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20.05.2013 03:59
some published regulations in our country antworten

Jane, how this way: "Xu Dong,Coach Satchels Sale, the original exaggerated the facts, serious discrepancies in your description, and some also relates to corporate and government secrets, and national policy, these things seriously violated some published regulations in our country. And that Minnie the author in this book, not with your consent publishing, this will cause some adverse effect on you and your business will be, so we hope to get your approval authority, allowing us to Minnie author of the book, as well as the French yantex press official prosecute......" I don't agree. Xu Linyuan interrupted: "last month, since the publication of Europe and the United States sales unpopular, and let more people know me, a deeper understanding of the future group,Nike Jordan 13 Sale, so this month along with our future group also has raised obviously in the aspects of performance in Europe and the United States, the thing I think there is positive significance. In addition to personally, the book I just as a meal when leisure entertainment books, I like, I do not regard him as a strict history books or biography, and I now much, from the death of far away,Air Jordan Store, others for my book to write high Xing thing, give evaluation, although the book is based on myself to write, but from first to last all did not mention my name, I wonder what you have reason to prosecute people......" Jane yuan to see Xu Linyuan did not agree to this thing, not by the way: "Xu Dong, we hope this thing can you treat cautiously, after all, the original part of the secret......" Xu Linyuan heard these words, was not asked: "those people known things, even the foreigners know, also called the secret? And now this book Chinese version is released, you will be inside the content to lose one's beyond recognition, have a look yourself what are the seventy-fourth pages of content to write, that there are any idiot, I told him how the enemy family, if it met with readers, there will be much less back among the people, and even abuse me, this is my greatest harm......" Here, Xu Linyuan see the beauty prosecutor's face, but also ignored her, continued: "there are 146th pages, content, that idiot fucking is purely to put me into Gehenna push, don't you know that people in some pinkeye patients most like fragments for justice, when the content of if released, the number of spray take this thing to do this, it is not in my face, my future group face you, now you, foreigners into my face gild, advocates what's wrong with my future group, and how to home, my face is to be labeled shit you just happy?" "Xu Dong, please watch your language, the language of civilization!" Jane yuan's cold voice remind a way. Xu Linyuan looked at the female prosecutors, not by the way: "the prosecutor comrades, oh, what's your name?" Jane yuan Wan heard this, the angry teeth itch, this is the guy fifth times asked her name, and she made five correct answer to the question, he still can't remember it, she thought this guy must be intentionally, then cold track: "you how casually >

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