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Before a thatched cottage antworten

Chapter 7: Last day! The recommended votes ......... flame burning for a few minutes, day-chul body of To a Blue immortality, fragrance overflowing bright colors, rounded and smooth. Shouyi Zhao The Phoenix of WWw.QUAnbEN.COm lift, blue immortality drift to the front of it, Shui-liang eyes glanced mouth dissatisfaction muster, muttered: "Quality is actually so poor, than on a not as good as how no point. "said hand threw the Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan also rude,Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, raising his hand to take over, looked, I saw a blue immortality, glowing a faint light in it, there is a wild animal, look like a lion, majestic burly. Yang Xuan sigh breath, gave immortality Xiaojin, said: "You take it to absorb it. Xiaojin stunned:" You do not? "Yang Xuan shook his head, sighed:" I are dying man, more strength, can not be an additional day life. now, my realm has reached the pinnacle of the power of the nine stone, only to become a saint, to be able to make the increase in life 100,000 years, all of a sudden. "" But ... "Yang Xuan lowered his head. "Saint how difficult, though I am now fighting force and the saints, but their own realm not break through the shackles of life. Saints, saints ......" Yang Xuan suddenly smile. Heartless world, to all things as straw dogs "Of course, sage heartless people as straw dogs" "saints can also be called the Little Heaven Heaven relentless, the saint ruthless" "Only immersed to the site and sanctification." Yang Xuan suddenly sigh breath, slowly turns around, did not say anything more. Become saints, Shou thousands of years, but how could he forget that own sentimentalism, lying on the Wanzai Ice on white shadows, her not dye trace of grime smile ... rain Yao ... Yang Xuan silently toward the Earth. Little gold and Phoenix, as one, surprisingly actually did not speak, but slowly followed Yang Xuan away. The ...... on Earth. On this day, too much in too many things, all of them are still at a loss. First of all, the two mysterious white robe old man rushed Yuxuan Court wantonly dignitaries, and want to kill God or Yang Xuan. Secondly, this is really all shocked, this old man is the legendary sage, Conspire to destroy the power of the planet, there is not the Earth since the end of the world, yet who has such a terrible growth speed, even if it is a New World Qin Hong, has been very mysterious and powerful, but only a maximum of six stone about the force, far not reached the sacred land. Next, I did not know why Yang Xuan, of dusk for a white-haired old man, in order to avoid innocent casualties, decided to accompany the two old man to the space ...... everyone knows, Yang Xuan has been hiding out, Both of these old man anyway I'm afraid want to break the head, did not know what they are looking for that person turned into a white-haired old man. However, Yang Xuan, if not out, suffer not just Yu Xuan Court, the entire planet, however, the following happened more unthinkable. Adrift in space for millions of years, the sun, even exploded all see this screen from the satellite, the brain short-circuited, completely dumbfounded. Instantly caught up in the darkness on Earth. Wow ~ ~ ~ Yang Xuan swept from the sky, came over Long Chen Shan, Dayton time, we can see WANG Chen et al in Capital Pavilion peak on the step of the degree of back and forth, anxiously. Yang Xuan a warm heart, Moving walked past. "Finished finished, Young Brother taken away by two bastards, certainly 10 dead students" Feng Ye anxious frown. The Wang Zhen quietly sitting on a rock, to wipe proceed purple Excalibur. Wang Chen eyes glazed, stood there, mouth murmured: "I should not backward, should not be back." Clenched his fist Kaka sound, blood flowing out from the edge. Boom Yang Xuan step by step, Air avoidance, such as welcome His Holiness. "I'm back." Yang Xuan appear over the heads of the crowd, smiling authentic. Feng Ye, Wang Zhen, et al, have dismayed to lift his head to be seen Yang Xuan, a red-letter out loud, excited Ruokuang. "You're right, those two old monster let you go?" Wang Zhen clear eyes looked at Yang Xuan, there is even a trace of a smile in the face of this man. Yang Xuan smiled and said: "I introduced you to a person, it is a small Phoenix, I just save it down." One finger behind Phoenix. They then noticed the head lovely Phoenix, the head exposed surprise, Phoenix and other ancient animal, they just heard the rumors, and now to be the first time to see. Yang Xuan Feng Ye, who greeted and chatted for a while, looked at the time, said: "I went to see her." Feng Ye, who he tried to speak, Yang Xuan was gone, flying a thatched House. "What's going on, he does not seem happy." Wang Chen Yang Xuan looked back, frowning. ...... Before a thatched cottage, Yang Xuan fall down into the house, to see at a glance that the huge wanzai Ice bed the rain Yao a white in it, and Immortal beauty, holiness, so that life is not half minutes from the heart of blasphemy. In the corner of her mouth, as well as a hint of a smile. Yang Xuan was silent for a moment, before slowly walked past,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, sitting at her bedside, staring at her Qiaolian, delicate nose Joan, looks picturesque, and sometimes could not help look crazy. "Remember Laohuai under the tree, I was lying on the chair, sunny day, blue sky, you came over, the two of us, sitting on a chair under a tree, chatting, chatting ..." "Remember , in the new world, you're not afraid of life and death, and secretly followed me ...... "Yang Xuan eyes suddenly a hint of pain, his head down. The air is silent. Moment afternoon dusk, but because of the sake of the Phoenix, the sun rupture,Nike Jordan 8 Sale, at the moment has become dark, but to Yang Xuan Allergan, can still see the scene within a radius of several tens of kilometers. Thatched house into a silence. The time, so quietly, little by little, the passage of time, Yang Xuan just silently staring at the rain Yao Pretty cheek, his face is getting old, just a moment, the wrinkles of the face of dozens of knife looks such as sculpture, face dead air. A long, long time ... Yang Xuan eyelids grew heavy, and could not wait to close your eyes, a good night's sleep, just heart be borne in mind that children, in front of ... he managed to cast his eyes and looked, the line of sight has become an blurred the familiar cheek, but also in the eyes become hazy fog, can not see real. The heart smile sound, Yang Xuan slowly bowed his head and closed his eyes, unable to. Body, as if with a finger do not want to move, only awareness but also thinking, but also more and more tired, more and more sleepy ... [..] <

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