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and Yang Xuan mouth suddenly antworten

> One hundred and tenth chapter: engulfed Yang Xuan! [This chapter, we look at important] had to create two places at once, in order to prevent him back to bite them, Yang Xuan stay was an eye Jinzhou set up a Rune avatar body, as long as the avatar any evil designs, they can be detonated . WWW, quanBEn, com, however, which is the last resort when will to do so, after all, have to create an avatar is not easy, is tantamount to split into two, but also the ideological split into two That avatar is Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan avatar Who integration of the other, who is the main square avatar creation, Yang Xuan own thoughts divided into two parts, the killing of the evil and negative consciousness, given the avatar, itself retains the original positive sense can be said that avatar is evil Yang Xuan,Jordan Play In These 2 Sale, the deity is kind Yang Xuan. Are Yang Xuan bombers, ~ ~ ~ golden brittle stars, all of a sudden pumping over, Heaven face evil spirits, 3000 arm driven sky blur, looks hard to tell how many know the arm in that shewei rejection to look at to grab hold of it Heaven roar heard, the body of a move, holding the tail of the snake fiercely toss a huge force of the snake Taijun face changed, a huge body involuntarily swinging, all of a sudden be thrown Shiji Li Yuan impact on a mountain on the rocks rolling down the mountains shake bears a big mark. The repel snake Taijun, the Heaven slowly turned his body to the body in a blanket of darkness, the central face looked coldly Yang Xuan, all of a sudden, he three face slightly peristalsis, after a moment, recovery became and Yang Hin identical appearance. Wow, all the people are shocked, not far from the the Bai Gongzi, and Yu Xuan Court, all the people have to face incredible, this is really too incredible, sitting two people turned out exactly the same length all over the world watch the video have also froze. "Do you remember me?" Heaven looked coldly Yang Xuan, cold channel. Yang Xuan eyes reveal a trace of bitterness, said: "Are you still hate me?" The eyes of Heaven Emission touch of evil spirits, but will soon be suppressed down, he sneered: "Hello prestige ah, Yu Xuan Court Xuan Zun, everyone worship you, admire you and I do, but you do not need a mass of garbage casually discarded casually creation, I would also like to take to help you "Yang Hin hearts more bitter," regardless of our each other, I am you, you are me, you want to how willing to forgive me? "" I want you to die "Heaven hideous authentic. Yang Hin frowned. Heaven laughed, "What, are you afraid of? I want to be a deity, you become the avatar, you all are my I want to replace you to Yang Xuan looked at him quite a while, silent for a moment and said:" If I am willing to several requirements you promise me? "Heaven hesitated, apparently did not think Yang Xuan actually promised, his eyes shot from two naked, peering at Yang Xuan, said:" What are the requirements, you say "Yang Xuan did not speak, but looked back to the battlefield, I saw the devastation on the ground everywhere, rivers of blood, littered with corpses, and in this, countless people with his hands up in arms, screaming frantically growled, as if in mourning for the dead. The world suddenly fell silent. Yang Xuan saw the distant rain Yao, her standing in the wind, clothes floating pendulum seems to be a solitary grass, with people sad fragrant, blooming quietly, like her youthful eyes are full of worriedly looked at here the ...... deep at the center, as if a string fibrillation. Yang Xuan slowly looked away, look to the bottom of the city's head Wang Chen and Feng Ye, who was seriously injured, dying, his face white as a sheet, lying on the ground, unable to move. Yang Xuan ear, as if to recall the former words. You strength? Another day war game how? "Said the heroic spirit of the man feverishly. "Young Brother, you will always be my big brother Yang." Arrogance juvenile sincere. Yang Xuan was silent, look to him two around, I saw Chen month armed with bows and arrows, guard next to the two refused to leave the beautiful cheeks with a sort of grim, quite a bit valiant. This girl, who is a second-singer, and later meet occasionally. "Why do not you join us?" Well, "later, in the last days, a pedestrian daily hunting monsters, earn nuclei, in search of food, and the girl would be responsible for the food, dinner with laughter on that table, as if still in his ears filled, echoed ...... in the Chan months in front of the, handheld ancient knife resolute figure, such as a mountain to perseverance, sharp as a knife face, revealing indomitable will, no one can cross the step of his body. Behind him, that girl, that his life has vowed to fight to the death guardian girl ... as long as Chen month stood behind her, under the sun who can not cross over the body of the man in the sky, there is a lovely elf girl, is the way research, armed with bows and arrows to kill the bottom of the army, just like the little girl has a worked as a waiter will stumble from the original, became a strong fighting. Once,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, and she agreed, still in his ears sounded: "My brother, do not leave me, okay?" Brother promise you, "brother you eat them, little research you will never do not leave me, OK? "" Brother promise you this time is no ...... "These conventions Yi Zizi echoed in my ears, and Yang Xuan mouth suddenly touched the hearts of stared looking quite a while before quietly recovered eyes, slowly turned his head blanket of darkness and looked at two places at once, looking at has the same appearance, Moran said: "I want you to promise me, for me to take care of the rain Yao, her childhood lost all their loved ones, only one uncle , also the end of the world has become a person of variation,Nike Air Jordan 3, her solitary according to without relying on not afford to lose a friend ... "Heaven startled soon proudly Road:" The natural, as long as you die, everything went well. "Yang Xuan mouth affects, seems to smile, yet also seemed self-deprecating, and whispered: "Also, Wang Chen always wanted to fight and I a, and so I left, I hope you can replace me to meet his demands, but do not hurt at him. "No problem. The "Heaven nodded." There YE Feng, he grew up without relatives, no friends, although the surface is very arrogant, but in fact have very fragile, as long as people know him a little better, he would have others when close friends Taoxintaofei, desperate. You have to take good care of him. "Row" Wang Zhen, the man looks cold, but the heart is very soft, he is an absolute trust, life can be completely entrusted. Chen month, this girl is very kind. "Process research, I promise she will not be separated from her. Are you sure I was asked to take care of her, she lost her brother, lost their loved ones, not afford to lose me, she would collapse. "" Yu Xuan Court, you must be asked to take care of, do not let anyone destroy any force, which is our common creation, our dreams, our home, if someone destroyed, even catch heaven, but also kill me, "Yang Xuan one said a Heaven gradually fell silent, and whispered:" Do not worry go, and I will replace you take good care of them, "Yang Xuan slight smile, nostalgia back looked at, as if to this picture, deeply imprinted in my mind, Subsequently, he opened his arms, closed his eyes, said: "Start ...... <

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