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life and oppression into antworten

> CHAPTER: crossing the robbery strong! Yang Xuan looked indifferent the golden clothes men, said: "I came only for one thing, Zhouxue Fan Palace, animal husbandry, marriage, and thus cancel, I want to take her out www qUanbEN com golden clothes men mouth twitched slightly, eyes stifled anger, but the thought of Yang Xuan just beat Wei, his eyes will have to frighten the color and forced back his anger, Chen Sheng said: "Xiao Zhou girl and my son, I wish you love, Why did you break up? "Yang Xuan sneered:" I'm afraid she would not you love "golden clothes men ugly face, he has nothing to say, because indeed, as Yang Xuan said. Then - boom ~ ~ a few wailing from a distance galloped over the head of a person, about 30, a snow white wins, handsome, tall and stalwart in his eyes,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, with a hint of melancholy, Shuangbin In between, there are a dash of white hair. At his side, two eight-year-old man, looking crystal, jade, smooth as a baby's skin, white hair and white beard, like a fairy painting. Yang Xuan eyes slightly move, "fit throughout the late three men came to him. Yang Xuan calmly looked at the center of man, though he looks much younger, but the atmosphere of the whole body, than the next two white-haired old man, but also vigorous. Yang Xuan also know that he is the the Shushan head "three fit territory of late, the power of each person, there are about a million times, but for the use of Reiki, verse, in the face three or four times people can still overcome, once the breakthrough fit environment, reaching crossing the robbery, to withstand the tenrai baptism, strength will surge to 100 times is a star power of comprehension in a fit environment, as well as crossing the robbery environment , and finally Mahayana Feixianguan once they reach the Mahayana fly fairy realm, to enter upon a time, to be a fairy a fairy, absolute strength is stronger than a saint, because the comprehension of those cultivation methods, and the magician is different. But now the three men have not reached the immortal territory, Yang Xuan do not need to be afraid of them, so he frankly looked middle-aged man. "" Middle-aged man also saw Yang Xuan, his face slightly change, last Yang Xuan came out from the self-cultivation sector in a few elders of the siege escape, defeated Shushan gate, can be described as a row Shushan, He naturally remember him. Yang Xuan indifference: "Yes, it is me." Shushan head of the Road: "you come here today?" Yang Xuan face is still cold, the sound is still cold, said: "He is a laughter , but his smile, only friends, or ...... about to be killed Shushan head frowning, said: "Zhouxue Fan?" Yang Xuan nodded. The Shushan head face fell, "Why?" Yang Xuan sneered: "a sparrow, should not be a group of geese flying together, as it will be exhausted, not to mention, this sparrow and geese do not want to fly with, Why insist? "Shushan head fell silent. Yang Xuan slowly turned around and did not see the next golden clothes men, this palace family in Shushan the strength of which is very large, not even Shushan head alarmed, but still not worth afraid of the place, so Yang Xuan go directly to the bridal room, watching Zhouxue Fan face stunned disbelief look, smiled, and said: "I take you to go." Zhouxue Fan Nana location nodded, almost subconsciously followed Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan took her to the sky, here are great fit throughout the strong, the body of coercion, Zhouxue Fan fiber footer tremble slightly, Taishan coercion in the face of that kind of impervious to gas feeling, but soon, this feeling begins her disappearance, Yang Xuan standing in front of her the flat Fanfan body has a bamboo-like arrogance, as if the sky is falling not died. The Shushan head looked at Zhouxue Fan, she flushed, white teeth nibble lips, lowered his head and could not see his face. The Shushan head not too much gaze, looked at, turning to look at the next golden clothes men, the head exposed inquiry meaning. Golden clothes men slight smile, this is not the son marriage thing, but involve face tens of thousands of years of family tradition, the most important is the face of a girl such as Zhouxue Fan is not worth to pay attention to, but if so let Yang Xuan away, the house of the palace face disgrace. See the the golden clothes man's face, the hearts of the Shushan head Yi Tan, have to understand the latter idea, turned around and looked Yang Xuan, said: "Do you like this woman, be sure to take her away?" Yang Xuan indifference Road : "do not like" "Why do we have to take her away?" "There is no why." Yang Xuan coldly looked at him, "Do you still did not give up?" the Shushan head slight smile, "I do not want hands-on, but since this world there are too many do not want to have to do. "Yang Xuan indifference:" You're not my opponent. "" I know. "Shushan head actually frankly admit, then said:" But I know that there is one person is your opponent, and you absolutely hit, however the. "Yang Xuan Road:" Who? "" I, "a cold voice, from a distance sounded, rumbling pass over, as if the whole sky talking like,Air Jordan 7 UK Sale, tight Then, an enormous coercion come down, breath of the Shushan head body, life and oppression into the body. Yang Xuan Ningmei slightly, looked up, and an old man dressed in black from the main peak of the mountain rising from the distant horizon, red swept over black robes in the biting wind, whirring, gray-haired, sharp eyes such as Liangbing sword "crossing the robbery strong brow Wei Zhou Yang Xuan. At this time, the black robe old man came to the front of Yang Xuan, eyes sweep a square below a depth of 100 meters of paw prints, eye pupil slightly reduced, but soon returned to normal, sharp staring at Yang Xuan, a long time After recovered eyes, casually said: "your teacher?" Yang Xuan sneered: "I never thought for a woman of the Yuan Ying, went so far as this level you are out strong, my master in monks sector, as their names, I'm afraid to say you do not know the "black robes old man cold tunnel:" good tone, do not think you have a little more strength, can be arbitrary, here is Shushan, if you such a person to leave, I could be doing did not happen, if tangled peril "Yang Xuan indifference said:" shot "black robe old man eyes of coldness bloom, fingers like claws,Satchels Coach Cheap, five sharp Jian Qi , thrown from the fingertips, to Yang Xuan arrested, the void like White torn, Meet subtle black cracks appearing, we can see how powerful its power Zhouxue Fan speak, this world has never been so close, it seems whole to their pressure down, five Jian Qi, such as the creation of the world God ax, indestructible, so that life can not afford to resist the heart. Next to the the Shushan head, with two white-haired old man retreated to the side, the golden clothes man said: "The battle is not allowed to interfere, not to get involved into accidental injury." However, he had hardly down, we heard the bang big ring, a figure such as bird with broken wings, in the bottom of the much-anticipated, inverted flight back was black robe old man ...... a little fever, on the first one more, [..] <

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