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Does that mean that the antworten

One hundred and nineteenth: inexplicable death! [More] war has passed, the white beast Union boss Bai Gongzai of his death, convened by the strong have the tragic death of over one million army of almost all died, only a few people managed to escape, but has been completely did not constitute threat. The the WWW! qUANbeN! COM To know, a million talents to escape percent anymore, which is what a strong victory that orcs numerous casualties, only a few reached the half-man, half beast realm of talent secretly escape soil to escape back while the the snake Taijun and can not escape, and Yang Xuan seize life and peel a layer of skin, bloody means to so many people cold heart. From this post-war, Yang Xuan addition of a title: the tyrant kill God tyrant white beast Union disappeared, but Yang Xuan heart is not on this calm, after the war, the war is the weakest period in Yu Xuan Court Yu Xuan Court also suffered heavy losses ordinary members died 60,000 thousand people, and the remaining 7,000 members of the elite, died eighteen thousand people, the remaining blood, Dragon Hall members die remaining 500 Blood Dragon Hall MENTOR, dead out, the remaining one, there are four back from. Elders die, the remaining 3. Venerable, die, leaving Yang Xuan, rain Yao duo. Today the Yuxuan Court's overall combat effectiveness, only one-fifth of the original, in addition to these people, there are many obscure people are dead in the war. In the Capital Pavilion peak, a sad atmosphere, the village, every household dead, crying miserable death in this battle, most of which are their relatives or friends of life and death, about to die, will be left They live alone in the world. Some people go to the battlefield to find the bodies of their loved ones, and some people do not even have their bodies brought back, because there died many, many people, there are some people, to see their loved ones return home safely, the heart of stone falling, pine his breath, but saw four painful sound, can not help but sorrow of heart. For these people, Yang Xuan ordered the Ministry of Finance, each family would give them more supply, although it is to save the bear life, but he is best, although this time the Court in urgent need of nuclei supplement, but he was not in it stingy . After the war ended, the Xuan Yang commanded the financial, logistics department, the Ministry of Intelligence, responsible for the clean up the battlefield, these people do not live effort, but the lowest 50-fold system,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, clean up the next battlefield is simply easy. Yuxuan Court members of the bodies on the battlefield, are carried back one by one, buried in the distant mountain, and the white beast bodies of the African Union, will direct a fire burned into ashes, equipment, rings, as booty, recovered Yu Xuan Court. Yang Xuan told the Ministry of Finance, the members of the Court, each person in accordance with the level, the inventory nuclei assigned to go. Ordinary members reward 10000000000 nuclei members of the elite 100 billion nuclei MENTOR and elders level nuclei have no need for them will be rewarded with some of their X-rated equipment, X-rated equipment trillions of price, but also money can not buy, to Yang Xuan everyone reward a set of six Rao is Yu Xuan Court savings, but also can not afford this award, but from The white beast Union where the spoils of a very large, finally can barely support. For such a huge reward, all excited, even if it is a Venerable, you want to get an X-rated equipment is also very easy, but this time it is six per person, simply let them butterflies, that the pain of war instantly shuffled around the back of the head. Only a few people still immersed in grief. Yang Xuan know, left to the future will become the Yuxuan Court hardcore, in the last days, the faithful is the most important in this fight, so he is completely spared no effort to enhance the overall combat effectiveness of these people crazy . The release of a large number of nuclei, more than 7,000 ordinary members survived, became the 350 members of the elite and reward members of the elite 100 billion nuclei, have all the power surge, reaching the 450-times capped system a member of the Church of the blood of the dragon, power surge, which a lot of people in a huge incentive enhance became the elders of class members, even in the original elders, there are two blood awakening to the third tier, and to reach broken Dan habitat, and practicing magic force is also very weak, have become a new generation of Venerable Although there are a lot of people died in the war, but more resources are allocated to very few people who This effect is far from previously imagine, so that the the Yuxuan Court the combat effectiveness of prompt return to the previous three-fifths or so. Time flies ...... the war passed for three days, up and down a hectic Yuxuan Court, and all the people to seize the time to digest enhance the strength, training hard mana, which looks fairly lively, sad atmosphere watered down. The top of a mountain in which Yang Xuan sitting on the ground, who glowing white light, gateway to the elements of the optical system. Whiz away, suddenly a piercing sounds, golden dispersed, a shadow fell across the of Yang Xuan front feet at actually Ao warfare, he falls to the ground, in front of Yang Xuan went quickly, anxious authentic: "Xuan respect , an accident, "Yang Xuan opened his eyes, two cooling and power injection, frowning:" Could it be those who see the the Yuxuan Court Shiner loss, they come to make trouble? "Ao the war shook his head," the Court Cean , all in a stable increase its strength, but suddenly there is a very strange thing,Air Jordan Store, those that enhance the strength of the people, have been good, but suddenly die, die somehow "die?" Yang Xuan hesitated, frowning: "is not someone sneaking into the Yu Xuan Court, the poison in their food scare?" Ao the war shook his head, sighed: "This thing several Dianzhu Please Medicine of the Ministry of Science and Technology View home, but found no toxicity in their bodies, should not die of poisoning. "Yang Xuan furrowed his brow, and said:" you do not find out what the clue? "Ao war bitter Road:" Not yet,Air Jordan 11 Sale, Sizhuang of these people is very miserable, very not bad body done in a pool of blood, seems to be melted, even a corpse can not see too weird. "Yang Xuan heart jing," there is this other weird things, how could a person how good will die for no reason, not a drug, it is impossible to be a virus, so the pool is. "Ao war seems to think of it, quickly said:" Xuan respect, I found these dead people have one thing in common, have in their bodies around the shell of the nucleus, should be absorbing nuclei dead. "Yang Xuan Yi Zheng Road, could not help but ask:" Really absorbing nuclei when you die? "Ao war scratched his head," we have a nucleus around shell, it should be. "After all, he did not personally seen, so can not tell for sure. Yang Xuan naked eyes flashing, underground passage in mind: "really tricky, variation and evolution of life on Earth comes from the light-emitting virus sphere, the sphere of this virus is released from the universe five Empire, to the purposes of a SSS level plan Yang Xuan before think this plan, you know, so far, only virus to humans crazy enhance strength, this is simply an upgrade agents, can be described as priceless, but being the case, those five empires Why do not you release and several viruses ball?, or virus making the ball very laborious, precious materials., or is this virus ball gives catalytic biological evolution, there will be a negative effect, but the negative role will have a significant third , or is this time the five largest empire caught in a super catastrophe, need a lot of cannon fodder Yes, cannon fodder in the universe, the supreme strong just only to get a job in the universe empires war cannon fodder-level sage The environment can only be considered a small general this inexplicable death, Yang Xuan could not help think the second point, "Does that mean that the negative effects of this virus is death? But why only these people were killed, and another is still good, but why nobody died, and now have died? Or this is not for the sake of the virus? Yang Xuan brow furrowed, it is too strange, illogical, he saw a the Ngau war next, said: "You go on, a good practice In the near future, there will be a war, a good preparation for the next. "World War II? Ao war startled, "What war? "Yang Xuan sighed:" to know, will not happen I'm not sure. Ao war scratched his head, a cry, turned and left. Ao war left, Yang Xuan figure of a move from grazing on the mountain, came to the place of residence of Xiao Chen, which is a remote valley in purple Chen peak of the mountain, usually few people. "how do you have time to come? "Xiao Chen is drinking tea outside and saw Yang Xuan, blandly Yang Xuan glared at him," how do you not welcome. "Is not welcome. Xiao Chen is very direct, "You come to me, it must be something, and certain things you can not solve, in that case, it must be a headache, I certainly do not want you to come to me. Yang Xuan silent looked at him, "Well, I tell you that right, how do you know. "Guess. "Xiaochen drink a cup of tea, calm Road, Yang Xuan reluctantly sat down, poured himself a cup of tea, said:" Court was somehow the dead, have you heard did not. "I heard that. "Xiao Chen nodded his head." And then? "What then? "...... I say you have any opinion on this, you are not jack of all trades it? Yang Xuan fighting back the urge to punch beat in xiaochen face, took a deep breath, and then said gently. Xiaochen seriously want Yang Xuan did not bother, but looked at him quietly, waiting for the his answer after five minutes, ten minutes, an hour later ...... Xiao Chen is still in serious thought, rare and frowned, it seems somewhat puzzled Yang Xuan could not help but ask: "in the end how? Xiao Chen looked up at him, some hesitation. Yang Xuan Duanqichabei, took a sip and said: "Well. Xiao Chen thought, seriously authentic: "I remember a long time, they did not think of it, I was in the end when, became a jack of all trades? "Poof Yang Xuan a tea spray <

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