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That dragon roar loudly antworten

> CHAPTER: shocked the world! The shrouded Alliance Battle Yuxuan Court that this war must be more exciting than the the white beast Union Battle Yu Xuan Court, by its concern higher. WWW! qUANbeN! COM every place in the world, all of them like a holiday, withdraw from the field, got into Internet cafes or cinemas, live via satellite, watching the war, speculation Yuxuan Court does not know can not continue to survive this war. "Do you want to challenge me?" With Senhan murderous sound, from the distant horizon, rolling, such as Roughs Kuangpai the so cold air between heaven and earth. Purple man's laughter suddenly stopped short, gloomy face down, turned around and looked, I saw the distant sky, a small black dots, roared flyby over the strength of his other realm, listening to the sounds of a thousand miles, eye, as thousands of miles at a glance the small black dots, that is, has not appeared Yang Xuan. "Xuan Zun Xuan respect," "Young Brother back" the head of the city, Feng Ye, who one by one to see Yang Xuan, heart blood churn, could not help shouting. Rumbling ~ ~ Yang Xuan figure such as electricity, gallop over the horizon, the clouds give way, one ground-breaking potential impact over, such as the wind swept the general, yet to come, the sense of momentum already blowing, grab the purple man and extra padding man clothes fluttering sound. The blink of an eye, Yang Xuan came to the city, head empty, slowly turned, eyes, such as electricity, staring at the purple man, Senleng authentic: "You have to challenge me?" The purple man kind of Dragon overlooking feel shocked mind, could not help but looked thin Yang Xuan, he saw a black, sweating magic hair flying, hands negative back, imposing appearance, body upright, giving the feeling of an arrogance not arrogant, quite an master tolerance. The last time he on the video, read the Yang Xuan Versus the white beast Union fighting, this is the first time such a close contact, suddenly they feel a strong momentum, such as mountains, pressure to themselves, not by luck of energy in the body, secretly resistance. "Today shrouded Union,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, Non-old white beast Union of, do you think, by your power of their own, can reverse the course of events?" Purple man cold and authentic. Yang Xuan cold channel: "to deal with you enough" purple man face a flash of anger, figure back, and shouted: "Dragon, give me the" that baizhang Shenlong hundreds strong body energy condensed, lifelike appearance like a true Dragon, heard the sky and shouts out, the Dragons the skies,Nike Jordan After Game, the next moment Shenlongbaiwei figure the wind, headed toward the Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan one seen head Shenlong whole body energy, by the faculties elements, in accordance with a clever tactical deployment of condensed power of the large, almost not an ordinary citizen can force the enemy more powerful than the original Kovalam many, about the power of the two stone Yang Xuan eyes of war boiling Bao He soon on his forehead a golden ancient A stamp emerge, who Dragonscale such as bamboo shoots, layers emerge, covered in golden light Dasheng, the whole sky and onwards, went up to that Dragon. Baizhang the Dragon roaring sound, claws tearing the air, to Yang Xuan grabbed the head, claws yet to come, the winds blew Yang Xuan sweating magic flying hair, no less than a mountain photographed. City head YE Feng et al, to see this scene, could not help but exclaim aloud. However, the next moment, Yang Xuan sneer figure straight up, instant metamorphosis of hundreds of figure, but it is God stick for nine in the third type the Shadows stick work, integrated in the body and technology. This Alondra, such as molten iron casting, thick and large, nearly Yang Xuan red figure suddenly a flash of fingers along the four gaps, channeling out, straight up, out of the hands of chaos stick Ceremonial Dress, magnified a hundred times, severely to the Shenlong head hit to Dragon roar heard on his forehead suddenly extends a dragon angle, and striking to the chaos stick. Bang bang big ring, Yang Xuan chest startled, could not help a blood sprayed out, figure inverted out Dragon has just shaken up the huge faucet, then again to kill Yang Xuan, other Alondra such as shoot ants, grasping to Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan to speak internal organs while rolling, ear, only the sound of wind whistling, the world is great, but at the moment he is the only one, in contend Dragon "ha ha," he sky and shouts, in the eyes of war more intense, sky, town magic printed resorted to, magnified a hundred times, inside hundreds of thousands of attack FIGHTING start at the same time, million the Jian Qi shrouded, into eight feet Stegosaurus, go against that Alondra hit. H slamming,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, Alondra shocked, strangling eight Stegosaurus, dim the light of the above, but the power of the claw, but abruptly eight Stegosaurus Zhensan is the magic town seal of Zhuangde the inverted flight, crashed in the distant cliff, embedded in the inside. Yang Xuan Bao He soon, however, did not bother about the town Sigil, but shoot the seal, figure flash, came to the back of the Dragon, screaming, his hands clinging to the tail of the Dragon see this scene, have startled some consternation. That dragon roar loudly, tail lashing, thrown down to Yang Xuan Yang Xuan feet Yiduo void the whole sky whom Yidou, his arms on the blue veins exposed, the angry like crazy, big sky and the roar "ah ah ah ah ah ..." roar nine days straight, his eyes reddening, the figure of a turn, the the Lung Mei anti shoulders, face evil spirits, ruffled hair stud, throat issued beast roar . "Roar - to growl, resorted to the whole body strength, muscle tremors, agitation veins, such as wrestling fiercely fell forward go to baizhang dragon roar again and again, but the tail fall upon, With this shaking forces Yishuai, the body involuntarily followed wielded, the Baizhang long body thunder fell to the ground, earth shaking the whole dragon magic mountains, a silence. Yang Xuan grabbed the tail of the Dragon, mercilessly pulled up, fell off again in another direction, roaring sound in full flight, the earth trembled, on both sides of a wait-and-see Yu Xuan Court still shrouded Union, a are stunned. Bang as the last big ring, baizhang Dragon covered with golden dim down, dying the junction array one hundred supreme strong, have chest earthquake, pale, vomited blood. Dragon quintana light flash, soon turned into hundreds of different energy column back into the strong body. Yang Xuan deep wheezing, the few wrestling, his body strength depleted, Shenlong it takes two times force, but nowhere can make, or he it is almost impossible to beat. The purple man Yang Xuan looked tired, his face grim, Bao He said: "everyone on he know at the moment Yang Xuan lacks the strength to kill him, and then have the ability to play out. At this point ... the earth suddenly trembling, roaring as if millions of boisterous horse galloping. All looked back and saw the sky in the distance, a black torrent of raging over the immense, actually see the end, it seems the tide, Bay over the fast. "Ah ..." shrouded behind the Union army, a case of black torrent, they have to fall, and some even screams are too late to issue. [..] <

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