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sweeping brush with yellow fallen antworten

> 101: world! [More] day frowned and said: "how out so soon, you know, this spirit of practice in the pool one day, equal to the outside world practice five hundred years you practice six days, in time for those who practice the third millennium junior. Www, quanBEn, cOM "in his eyes, three thousand years old monster can indeed be regarded as" Junior ". Yang Xuan shook his head and sighed: "I kind of uneasy feeling of comprehension for those who have reached a certain realm of things can be achieved to predict somewhere, I guess, my friends outside an accident." during the day to see him so determined, helpless Yi Tan, said: "Well, since you insist so, I do not stop, anyway you later want to practice, you can come back, I have here the door is always open for you," said readily lost gave him a white runes, above distortions ancient text. "With this rune, you can freely and out of self-cultivation sector and the secular world, as long as you come to the world of comprehension, I will pick you up at the Kirin." Thank you, master, "Yang Xuan nodded, took over the runes. During the day and thought for a moment, cautioned: "your planet, is not as simple as you want to pay a lot of attention to Yang Xuan Yi Zheng, Xiao Chen and his long been speculation that the Earth is very simple, but daytime saying it, it is certainly what is the secret, are not asked: "Is this what is the secret?" you now know that it's useless, or efforts to enhance their strength during the day seems reluctant to problem to say more. Yang Xuan did not pursue any further thought, said: "Master, the day Road monument next to the Heaven stone, can give me a little?" Hesitated during the day, "you doing that? Heaven just a little monument infection Road gas stone, to the number of how many, but nothing can help fit throughout the upgrade to the saints throughout, but once this stone to enhance the strength, then it is equivalent to burn bridges, and never can not continue to become strong Yang Xuan smiled, said: "Since useless, it would give me, I can take out to enchant some strong ** Po to the use of my partner." during the day and nodded, "Okay. "Then, large hand roll, between heaven and earth, a mysterious force flowing clouds rolled around, poke an open space. Xiu Xiu call out a black stone, composed of a dragons fly over from a distant peaks and falls in front of Yang Xuan, scattered on the ground, actually many pieces the size of an egg white stone, each stone has a Singular Rune of the strands of black, flashing, it seems to be out of broken stone. "So much" Yang Xuan looked at the ground stone, heart jump, dense, at least, there are thousands of pieces, every stone, can exchange to the Emperor sword as strong ** treasure, so much in exchange for how much? Ye Feng and Wang Chen, if they have so many strong ** treasure, that strength can definitely enhance the two or three grades, "Take it, anyway, I did not take a lot there." Daytime casual authentic. "Good" Yang Xuan also rude, little finger, Reiki wrap these stones, into the ring. During the day and looked at him, smiled and said: "You're on the bridge of Babel, is not charged to a skull?" "Yes." Yang Xuan nodded his head, smiled and said: "I thought it must master your thing ? skull is very strange, I am now back to you. "Then, we must come up from the ring. "Do not give me." During the day prevented him solemnly authentic: "This skull you want to take good care of, which is the ancient times, whole body essence condensed made the A friend of mine died, which contains his life sentiment. "" your friend's body? "Yang Xuan hesitated. Sigh of relief, said: "when he was to save me dead in the market, Master rescued bones, I preserved during the day, now, I will pass you" Yang Xuan smile the sound. During the day and said: "You can not underestimate While this skull, he concisely A Heaven systemic essence, since the world, there is a separate space, the equivalent of a community" sector? "Yang Xuan startled mind. Him the most powerful is the chaos stick, but is the channel level, and at the top of this sector is the only sector in the legendary contains one of the world community Bodhi Buddha Guanyin is holding a alabaster jar of community, there is a World, captive of countless people, now, to deactivate the skull, turned the power of a world community how much? Equivalent to a force of all the creatures of the world, strong incredible, even the saints throughout the strong, in the face of the profession, like ants exist, the ability to resist but ...... Yang Xuan today's practice, even the real power of chaos stick can not play, not to mention the sector. But even so, the thin dead camel than Ma, the power of a community even if it is to play a million millionth of other weapons far can not be compared to see during the day Yang Xuan shocked face and smiled, saying: "This sector is only a dilapidated state,Coach Bags Store, which does not have any creatures, leaving only the faculties of law, For example, you can inject enough energy, in which you can turn around time, which over a hundred years, and the only outside day or an hour, "Yang Xuan startled mind, disbelief and said:" Master, you're saying that I can in this practice? time inside mobilize, as a lot of time to more? "during the day and nodded his head, "it is so, but it needs a lot of energy to support, everyone's life is limited, distracted early stage, that is, Walker-order early,Sunglasses Coach UK, life expectancy is mid-2000, late 3000" and the order of one day early people, life is a thousand years of the mid-two million years, five million years late Ming Wu As for the saints throughout the world to arguments, the life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of years, "Yang Xuan Huang Wu nodded. daytime smiled and said:" You ** exercise more powerful, reaching the point of 'meat', spiritual and ** as one, but only the primary, if it reaches the degree of late Dzogchen, can be immortal, even if it is turned to ash can be reborn, but to achieve this level has always been only a handful of saints throughout the strong in order to achieve, you will reach the point of 'meat' Extreme environment has been very good. "Yang Hin smiled, he felt the body to achieve the benefits of the point of" meat ", every cell, every bone can be flexible handling trials, ten times higher than the ordinary person to be flexible" Master, I left. Yang Xuan bowed during the day, on defying days, under fear, an arrogance, face everlasting emperors also standing, but during the day for the day, but it is respected heartfelt sigh of relief, said: "Go, I open the channel for you," he does not have too many sad life countless years,Jordan UK sale, seen a lot of separation, too much life to death, and my heart has long been a bit numb. waved his hand, one mysterious force from the day of the palm of your hand comes out, cool and bright blue sky, hit a black hole, the diameter of a few hundred feet, as if the day penetrated. "Go, something you can use Rune sent back. "Well," Yang Xuan took a deep breath, say no more, the figure of a dynamic, rushed MIT massive black hole. During the day looking at the back of Yang Xuan, in the eyes of passing touch of melancholy, shook his head, turned and walked into the distant clouds high in the sky, Yang Xuan flight up, infinitely close to the blue sky and white clouds, ear only the wind whistling sound, blink of an eye, they came to the mouth of this black hole black hole like a the Swire devil, wide toothy maw, sort of terror, from which came a burst of pull of the suction force, Yang Xuan pulled into the monks community, Shushan sky cloud breeze pale, against the background of the long and arduous journey of following several Koho-line skyline, hidden into the cloud , full of aloof gas in the main peak, one after another, the Ning Louyu Court, glazed tile cornices, bridges, spring water tinkling, crane circled roof, bright flowers, to provoke dancing butterflies. in this wonderland where there is a huge square, above, and as usual, some of the outer door disciples with a broom, sweeping brush with yellow fallen leaves on the ground. rumbling ~ ~ ~ calm morning, blue sky buzzed waves muffled thunder rumble, extremely loud, thunder bigger than a hundred times, thousand times sound shook the mountain trembling slightly, the steep cliffs of stone, sand, brush falling down all people are alarmed, whether it is sweeping the floor outside the door disciple, or Qianxiu in the house of the Disciples, or are to discuss things martial elders, are surprised and bewildered face out from the hall, looking upward, waiting to see the sky in the eyes of all the blue high in the sky, a sky-high doors, with the vicissitudes of life, ancient, majestic, heavy breath, slowly emerge from the nothingness of space, out of the door of the "self-cultivation sector" how is it? Who opened the door to self-cultivation sector? "Everyone was shocked that door slowly opened a gap, a black shadow, every now and then from the inside out, the tall, fair-skinned, black hair, eyes, such as Tan, reflecting the whole patch of sky, deep, bright, projection SG, it is Yang Xuan "I did not expect this black hole directly through self-cultivation sector, directly from heaven to the monk community," Yang Xuan every now and then from the door, the door rumbled sounded close slowly, gradually disappeared in the clouds. At this point, Yang Xuan not gain a firm footing, he heard the phone in the pocket (until) suddenly rang on the ring, ring tones seem quite rapid Yang Xuan startled for a moment, immediately frowned, he was a self-cultivation sector is connected to the phone the sound is definitely Yu Xuan Court accident "? Yang Xuan connected to the phone. ...... Today would have been two more, erupted yesterday, tired and ready to book outline, but in the group's urging, decided outbreak here would like to thank the innocent beast beast, Heng Tsai, Ice <

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