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20.05.2013 04:05
development focus has been to North antworten

Crow since out Xiaoxiang hall, the heart has been on the Lolita type girl think constantly of, have get one's mind is somewhat unhinged., if he does not get this Lolita girl, I'm afraid do not smooth. Just ready to drive to go for a walk in a circle, about the situation, but some time later, think of leaving tomorrow one day time, if ye can not enter the list of enterprises, they plan to implement it gives birth to many twists and turns. Think about or cause important than women, crow on the car, let the bodyguard to drive to the east. Here is the old city district, the original, because the city construction and economic development focus has been to North expansion, although the Eastern population is concentrated, but the consumption level is still relatively low. But in many areas, the East, because entrenched with many foreign population, relative security also more confusion some. About an hour later, when the crow car personally to the east near, see the buildings around the old, poor sanitary conditions, not by frowned. Because it is night, the street vehicles are not many, but wandering people more, when his car into a corner turn when, the driver braked suddenly, suddenly a man let out a cry of pain, crow's eyebrows was crumpled into a plain word, nu way: "to the local ruffians and no Lai one thousand, let him fuck off now, don't get in the way!" The bodyguard immediately after you get off, walk to the car to see a local youth lying in front there beside moan and groan without being ill,Nike Air Jordan 7 Sale, bouncer threw one thousand blocks to the ground, and a hard kick, thundered: "roll!" The riffraff see this big fierce bodyguards, know is hard role will not pester, winked at a support side, two people took the money quickly run away. But the local ruffians and run away with less than a minute, the bodyguard was on the train car started, at this time the two took the money ruffians young man suddenly ran screaming towards here. Crow was about to attack and see a group of people then ran out, several of which are suit men guarding a man nearly 30-year-old hastily rushed outside,UK Nike Air Jordan, even those few suit male hands still holding a pistol, is very arrogant, no wonder that rogue will bellow escape, meets Desperado. But then, there is a group of people in pursuing in this several people ran out of the back alley only, their hands with machetes, then slowly in front of people who run not by the people behind to catch up, then a knife down, the person in front of a scream, would be cut down, injured blood direct current in a continuous cries.Just the few people quickly overtaken the crow also not think too much, but let the guards opened the door and shouted: "put the rats in fast......" Bodyguards smell speech, then get off immediately, in that several people came running, suddenly pulled him into the car,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK Sale, to be followed by two people also got into the car, crow shouted: "quick drive......" Hum! Few people in the car when the car be still suffering from the shock, rapid turning drive >

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