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temple of the Lord to clamor antworten

Chapter 8: Kill! Audience silent, Yang Xuan slowly into the hall, subtle footsteps, such as step in everybody's heart, all slightly discolored, old man, and Chang-feng, frowned, did not think at this critical juncture, Yang Xuan actually will appear here. www. quANBen. com in the crowd watching, Yang Xuan went to the top of the main hall, turned and looked at the crowd, looked cold and said: "Gentlemen and Yu Xuan Court alliance, we would feel more joy, and now want to fly in trouble, I will not block or words, willing to leave, they leave who go, they go "Naw Can-door, as well as some blood coming up the Dragon Hall Duozhu are face slightly changed, did not expect Yang Xuan, etc. moment, tone is so tough, actually I do not know with Danube Chan door thin to discuss the agreement, for a time have furrowed brow, which has several Danube Chan door, snorted, proudly walked out. Yang Xuan looked indifferent few people leave, and looked not budge, he knew that if verbally retain this moment, the Danube Chan door is bound to be insatiable, Moreover, they want to leave like this apocalyptic , keep is useless. Often the peak looked at under the door people will not let go, Yang Xuan did not verbally blocking, heart angry, but still forced back, said: "Xuan respect, you would be deceptive too Sheng Yang Xuan looked at him with indifference, said the word: "The reason?" Chang-feng snapped, was about to attack, but the thought of the front of the murderous, a printed down in that war is the tens of thousands of people, and other brutal means, who not and could not help Lengheng out strong pressure anger, said: "Today you Yuxuan Court of defeat has become, Nao Chan door and you form an alliance, even half a day Kiyofuku of not yet enjoy, it is necessary to wreck together, you not only do not agree agreement to amend, but also took us to wreck,Jordan Son Of Mars Shoes, hum Yang Xuan, see the he finished, a slight nod, said: "This remark is good, I am very grateful residues days of his old best to help these days, if I Yuxuan Court really the end of its tether,Jordan UK sale, even if it is hard for the last breath, will guard your comprehensive only, and now you take the initiative to take the opportunity to oppress us, this is indeed so unlike words "Chang-feng sneer, said:" Could it be, do you think now Yuxuan Court against the that shrouded Union? I know you are very powerful, but you can kill a few? Although people go it alone than you, but spared from war down car, how much mana you can consume? Moreover, people's strong as long as holding you back a little while, that hundreds of millions of troops immediately will be able to the Yuxuan Court of tens of thousands of troops to destroy "shrouded Alliance ordinary army, how much millions Yuxuan Court with new enrolled, a total of only 34 million people, once the battle begins, is absolutely one-sided massacre, and instantly be able to drown in each other's steel torrent, then even if Yang Xuan kill each other, rain Hin Court also leave us a few people. Yang Xuan too lazy nonsense, said: "the battle, the the Yuxuan Court must be able to win, and Wensheng you can rest assured to go back, I'll go helper." Chang-feng heard the front, also disagree Hey sneer, But to hear the final, but is startled for a moment, stay and said: "helper?" Yang Xuan said optical port will win, he will naturally not believe, but when you hear the "helper", but I do not know why, the heart of a sudden, some dubious. Know the people present had most of them have to leave the meaning, just want to leave to take a look at the Yang Xuan how to deal with this kind of thing, to hear those words, to have stunned for a moment, standing next to Yang Xuan Feng Ye Yang Xuan Never will lie, but still can not help but have some doubts, said: "Young brother, you still have helper?" in his consciousness, Yang Xuan seems to have been a loner, in addition to a few of them did not know what other people. Yang Xuan smiled, and said: "I brought back, you know." Now when they see so confident Yang Xuan, and sometimes can not help but some believe, they know that, Yang Xuan capacities, can be deceiving. Lie does not make sense, after the arrival of the war had shattered all lies, lies just self-comforting nothing. Chang-feng some suspicion, and the old man sitting next to them as one, seems to understand their thoughts, teeth and nodded his head, the old man said: "That being the case, then we welcome the good news Xuan respect." Everyone was called said: "Why you say helper there to help, what shall we believe that you, and everyone is not it?" Yang Xuan eyes a cold, shot in through the crowd, the speaker was a burly Han, sturdy frame, his face stubble, looks sturdy one of the gas. Hear this fellow, a fun-loving people have to yell up to Yang Xuan out keepsake. Yang Xuan stared coldly at Large Han, Senleng said: "willing to stay, and I welcome it or not, you can leave, I do not block" yell sound suddenly misfiring, looked at each other, no one out loud. The Large Han sneer, said: said Well, apocalyptic, still here since fooling, I'd like to leave to look, you are able to pull out a victory "to Yang Xuan looked at him, his eyes flash next to Chang-feng, suddenly asked: "he in the Danube Chan door is what position?" Chang-feng surprised a moment, subconsciously said: "He was just a deacon ......" if not finished, Yang Xuan nodded his head, said: "very good" crowd do not understand, he said "very good" What does it mean, they feel a scraping sound of the wind, the front of a flower, and soon we heard the "bang" sound big ring, turned around and looked, and found The burly Han chest collapse, played a big hole and bloody, the people fall under the wall, trembling, speechless. Shadow flash, Yang Xuan back to the previous position, as if I never touched look cold, said: "Now that you have and the the Yuxuan Court alliance, should see a small deacons, are not eligible Yu Xuan Court Venerable shouted, yelled, just apply a punishment, the next violation will never Qingrao the "hegemonic discourse so that the presence of all men are slightly discolored, but no one would dare say anything, know this trick of Yang Xuan warning to others, further verbal provocation, it would be extremely miserable fate. Yu Yao et al surprised to see Yang Xuan Yang Xuan is not such a domineering and decisive in their memory, no one thought he would suddenly shot, for a time as much as kind of a strange feeling. Yang Xuan do not know, since integration points behind, subtle personality, has undergone some changes,Air Jordan 2 Sale, for to do before this time has some binding the hands, but now they do not bother nonsense, and my heart has always been one hostility. And he did not do anything wrong, if he dignified Yuxuan Court pillar, the Danube Chan door a little deacon pressed still uphold to explain, this is somewhat outrageous, the face lost big. Like an emperor, a prime minister bluntly pressed. Yang Xuan looked at everyone's face, Shouyi Bai, apathy, said: "Since all right, leave it" Danube Chan door looked at each other, and finally lament, fear deterrence Yang Xuan, did not dare say, for fear of a non- Caution, this the Fiends shot beat them to shoot. Looking at the crowd filed out, Yang Xuan slowly turned around, looking at the rain Yao and Ye Feng, dignified authentic: "I came to ask some helpers, the the Yuxuan Court of things on temporarily to you, I will be very soon come back. "rain Yao stunned and said:" you're going to turn to? "Yang Xuan smiled and said:" At that time you will know if the helper move off to kill the this shrouded Union is a breeze " the rain Yao and Feng Ye are some dismay, they know Yang Xuan will not lie, but that would be too unbelievable, you know on the planet today, it can be too strong for Yang Xuan, only the New World Qin Hong, Yang now Xuan no way, who have so much capacity? Yang Xuan said: "If the the Danube Chan door again looking for trouble, you're welcome, although Daihatsu. Previous Yu Xuan Court without them, as a good development, that they look out for themselves. However, residues days and his son, to be treated quite well, we Yuxuan Court eventually owe them a kindness. "Ye Feng nodded, smiled and said:" Do not worry, since you say helper, Danube Chan door will no longer come provocation, I would have to see if they are unhappy, something with a group of deacons, also ran the temple of the Lord to clamor on the usual, this kind of stuff I do not look at. "Yang Xuan smiled, and said:" Well, by dripping springs phase reported However, if they deceptive too quickly, it can not retreat. "Ye Feng nodded his head. Yang Xuan This assured figure flash, he turned to leave, the blink of an eye they appear in the the Capital Pavilion peak altitude, surrounded by swirling clouds, he looked at the bottom of Long Chen several mountain peaks faintly visible, Cui Lin Ruhai, beautiful. Yang Xuan did not stay to the distant Jichong away, Reiki ejected from the back and the foot, driving the rocket body, pulled out a long cloud tail. In ...... Ryukoku the rain, the falling slopes of ups and downs, mist cage Hill, Castle Peak Tsui Lam, sometimes monster roar sounded. In the periphery of the valley, many the monster wandering back and forth, "rumbling" sound inside the fog, sometimes sounded as if a large monster like on the ground, everywhere white Sen bones, like hell. A little while, a black youth from a distance piercing from the figure flash, falls on the periphery of the valley, and scan the horizon, looking vaguely around the scenery, the surface color of emotion. Old haunt to re-visit, when I was a 100-fold the little people, now there are 4000 times the system supreme strong can easily crush, really changing the world "Yang Xuan gently smiled and walked straight unto the clouds, land on the monster, most of these are seven or eight hundred times, there is no threat to him. "Roar" in the fog, a hundred feet tall, triangular head, whole body black scales, like pig like lion, the belly talons monster, to Yang Xuan roaring, rushing, Zhang Xuepentaikou, blowing the smell of fish. Yang Xuan frowned, he tried waving kill, the shoulders Xiaojin suddenly hop, cute little more body to the head of the monster, Zhang mouth and bit down, the next moment, this monster is in Yang Xuan consternation eyes, and instantly shriveled down like a deflated balloon, leaving only the bones, falling to the ground, a loud whine too late to be issued. <

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