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I campaign for many years antworten

> Chapter 44: Remember, I Jiao Yang Xuan! 43 results yesterday code forgot to upload, no wonder then someone asked how I did more, I was also surprised to ............ Yong Tower of Hercules, the first layer of the ring. www, QUANben com Yang Xuan out of the deep channel, glaring white according to from the front, not to see the scene in front of, we heard a burst of overwhelming cries, cheers, deafening. Yang Xuan looked up and looked the scene before expanding in the line of sight, the endless expanse of the force field, stands eight Wutai, each of which is boxy side length little knowledge is extremely large, Wu stage shadows flicker, Wu stage, monster, earth-shattering battle, is extremely fierce. Maronite people, generally only after the release of the body, in order to play the strongest fighting the release of the body, such as Yang Xuan, will be translated into the appearance of supporting the sky dragon fighting power from the enlightenment throughout the ten-story, all of a sudden can predominate. the the InnoPath environment pinnacle Yang Xuan eyes four swept away, see the next channel mouth, a group of people sitting, eager, seems to be being lined up to play, Yang Xuan walked past. "You are new here?" Beautiful *, a saw Yang Xuan, said: "who no murderous you sure you want to play challenge?" Yang Xuan smiled and nodded. This beautiful * looks only 15-year-old female, in fact, already practicing for thousands of years, a fine stylus, wood carving something in the dragon world, even the weakest creatures than human strong, so there is no brush, only the stylus. "Registered about playing in this record, wait for the next turn you will be notified of, nothing can rest in this." The girl said dismissively, a seat sitting next to a group of people, even to look at Yang Xuan an interest in No, every day,nike air jordan, to fight this, and some people earn dragon coins, and some people have blood spattered six feet Siwuquanshi the people come to participate in the contest, have been too lazy to read more. Yang Xuan did not care, smiled and went to sit down next. That a group of people saw Yang Xuan, just looked at, sneer, did not say anything, just watch the eyes, it seems that Yang Xuan became the weakest rookie here ... I do not blame Yang Xuan, repair back to nature, the body murderous introverted, How can it be unusual to see that? "Dude," a handsome youth, thieving went to the side of Yang Xuan, took one look around, see no one pay attention here, and she sat beside Yang Xuan, hehe smile, exposing a row of white teeth, said: "I called Toronto, How about you? "Yang Xuan nothing else, smiled and said:" Yang Xuan Toronto nodded, suddenly blinked, smiled and said: "I see what you look like, seems to be new to you strength, should go to the Dead Marshes, where exercise, come here, so the chance of survival big points. "Yang Xuan smile, did not say. Toronto eyes turn, said: "Dude, you are still young, I'm afraid has not yet reached a stone's force?" Dragon, there are some relatively weak. The Jady blue-black Dragon ranked fourth, etc., as well as some of the sixth, etc., the seventh such as the Dragon, born down, just a bit more powerful than any other beast, only two or three sub-forces, although two or three sub is quite thousands of times in human Yong Satz, most of which are this low Maronite, there are some beast. Many creatures of the Dragon, Dragon is in charge, the rest of the creatures there are storm bears, iron ape. Yang Xuan feel the this Toronto breath, an ape family of the gas, it should be the people of the ape family. Toronto, and Yang Xuan shook his head smile, did not say if a new, might have told myself, how strong, and then on the quilt away their strength, trick. Toronto see Yang Xuan did not answer, frowned a bit, but soon stretch, smiled and said: "It is said that, as long as rushed ten stories above, a landlord will be able to get the reward of one hundred dragon coins, you brothers there is no confidence? "Yang Xuan laughed:" I naturally want to live, but it depends on luck. "Toronto even said:" I see brothers and your strength is not weak, should be able to break up. "Yang Xuan shook his head and smile , did not say. Toronto eyes float to the surface trace of looking angry, but also want to say something, a loud voice suddenly said: "the next one, Yang Xuan Yang Xuan Yi Zheng, did not expect so soon to himself, quickly got up, to whom an empty Wu went. Such the plains as big Wu, Yang Xuan one standing, surrounded by countless cheers, cheers, like for his people, any one man stand here, will passionately Yang Xuan leisurely, quietly waiting for the opponent, Not long after, a burly Han go up, Huyao Bear back, amber eyes, murderous stern "Man Tiger refueling," "Man Tiger refueling" the pretty tiger refueling numerous cheers broke out from the crowd sitting,Coach Purses Clearance, That of Hu Yao Bear back Tahan, grabbed the back of a two-edged black ax, fingers together and ax up on the front of the ground floor suddenly burst visible ax is extremely heavy. "Small things, you dare to challenge Wu station?" Man Tiger looked at Yang Xuan a mocking face, said: "I did not bully you, I campaign for many years, never seen you so rookie of the dish, you determine you killed a biological? "Yang Xuan gently smile, said:" to kill a lot of that is not killed the beast, Take your surgery. "pretty tiger look gloomy again quickly, Lengheng soon Road: "touches sharp tongue twisters, I go back to feeding the footsteps of a tower, the whole Wu whom flick outrageous atmosphere, such as storms swept the audience, blowing Yang Xuan clothes fluttering sound. This tyrannical power, attracted the audience screams more fanatical. Yang Xuan coldly looked pretty tiger, quietly stood still. Man tiger sneer, that to Yang Xuan shock and awe in the Tiger roared out, step by step, the body, such as an arrow, Baoshe the out. The numerous audience held their breath, almost all want to Yang Xuan was defeated in the blink of an eye, or a moment was defeated. Yang Xuan from start to finish, untouched, pretty tiger cold smile, ax strokes, Kanxiang the Yang Xuan. Ax through the Yang Xuan head, his smile just bloom it froze in vain. Yang Xuan in his line of sight, slowly dissipated, was actually an illusion, and he felt a cold hand, stuck his neck. "Remember, I Jiao Yang Xuan Xuan Yang said in his ear, palm pinch, brilliant blood flower in full bloom, the wild tiger neck shape into Rouni, fell to the ground and killed the audience cheers, became an instant a silence. Who have seen Yang Xuan will not withstood the wild tiger strike, but the fact is at hand, have to believe that, one by one stared, looking at this very gentle laugh, did not murderous the youth, the hearts of all of a sudden shudder. Yang Xuan migraine smiles: "The referee, I win it?" The head had two horns, black Han stare at Yang Xuan, until you hear his voice, jerked to attention, even said: "win, win,Nike Jordan Big Ups, you win." his eyes suddenly bursting out with light fever, reverence looked at Yang Xuan, facing the audience, in front of everyone, loudly: "This war, Yang Xuan win Yang Xuan turned and walked down the stage. [..] (Section there is an error, please report it to us) <

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