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20.05.2013 04:26
Mu ice locker room door in three antworten

In those stores each arteries in Deng they take action, you have already blocked the important export markets, as well as emergency channel. Just because of the market since the two floor below to create chaos, due to larger traffic, brings great difficulties to the implementation of the screening arrests. Deng Lingyi this side of representative of the affirmative team members that the accident occurred, while clinging to the strict customs, but import and hanging around in shopping malls shopping customers have to evacuate,Nike Air Jordan 6 Sale, which will easily lead to some of the members to the crowd away from the customer, thus becoming a fish escaped through the seine. But as the members of the kidnappers action group leader, known as the tip of the 001 captain Mu ice, this time to blend in the crowd, but is extremely depressed, even her heart had hematemesis. Is the so-called perennial hit Yan, finally is goose pecked eye. Now she did not care to the action group members ask upstairs after Xu Linyuan arrived at the joint position, the data they party ever get. Because in her here, has been the first step in Xu Linyuan will reach the designated position over hostages, but that moment Xu Linyuan was staying time, she stared very tight hostage single still, was missing in her nose. Mu ice is in South Central Military special team is outstanding, and the participation of the secret exercises,Coach Handbags, she is as outstanding representatives were appointed to perform the task. Originally all the action plan are very well, but at the crucial moment,Outlet Coach, she said not clear because of her carelessness, or from the third party know in advance the thorough deployment and their plans, resulting in both exercise bouts, the fisherman. The moment to say the loss of the hostages, Mu ice now is still in a confused and surprised, she knew she must have master. Because at the time she needs to use a single still the clothes as bait, making a smoke bomb for Deng Lingyi this side action, in order to achieve their purpose of interference. So she took a single still, in the beautiful salesgirl small chalk sister accompanied on one piece of clothing, while the single still on that dress to try on, she is accompanied, came out because the size has little reason to replace a. In the single still to change a size bigger clothes, because she wanted to provide information to the players, so that there is no longer the accompanying single still into the locker room, let accompanied by the beautiful salesgirl small chalk sister into the locker room. She felt still to change to a dress, and she was in the locker room door, before long, and what the accident will not happen. But is such a conscious negligence, accident has happened. Mu ice locker room door in three minutes, then confessed over things, but did not see a single still and the assistant small chalk sister from the locker room, so she troubled heart, immediately open the locker room, to her horror scene. When she opened the locker room door, her eyes still absolutely empty, where there are single and the assistant small chalk sister figure. The hostage was so she >

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