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20.05.2013 04:21
and is the young and beautiful temperament antworten

Bird's nest is not know, her every act and every move, all others under surveillance. May be a coincidence, the luxury villa area to the bird's nest,Air Jordan Flight The Power UK Sale, as she guessed that, the seaside that a, is Xu Linyuan here to buy. For occupation habits,Air Jordan 12 UK, bird's nest in the villa area surrounding patrol a, soon to the villa area monitoring facilities as a direct charge. Just not convenient to sneak into the act, until around eight p.m., bird's nest again here. In addition to some street lights around, and some monitoring facilities in public, other places some dark, the villa area belongs to the villa, not many resident, and security are now hot fire at gold eight shelves of TV program, but also to guard the period. Therefore, bird's nest with her brilliant light Kung Fu, the day has to step on a good point, easily will escape monitoring, sneaked into the villas, going to one by one investigation to the dock of the villa. Only the bird's nest still do not know, here, will be doomed to have not calm things to happen tonight, after she entered the villa area, another accident, during the same period started playing....... Ever since Peng Lijie retired from politics after, after a period of quiet life. She knew the enemy sent killer to deal with her, so she went to Guangzhou, every day a reclusive life. Although tedious, but she is a determined woman, was also a woman will find the marriage, she know villas equipped with some advanced defensive system, general spies cannot easily sneak in, so every evening, she will stay at home and watch TV, or internet access some of the information, learning something. Recently Peng Lijie to live here for a long time, she also want to do some understanding of the surrounding environment. She found in the villa area, live much or woman, and is the young and beautiful temperament, for she knew is obviously a man here mistress. The mistress who usually is not how to go out during the day and go shopping, play, night stay in the villa and lovers tryst, life is very boring. Peng Lijie in the first time, the neighbours are very curious, think Peng Lijie should also be what men have to live here,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, because these women usually have nothing to do, would like to discuss these gossip, but all the same, they also did not have any discrimination, view of Peng Lijie. Because in this environment, all have the same awkward status, so it is not exposed, occasionally hit accost met out. Such a long time, sometimes a little more, in the course of contacts, also gradually familiar, began to talk, and sometimes even together play mahjong or go out shopping together is happiness within. Peng Lijie is here not long time that age and the next and the woman of about her familiar with each other, that all two people to become friends, and the relationship between the woman and the other sisters are also good, along with Peng Li and >

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