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> Chapter 30: The Birth of the Temple! Recommended votes, wood, wood, wood there? ...... "Terrible" Oscar face anxiously, "turned out to be the onset of green snake venom, Green Snake is snake, then most poisonous teeth Lian Ji thousands of years, how powerful this poison in such a remote planet, where to find the antidote "Yuehua Jian, Yang Xuan face black air thicker black blood from flowing out of the ears, nose, eyes, covered the face look of terror as the devil. wWw, quanbeN, cOM in the pubic region, Yang Xuan can see the ice Tianfu body's internal organs and meridians, are one of those sudden black air to be contaminated, such as pure water of the lake dropped ink, contaminated dark such as ink. "I did not expect this poison is so intense." Yang Xuan frowned, although the body is extremely painful, but still very calm, "once the heart of Kovalam repression live this poison, do not know with a detoxifying agent, can slightly to compete. "Immediately, his hand ring flash, a bottle of aquamarine Pharmacy The bottle automatically open the liquid drift into his mouth. This liquid is an aromatic fragrance,Coach Hotsale Online, people aroused. Green liquid into the body, that if the devil black mist, swallowed back to avoid a trail, coiled for a while, rapid flutter up green liquid to wrap the infection quickly devour. Yang Xuan Wei Zhou brow the green pharmacy from the a Bai Gongzi ring found, certainly very high level, if agents are helpless poison, the other base on Earth City Pharmacy I'm afraid to die, but, he do not have time to find this extremely powerful poison, weakness, energy operation is blocked, even the usually one-tenth of the power play out. "Hiss" All of a sudden, being in the black gas hideous scream sounded a whole body is dark, long and sharp fangs black snake, scroll fog, rushed to the the chest mouth of the heart. Today, this heart is already not a bloody flesh and blood, but smooth as jade, bright red, such as Apple, in the above four seal. "Bad" Yang Xuan face changed, and quickly pushed the body energy to chase MIT snake, if it is the poisoning of the heart, it is really that treatment. Majestic aura in his consciousness under the control of a palm, roaring forward, taken away unto snake. This black snake is the black pin, Lian Ji Millennium, gradually develop spiritual, with a little bit of Euro RSCG. Moment captured saw Reiki palm, sharp cries loudly, spewing a black mist, with a strong corrosive, Reiki palm diffuse, smog all the way over, dazzling crystal inner wall of the meridians, issued a "hissing hissing sound, like cold water poured on the coals. Zhang Feng aura around the palm of your hand swept through the black mist blowing open a lot, meridians inside the channel, after all, is too narrow, and soon the smog will once again welling up, roll endlessly, Reiki palm of your hand wrapped in together. The Reiki hand suddenly have signs of melting. Yang Xuan Di heard fully pushed Reiki palm MIT Black Snake arrested, but at the moment this blacksnake, has come to the heart next to the, Bi faint eye pupil staring at heart, neighing loudly, rushed up. Yang Xuan anxious hearts, resorted to the full force of catalytic Reiki palm burst open smog, catching-up. However, the distance between the two is really that much difference, such as Yang Xuan catch the half, snake has come to the edge of the heart, it is sharp cries out open Xuepentaikou, go bite to heart. "Go to hell" Yang Xuan eyes cold, paddling Reiki palm-edged feijian, such as beam shot out. At this time - that slowly beating heart, a sudden "bang" slamming, jumped, one fanzhen the strong black snake shook almost dissipated, that the above four black chain a "Crash" has always been, all of a sudden stretched straight. Black snake rushed up. But fast Reiki feijian speed, all of a sudden we rush it beheaded into a blanket of darkness, However, this feijian too fast, beheaded black snake, remaining prestige greatly reduced hit that Bengzhi of the chains. Zheng Yang Xuan sitting cross-legged, the body suddenly flick, mouth spray a mouthful of blood, the palm of your hand to seize the chest, face pain, forehead veins bulge under terrible pain. Pain sad like a broken, till his whole body convulsions,Satchels Coach, face twisted,Coach Online Bags, rolling on the whole person lying on the ground. Been nervous Xiaojin see this scene, suddenly taken aback, anxious and said: "What Is the poison is not suppressed?" Yang Xuan on the ground rolling around, hands clutching his chest, face pain, after a long time before gradually subsided down, the body seems to be taking the time, without any effort, lying on the ground, big mouth panting, dripping sweat on the forehead. "Good point yet?" Xiao Jin asked quickly. Yang Xuan wheezing a few breaths, that, that poison the spirit of resistance, have I to be beheaded. "To put it on and off. Xiaojin This assured down, said:" You take a break, first Reply strength. Yang Xuan managed to come up with a two-edged endurance Pharmacy from the ring, edged fatigue agent, into the mouth, suddenly the body comfortable, no longer numbness he sat up, wiped his forehead the perspiration, said: this poison spirituality has been milled, I use the rest of the residue the aura repression in the next to the pubic region, but always in part of the power to suppress, but also a trouble, a complete eradication of the job. "Xiao Jin nodded and said:" This poison is too strong, you can carry off even good, if a realm of flesh and blood people, this poison get to the body, the body's intestines are instantaneous corrosion. Yang Xuan smile sound very serious injury of his body, the internal organs are tattered, if it is powerful institutions, already dead. "Black snake ran to the side of the heart, was beheaded. Unfortunately, not enough control to Feijian, almost kill himself, if it is black chain blocks, they would be finished. Yang Xuan recall those scenes of fear. However, his insurance under a life, but that sword shocks chains, so that the heart was almost broken. "Now only to increase the strength can be sustained quell this highly toxic, hey, I am at least all the time, the separation of 2000 times the force to suppress, can only play a 4000 times the force. Yang Xuan hearts sigh. Immediately, he sat up cross-legged, too phoenix flame operation in the body, I saw white golden flame fire phoenix, swept through in the body, the meridians on the little bit of residue obliterated, followed by the separation of a fireball to side of the pubic region, there is a group of black mist, tumbling endlessly, exudes a foul-smelling breath. platinum flame of cover for a black mist all wrapped in inside, a steady stream of Reiki is injected into the fire cover, supporting It does not dissipate fire cover black poison, seems to fear, convergence has become a black ball, constantly rotating against the power of the flame Yang Xuan too Phoenix flame towards the pubic region, burning with Long Dan, to his current method, absorption Long Dante or the fastest, but unfortunately this Longdan too strong, even if it is ancient too Phoenix God phoenix flame, melt are difficult to burn, if unusual tastes real fire flames, I'm afraid The burning of a thousand years, refining no less than a drop of liquid. sit this is three days and nights. Xiaojin always guard next to Yang Xuan, stubbornly persists, although there is no danger, but it is not trust anyone, still insist on standing guard. After three days of practice, Yang Xuan breath gradually long, demeanor restored rosy, looks uneventfully. During these three days, he was refining the two hundred drops of golden liquid, taking down the system increased again then after 90% increase in blood tantamount 190 times this two days. "Unfortunately, this Longdan in my body, the liquid can not be removed, or to Feng Ye they use to ensure that they enhance the speed faster . Yang Xuan opened his eyes sparkled. Raining sky, the clouds give way, to Feng Ye piercing flying floating falls next to Yang Xuan looked at the next Xiaojin, grinned and said: " small insects, long time no see ah. Xiaojin angrily: "baby, I called the Little bugs, I called Cicada the macrophage day beast" Ye Feng brow of a challenge, "I'm not the baby, well, too lazy to tell you so much, Young Brother, I to have a message to tell you. Look to Yang Xuan Xuan Yang Qi said: "What is the message, you actually personally messenger? "Feng Ye Hey smile, said:" I do not want to come look at your thing. Immediately thought of the things of the message, dignified up, said: "According to the new world of spies to report, Qin Hong mysterious disappearance, do not know where to go, this time is the best time to attack the New World. The "Yang Xuan startled, immediately frowned and said:" This message xiaochen know? "" He knows. "Then how can he say that? Asked Yang Xuan Feng Ye reluctantly said: "He asked me, do you know the news, I did not know, he called me to ask you, the results you asked him ......" Yang Xuan smile sound, Road : "So, you go ask him such strength, Qin Hong, conniving, not when we are to grow and give us the opportunity to attack his, this may be a temptation instead. Ye Feng nodded and said: "I feel the same way. "Yang Xuan smiled. Feng Ye said:" In addition to this, there is a major event, I heard recently in Hubei's Shennongjia area, a gully, Rays lofty, to escape from the inside, satellite captured a palace of the screen, this palace is extremely simple, I'm afraid not people on earth construction. "Yang Xuan surprised and said:" there is such a thing? Ye Feng nodded and said: "I have heard, this palace baby the base city people went to the Supreme standings also went basically the master of the world, to go there. "Yang Xuan smiled and said:" How do they know that there are baby, does the ray eyes not, and so many people go, that palace and then also fit so many baby, I'm afraid will lead to a fight. YE Feng shook his head: "out of the palace, temple monster ten care, extremely powerful, even if I have not be able to win 30% of the grasp, and people see that the palace gate, turned out to be X-rated weapons material production, presumably I'm sure the baby, even if it is removed that the palace gate, get back to melt, you can also re-forging the X-rated equipment, the door can be forged handle more than a dozen "[..] <

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