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Then all the tribes of the antworten

> Name Book House inGL the Black Rock no longer say, smiled and said: "good work, I go to the study and understanding WWW at qUanbEN. Com" quite Di envy looked at him, nodded his head. Black Rock immediately left out of the valley to the Jady blue tribal another sacred place ......... spring to autumn, the red maple leaf faded color, reluctantly falling down from the tree. Suddenly, from Yang Xuan to enter the wake longchi, the expiration of the time of year. This year, after the study and understanding of the black rock from the dragon monument at, returned and sat in silence woke longchi outside, eyes closed in thought, and makes think back to all the details of the dragon monument, insights and exploration progress, sometimes tired , then got up and walk around in the valley periphery, and quite Di chat. On this day, still as usual. Wake the dragon pond,Coach Bags Online, black rock sitting cross-legged, put his hands on his knees, like meditation in general, the breeze in the wire hair. For a long, long time. He slowly opened his eyes, eyes clear water, his fatigue, slowly got up and stood up, one that like a golden ocean Sing longchi, habitually looked back, to be still did not see any movement After slightly Yi Tan, turned and walked outside to the valley. Valley, quite Di is still in the implementation of the duties of the guard to the Black Tower the same engine standing there, people from afar, help but rise awe. ~ Black rock out of here. Man Di smiled and looked at him and said: "how to practice?" Black rock slightly Yi Tan, said: "There are a barrier, if able to break through, will have a chance to enter the channel environment." Man Di smiled, "Do not hurry, the boat to cross the bridge." black rock nodded. Man Di smiled and said: "It is said that a few days, held a selection of Dragon Warrior Jady blue tribe, as one of the 9,000 tribes in the Black Dragon, has two places these days, Chong Road environment strong are trying to practice "Black Rock eyes light up," 'Dragon Warrior Assembly' start? "quite Di make fun of looked at him," these days, how to practice their repair you confused? ...... "Black Rock did not bother him make fun of, but face to look forward to. Dragon Warrior Assembly This is one of the most grand dragon world contest of the General Assembly, held every once in a thousand years time, the the dragon circles territory extremely vast, single is a Black Dragon,Nike Jordan 1 Shoes, will have 9,000 tribal, and the entire Black Dragon, the dragon world just seven Dragon only one, not to mention in addition to the seven Dragon, the dragon world, there are many other races, such as the most prosperous cairica, 288 Dragon, Holy Dragon, feather Dragon. Several major races in the position of the dragon world, in no way weaker than the seven Dragon However, because the descent sake, the number of tribal rather scarce, just as the the aristocratic de facto ruler of the dragon world. On the strength ... just a race cairica, they add up to the combat effectiveness is comparable to seven Dragon Dragon Warrior Assembly, covering the entire dragon world, on to Prong Golden Dragon, down to the lowest level to the Dragon, can participate in Imagine how this meeting on the scale of how large, however, the only one of the conditions is that people participate must be the strength of the saints throughout, not more than nor less than each of the participating "Dragon Warrior Conference , If at the meeting a brand strength, and immediately be able to become famous throughout the dragon world, for good Wu Dragon glory, is the peak of the strong enough to defend with their lives the thought of Black Rock countless dragon world, bringing together the contest scenes, it will not help the hearts of blood rolling excitement muscles quiver. Man Di looked at him, patted him on the shoulder comfort: "In your strength, this is hardly chosen a million years later, still have a chance." Black rock glared at him, said: "You are not talking, I practice a thousand years, are unable to reach eternal life environment?" quite Di Hey smile. Black Rock hum hum, proudly said: "Although I can not be selected, this time the game is not qualified to be able to see this wonderful duel, I was dead and had no regrets." Man Di quite empathy, said: "Indeed, the last time we Jady Blue tribal only got one of those places is said to be the Blue King Presbyterian, his tyrannical strength in the Black Dragon 9,000 tribes, won seven hundred and eighty second place finish, showdown scene is really earth-shattering now, he has the living environment strength "Black Rock glanced at him and said:" Did you just how much, how do you know when duel scene is very ambitious? quite Di glared at him one, "I heard my father say." Black Rock Pieliaopiezui. Dragon Warrior Assembly, each race will be a family within the selection war First of all races because the Maronite many of the dragon world, just like on Earth **, ** different countries race small tribes, gaming, choose the strongest. Then all the tribes of the race most people, a selection of ten people to elect one of the strongest ten people, is the last person to participate in the entire Dragon Warrior Dragon World Conference Jady Blue Tribal Black Dragon Rank was more than 4,000 a tribe, but since the war million years ago, the Blue who specialty old family selection amazing record, rushed into before 1000, so the Jady Blue Horde reputation Sheng, quickly developed into today's scale. Man Di smiled and said: "This is said to tile maple and Hitt limelight height, I'm afraid this two places, they will be swept." The Black Rock shook his head and said: "It can not, this a lot of strong, for example, XAC, Mu-hua, are unfathomable, must not be underestimated, "quite di nodded. After a moment. Man Di looked at the depths of the valley, frowned and said: "You say this human, what is the blood?" Black Rock shook his head, said: "This can not see it, but from him scales color can be seen, I'm afraid is the lifeblood of the Golden Dragon, quite patriarch adults say that high blood grade, maybe the presence of the Golden Dragon Gold Wing Tyrannosaurus level. "the Gold Wing Tyrannosaurus?" Di was taken aback. Seven Dragon, divided into seven Dragon, but each race, there are many branches, such as the Golden Dragon,Air Jordan 8 Sale, Golden Horn Dragon God scales blood of the dragon, and so on, these are the the top blood of the Golden Dragon, a considerable royal descent in a level, the Gold Wing Tyrannosaurus in the Golden Dragon, belong to the third-Dragon a total of seven grades. Black rock veins the Jady Blue tribal, Black Dragon Blue Dragon Jady a pulse Jady Blue Dragon Black Dragon, belonging to five other Dragon in the two conversations, suddenly, the earth shiver sky moment dim down, Then, I heard loud and clear Dragons, sounded from the depths of the valley, break open the fog, resounded through the sky name floor inGL of [..] (chapter error, please report it to us) <

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