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20.05.2013 04:16
they soon open a pot opening big holes antworten

Only fee ang just subconscious thought they were trapped in the death of the enclosed compartment, but his name alive companions do not think so, he to outside shout loudly 1: "and no man alive......" "There is no one alive......" This calls for a moment, it never came to respond. In the dark compartment, expenses ang mood gradually stabilized, just way: "dude, you might leave us two still alive, perhaps we can not escape, but now the environment, should be the vortex center, this also is mysterious phenomena we study ten years want to see this time, even died here, but to be able to see the magic of the phenomenon, I think it is worth!" "So do I, but we still live in it, first think of a way to leave the sealing gun......" This a companion to move, he would be the two companions slowly falling off to the side, ready to try it, but when removed him a peer's corpse, another companion for the body is a metal strip penetration, he had to slowly pull out the metal strip. Di! Only when the metal was pulled out, when suddenly a dazzling light from the hole penetrating sh è in, immediately to the seal the dark space has brought a bright. "This is the sun, this is the sun......" Expenses ang feel the light, uttered a sound, his companion also very excited. Just before they excited a few,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, suddenly holes in the sun began to become somewhat blurred, because they saw the water began to enter the sealed tank, if they don't want to go out, then they will see the sun, may be drowned in it. Bang Bang bang! Expenses ang and division with the will to live, let them instantly erupted in full force, two people begin to hit the hole tool, then use the metal bar to pry. The two together, they soon open a pot opening big holes, but their body except for the head, have all been submerged in water. "Dude, you go first!" Expenses ang let peer out first, because of his weight and shape of the mouth is not immediately go out, while his companions heard did not hesitate, then drill out the first step. This time, feel the water has flooded fee ang to his eyes, he can only be closed breathing, will face close to the upper air place big breaths. And so it around for a bit, then out came the rumbling sound, ang the breathing has costs to the extreme, he in the fuzzy,Coach Bags UK, saw the door suddenly opened, a fierce glare light sh è in, there are two fuzzy figure at the top of his hand in, after catch him, then pulled him up. China! After a moment, fee Angmeng vomited a few slobber, this just woke up, I saw his companions ride on him press his chest, expenses ang took a few mouth,Coach Store, this just way: "thank you for saving me, man......" Then, expenses ang turned, saw the eyes also stood a bandaged arm and legs black sergeant, not by the road: "we >

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