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20.05.2013 04:10
but she knew. Recent events antworten

For Chen Xiaoxiao, her mind is different from the symplectic shadow that innocent, this is a sketchy, and Shen Fu deep girl. She is unlike general in the ivory tower of those students, all not too concerned about the outside world, living in their own green ch ū n fantasy, be light of heart from care. Chen Xiaoxiao will be different, she will often pay attention to some important events happening outside, some important things, she loves from the analysis, obtained some valuable things from. Therefore, she likes to make a map out a strategy of wise, because of this, the wise she usually finds very calm,, often with X ì ng to think. So usually at school, she will organize some important activities, also will even those flat R ì hold about and give oneself airs boy had run round in circles, is she sold, or take the initiative and enthusiasm to help her money. Because of her beauty, her temperament, coupled with her scheming and means, and do not say the boys not yet out of school, is the life experience of men, as was her easily in the hands of play. Her confidence, it is the resulting. So have the confidence, she wanted to challenge a stronger man,Air Jordan 9 Sale, because she thinks she has a profound understanding of men, and plus some other special reason, she is the ultimate prey set for themselves, is now utilities such as R ì Zhongtian,OP Art Coach UK, not only in the country, is in the world,Outlet Coach Bags, but also has far-reaching influence, more have been privately was named the world's richest man, the richest man in the world history of the young, the future group chairman Xu Linyuan. After the target is determined. Chen Xiaoxiao did not immediately pay it with practice, because she knows, she is not a very good opportunity to come into contact with the man. However, opportunities will always inadvertently came. In Chen Xiaoxiao for the occasion, she got an unexpected news, that is students symplectic shadow mother came to work here give when the servant, object services, is just the man raised in here with a beautiful woman. It is also the case, gave Chen Xiaoxiao a chance, she uses the symplectic shadow. Well here, in really hit the man, and clever use of some coincidence, and she had the means to cause the attention to the man, and the man left the impression, can be said that she felt her first step plan very smoothly. Just when her second step in the preparation of Chen Xiaoxiao, she had no idea that the recent happened so many things that she did not contact the man the opportunity, but she knew. Recent events, many relationships and the man, though her plans to temporarily run aground, but Chen Xiaoxiao has learned some more information, especially something about the man's life. Originally she thought recently by the woman named Zhuo Qingyan contact here, get more information about Xu Linyuan from that woman. Just met one or two times, and there is no harvest, and when she comes back, the woman on the left. An empty house, Chen Xiaoxiao recently came in several times. No harvest, but they also >

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