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from his chest at the heart antworten

Chapter 67: Dark City! Yang Xuan into the Cave swallowed Pearl, lakes, one in the mountains, a young red hands negative back, standing on the cliff summit, overlooking the distant, I saw the blue sky, white clouds drifting. the WWW, QUanbEN, COM his brow suddenly furrowed, his eyes passing hint of boredom. Three days. Since three days ago, the results failed to kill the mysterious genius, also angered the Dragon beast of an eternal life environment, which makes sharp increase in their loss, which makes what line can be easily completed his heart somewhat angry and unwilling. "I do not believe that you have been holed up in that lake does not come out." Youth in Red fist grip, air pinch burst, the white slender palm, Jidao veins exposed, with a sort of grim. And report the distance, a figure moving rapidly swept to one knee kneel in red youth behind. Youth in Red did not look back, the sound indifference: "The man even said:" iron cutting brothers with many fellow in stationed around the lake, has not been found someone from the inside out, you should still inside. "Youth in Red Point nodded, his eyes passing touch of Lengmang, "I hope he will not die at the bottom of the lake monster hands, I must personally he tore ...... At the same time, there is a star in a distant place, domain diameter thousands of miles, there are many stars, but both are quintana dark, without any light, from afar, this star field like deep bottomless black hole. Deep in the star field, there is an enormous continent, floating in the center of the stars, the continent is dark, even the color of the land, but also the dark, above the plants and flowers, rocks, are glossy black. In the center of the continent, there is a huge palaces, magnificent, towering into the sky, this palace full dozen add up to so much sun, whole body into the dark, is above the door is a huge skull, eyes hollow, overlooking below. Shoop ~ ~ ~ in this deserted place, suddenly a figure from the distant gallop and landed on the entrance of the palace, after a moment, who is a black, long hair flowing, eyes revealed the slightest evil , people could not help but be this pair of eyes attracted to Yang Xuan, it must recognize this young man is the Qin Hong Qinhong came to the palace door, it does not go in, but the bow and worship said: "Meet dark Santo" around the deserted, the sound echoed around, it is a bit cold. Qin Hong seems to be an illusion, surrounded by obviously no one, but like countless eyes from all directions watching. After a moment. A cold voice sounded: "Who are you?" Voice with ancient vicissitudes, apathy, this is not a hard throat indifference to speak,Kristin Coach UK, but a completely, not a cent of emotional indifference, people hear tolerance do not live body trembled. Followed by the morning train named "the next Fangzhu" Qin Hong Road. The voice was silent for a moment, slowly said: "What?" Qin Hong even said: "I want a powerful force that voice again silent for a child, immediately before with a bit interesting, said:" You can come Here, you a little ability to force, it depends on your heart enough cold enough black enough crazy "Qin Hong sneer, suddenly ripped clothes chest, fingers drawn full smooth skin on his fingernails than knife sharp, across the flesh is cut, but not leave the blood. Draw a hole, then put his hand into the body, such as escape, one hand holding a black heart, the above also been implicated in a number of vascular, vaguely can also hear the sound of blood flowing in the veins, such as spring as nicely, this heart was still beating beating. "This is my heart," Qin Hong indifference Road. After a moment, the voice said: "Yes, there's evil, dark, resentment, anger, is comparable to the one hundred billion people sacrifice to become" good people,jordan online sale, exquisitely carved heart, such as crystal red apple of my servant. Evil heart as black as ink, such as hard rock a beat parents, poisoned their own children,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, four robbery, arson, called atrocious, but on the black of the heart, only comparable to about a thousand people. "Sacrifice" the voice with a bit of excitement, urging authentic. Qin Hong sneer, the heart slowly put it back in, then cut open the flesh, heal up wounds miraculously healed automatically, Then he raised his head, hands up days, singing: "The Dark Lord give me strength; my bones, my blood, killing Avenue; crushed beings; my soul, burning nine days; Fallen is the eternal great dark emperor, the burning of my heart, give me strength "rich black breath from his chest at the heart comes out, wrap the body, turned into a cocoon. In this cocoon around, suddenly a flash of light, he heard the "click" sound, split cocoon cocoon Qin Hong, crystal skin Fiao more flirtatious eyes, the atmosphere of the whole body a few times powerful than before . "This is the power of eternal life environment it?" Qin Hong shook a fist, a hint of excitement in the eyes. "From now on, you are my servant, I have around in your body acceleration time, the outside world only a moment, but you have just been a year coldly voice sounded from nothing. Qin Hong nodded. "This is a Heaven seed, you evil wind temple refining environment into the Heaven as soon as possible, be eligible to act for me with the voice sounded, an ink black light beads, appear out of thin air in the Qin Hong in front, directly floated into his mouth. Qin Hong passing touch of light in the eyes, nodded his head, "in evil the temple of the wind, the time and the rest of the world does not like the outside, the inside of one year a few years, the market will have to come out, you look out for themselves, if not reached before Heaven territory, he was ready to be darkness "cold sound with a bit callous and cold, after the finish, he never sounded. Qin Hong, head down, when no one could see, the fundus passing touch of mockery and disdain. Sector ... Black Dragon, one of the 9000 boundaries, inflammation shortage continent. The lake at the end. Cave of glitz and glamor, a young black cross-legged sitting, breath around the water gave impulse to open three feet around his body, not a cent of the water, all the invisible force to block the outside. H Yang Xuan's body suddenly issued a burst of thunder, the body suddenly explode from the head to the body, every blown to atoms, flesh and blood flying. Obsessions, blew up? "Distant Dragon Palace, has been using the concept of God watching Yang Xuan paclitaxel man, was taken aback. [..] (Section there is an error, please report it to us) <

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