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> Chapter 88: Kill! Kill! The whole world is closely watching. Www. quANBEn. Com Zixuan sudden departure. The remaining seven people, each and every one supreme throughout the strong, or the white beast assist the president of the Confederation of, or elders giant, are the same board and the white beast Union stood, with thousands of silk definitely not, like Zixuan of the relationship of Wanlv, is the temporary hired thugs, want to stay away. Go a?, Or under the deal with you seven, I have a great grasp of the "rain Yao palm of a move, the whole body thrown a little bit of green light, such as holy days down to earth woman, full of noble, Yucca breath flowers around her, rocking up, it seems very excited. An arrow wing, bright sword, carved green cross standing in the bow, with her fingers loosen, shoop shot off the face of the seven supreme, she even dare to hit first issued around the world marvel for rain Yao bold shocked. "Be careful, she is remote attackers to" a middle-aged man shouted, he summoned edged whole body red rapier, and the crooked, as if holding a snake, this sword not all things, in his the hands of still being peristalsis, like a living thing "sword although not as good as the Road, even halfway smaller than the highest X4 class equipment Extreme environment will be able to play its full strength, unlike Road, the strong will of the saints throughout to inspire its power. "middle-aged man holding weapons,Coach Handbags Sale, heart calmed down, growled, first to the rain Yao rushed past. An arrow, only shot one person and they have seven people together siege no matter who shot must suffer another six personal attacks rain Yao mouth bent hint of sneer, the arrows in the hand Ling turned into a Lvmang fired one of the young Blue Jackets, who handsome, handheld Fangtianhuaji, clothes STELUX-circulation, ordinary clothes to know at a glance, is not an ordinary cloth clothes, wearing running a few people in supreme throughout the step will be air resistance to tear we can only wear this special silk produced clothes clothes inside the ruins Blue Jackets youth face a change, did not think the rain actually Yao was selected, look gloomy down, hitting the front of the green ROCKET, lightning waving Fangtianhuaji the past Hengpi. Bang the green light as light, but not dissipate after the impact, while the Blue Jackets Youth holding Fangtianhuaji hands, the tiger's mouth already cracked open, blood stained the entire hand, his face white, a huge impact so loudly is not retrograde, to speak, an aggressive gas, into the body, four destruction Blue Jackets Youth quickly sat down cross-legged, to the interest rate adjustment, otherwise this atmosphere concussion Xinmaitong, that The undead have to layer of skin off. All of a sudden, a stone's throw to knock back a supreme throughout the strong the rest of the six people, have scared before had the experience of power of Bi arrows, but still did not think was able to make a supreme throughout the strong, had to to stop the interest rate adjustment. "This woman is horrible" must kill her, or end of trouble "really terrible" six people rush to roll up a strong momentum, almost obscured the sky, exercise their most powerful attack to a static flowers standing static the rain Yao kill one o'clock, the sky is colorful energy attacks, exudes a daunting breath whistling toward the rain Yao. "You thought I was so good to kill it?" Rain Yao cold smile, a dynamic figure, the wind of the sea of ​​flowers with her moving numerous petals volume drop, the next moment, the colorful attack will kick kill roaring H ... cannon voice sounded as if a giant with fists constantly pounding the ground, the earth trembled, dust filled, that a flowers and tender green grass, in this attack into the fly ash . Silence fell, there is no trace of sound, and even the air seemed to stifle all have looked, rapid heart beat, as if to opened a beautiful veil. Quite a while later, the dust clouds have dispersed, a picture that catches everyone's eye. I saw the open ground, the original flowers and grass,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK, but at the moment only left a pit, very large crater diameter of about a few hundred meters deep one hundred meters, seems to be hundreds of aircraft shelling over , great terror. Shock wore off, all of them with your eyes scoured. People? Rain Yao? Side side has not disappeared the rain Yao figure, totally disappeared in front of the crowd. Wow white beast Union tens of thousands of troops broke out of the cupola cheers. Dead, must be dead "Yao respect certainly is H into waste" ha ha "sky, six supreme throughout the strong stop down, looked at each other, have fundus filled with ecstasy, they actually hit kill a Yuxuan Court the Venerable but also one of the founders of the Yao respect everyone excited, "ha ha, I know, so arrogant, which under the Victors Unfortunately, ah, such a stunning beauty , "wearing a colored armor, armed with Fan and white youth, with a laugh. In vain - call out a wailing sound, such as the sound of the whistle white youth as soon as heard this voice, they face a change, but do not react, they speak, eyes Biguang flash, feel the neck, such as mosquito bite. He reached out and touched his neck. Front of a black body falling from the sky down, around his neck, the blood, such as spring water ** out, as much as hundreds of thousands of troops in a big hole that laughter, laughter Dayton off,Nike Air Jordan 8 UK, one by one seems to be grabbed the throat, mouth fell open, his face stunned. Is Faerie Huang, wood lords, the patron saint of nature, how could you can casually will be able to kill the distance, a cloud gas, sounded a faint voice, followed by, that clouds slowly dispersed, the rain Yao a white, such as fairy standing in the clouds, looked coldly at the bottom of the five people. The head of the city fire and respect people have breathed a sigh of relief, just that moment they are shocked, I thought the rain Yao really killed. "I did not die?" How could how did not die, "I clearly saw that she was enveloped in the attack circle, why why did not die on the sky five people could not believe just teamed strike, do not hit empty ? The rain Yao smiled gently, fingertips filled with silver light, "the elves are born archers, and good control of the power of space, if I go, no one can keep me in the world" <

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