang Xuan to pull. "He is not your grandfather!" Yang Xuan hearts of some can not bear, but the old man clearly is transformed into a variation. "Roar!" The old man to Yang Xuan bite, blood-red eyes,Poppy Collection Coach Sale, distorted faces, ferocious teeth, all that, he is not the person! After a month of temper, Yang Xuan early had the first face of variation scared petrified Yang Xuan, see the old man rushing, he quickly kicked out, tremendous power directly to the old man's body kicked out, hit a wall, slipped down. But he has not died, still struggling to get up, but he was covered in bones, has been this kick to Yang Xuan shattered. "-" Terror seems to have no end, Just then, shrill scream. Yang Xuan looked down, but saw this woman's arms, his eyes reddening, holding tightly to his head, shouting in pain. ...... This three-shift, I try to code ... you brothers have the votes cast twelve grateful ...... <

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