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Chapter 43: second places at once! Recommended votes ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ ... Xiaojin previous repair reached saint territory, have long understood the rules, just storm in space and time, the hurt is too large, there is no power to cast the power of the rules. , wWw.QUanBEN.CoM it reaches the power of the nine stone, the same power as the old man and silver gown, naturally, can cast a little rule. "Boss, you go first, I stall him." The Xiaojin the concept of God incoming Yang Xuan mind, although I was able to beat this old man, but if he blew damage comparable to the saints throughout the strike, the entire planet will Bang Yang Xuan hearts surprised, I did not expect a half the power of the Holy blew so strong, if the earth burst, then he can not run away, the explosive power of a star, horror, burst, even the saints throughout the strong are not easily bear. The figure of a move, and turned unto the palace gate skimming away. The silver robe old man eyes aiming, suddenly furious, shouted: "Go away," hand over the pages, three aperture spread to the little gold collision. "Broken" Xiao Jin Di heard, Zhao Jian shot a sword-like golden light, such as cut the thread, destroying three corrugated, followed by the figure of a move, stopped in a silver gown in front of the old man, cold channel: "You still there would be no roll which to go,Air Jordan Womens UK, you are not my opponent "the silver gown old man proudly said:" Naturally, I am life long live half a step into the Sacred, you do not think to comprehend the power of rule, can suppress me, although I can not beat you, but does not mean no balance of power and you said, his hands holding the sun and the moon fine round, cold channel: "If I detonate the half pint Road, even if you can not bear here should ruins Xiaojin face sank, it has been careful to guard against the the silver gown old man blew, but ignored his two half pint Road, although only half pint, but blew open, enough for a continent were broken "if he did not channel, I still have a bit to grasp this tricky. "Xiaojin some helpless, turned around and looked, see Yang Xuan has entered the door of the palace, the reigning the hearts of a happy old man sneered silver gown : "I protect, protect you halfway useless, at most, the destruction of this planet, but it can not hurt me" it is telling the truth, a semi-Road blew, at most, only make it by the point slightly injured , is no big deal. Sure enough, after listening to the little gold, silver gown old man face a change, Nu Sheng said: "If you stubborn, I even blew physical, have to kill you," "You blew?" Oscar sneer: "If you die , kill me, what is the point? "generally no hatred, no-one blew, because those who died've got nothing. The silver robe old man sneered again and again, "Do you think of it, I on this planet, placed second places at once, even if my body is dead, or be able to live, and the weapons of the body of the young man, this palace treasures Road is not easy to be destroyed, he blew fried is not broken, so do not worry about weapons of Yang Xuan who he blew to ended up ashes. Second avatar, you should practice the Dharma, which is equal to own life, strength, and are divided into two "Oscar shocked, it did not expect, the faces of the wonders of the old man, as much as this kind of drive, the general few people will practice the second avatar, a waste of time. Life expectancy is limited, in their lifetime, breaking through to the next realm, even metion, only a few days, have wide splurge, but very much genius in the universe, the real practice to the living environment, and even Heaven territory , but it is very few, some threshold, and not rely on talent will be able to cross the. Therefore, even if it is a genius, no one will practice two places at once, but, as far as possible, to save life, practicing the art of health, in their lifetime, insight into the Road, the living environment, this realm of life forms change, immortal life, the so-called immortal just call nothing, in fact, life is just too long and not so clear in the number and general practice to this other realm, even if it does not die of old age, will be killed by the enemy, or on the outside adventure, the fall in the woods. Did not see the hope before the break through the living environment, no one will practice the second avatar. The silver gown old man sneered: "I'm thirty years old, become a great master, six-year-old to reach the pinnacle of where the top of the environment, strong flesh and blood, and later hundred years old, entered the energy threshold, practice water system elements, three hundred years of small achievements, reaching His Holiness the late stage, six hundred years into the Walker-order "Later wandering, reaching the order of the day, a thousand years, and has since been concentrated practice, wandering around, get a lot of adventure, experience the fall and revival of numerous civilizations millennium, reaching the order of days late, five thousand years, to the power of nine stone. "" December, a planet where the indigenous kill, on the occasion of life and death, the perception of the power of the rule Since then entered the threshold of the Sacred "a thousand years thereafter, the repair but there is no growth, I know that further sustained depletion of my life, it may not be able to the corrugated force, realized successful, since the beginning of the Sacred So, my soul, spirit, flesh, all divided into two, created a second avatar to develop his practice, in a thousand years, so that the second avatar of nine stone force "Later, I wander through the view of the stars change, see the vicissitudes of life, in an attempt to sentiment the second rule, in that case, two rules-one, I was able to immediately reach the sage habitat and the two rules one can people who swept to the same order as the "the silver gown old man a word language practice from his millions of years, eleven out giving a Riyuerusuo, the vicissitudes of life-changing feeling. The second avatar and the second avatar of comprehension, it is Yuan Ling avatar, which belongs to ** two places at once, although the two places at once, but it is common to a soul that is, a soul controlled body , are their own. "Saint Dongche the things, in order to comprehend the rules" Oscar looked at the silver robe old man sneered: "You do not scare me, I'm afraid you do not have the courage to detonate this body, otherwise,Air Jordan 14, that an avatar to achieve the saints throughout the only afraid to have to wait a long, long time, then maybe deadline comes, the first step to die of old age in the past. "silver gown old man frowned, and said:" You are right, but I got two young Road device, with the Spirit Road Road Road read, much easier to perception of the rule, reached saint territory is not difficult "" But you do not have a full grasp, right? Otherwise you would have blew, how could here and my long-winded? I do not believe in weighing the pros and cons, you will not bear an avatar, if, as you said, it could have blew a cultivator of years people have seen through the life and death,Coach Bags Sale, once under decision will never sentimental, emotional dismay. "Xiaojin cold Road, gave away the silver gown old man's mind. Channel can improve the perception of the rules of probability, but not 100%, so silver gown old heart not the end be able to rely on the Road to comprehend the rules, so it has not blew. [..] <

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