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20.05.2013 03:27
then also finally from those who make antworten

When Xu Linyuan heard the Luo fish in the 30 bomb before the second reveals her deep in the inner heart, at this time his mind. Even,Madison Coach Sale, that is like a poison in his heart, began to engulf his heart, let his heart even more guilty, more. He had tried to do not want to hurt a woman's heart, but he was hurt, though she did not know the truth, but when she heard, that hurt and combat, one can imagine, this will make Xu Linyuan a guilty back. "No, Luo fish, you hold on, I'll get you out......" Xu Linyuan then bring Hu division of the hand, to the past, but Hu Si see Luo fish don't know what to say to him, Xu Linyuan now became excited, also do not care to forcibly hugged him, and let the next to the police also came to him forcibly hold. "Mr. Xu, only 30 seconds remaining, you cannot pass!" Xu Linyuan's great strength, he suddenly thrown from a police officer, Ko Ji clung call way: "come to me, hold him......" Suddenly, several police officers forced Xu Linyuan to come in there. Deng Ling then also finally from those who make her heart somewhat chaotic mind awake to come over, she saw Xu Linyuan impulse, was immediately walked to come over, call way: "asshole, you exactly want to do......" Deng Lingyi and several police officers to stop, Xu Linyuan how to struggle, also cannot move, now only 20 seconds, he anxiously will only shouted: "evil code dragon, listen to my command, immediately implement the bomb,Air Jordan Flight The Power, who dare to obstruct, give me all out, fast......" "!" This is going to come to defend the Xu Linyuan code and evil in just rushed to the front, then suddenly heard Xu Linyuan's command, the evil figure is like a whirlwind, quickly rushed to the site. "Stopped him, can't let them go adventure......" Hu SP see things have been unable to control, immediately yell. Evil speed reduction, and the code of the dragon is responsible for bringing up the rear, in several police officers rushed to the dragon, code just pull them up later, flying stone is thrown out, several police officers later fell to the ground. And the police rushed up later, just two strokes, will easily be code dragon hold threw it, is the use of anesthetics should not, those special police officers get temporarily cannot stop, seeing the seconds in the past. Plop! At this time, the evil into the site later, there came the sound of fighting, but then, they saw a black shadow flew out onto the ground. Plop! They set a watch, see is a bomb was thrown out, and followed by two shadows thrown out, and a few special police officers immediately to stop the catch. "Crazy, that man is crazy......" A bomb disposal personnel Road: "this man is a monster, we are not rivals,Air Jordan Superfly UK, his hand would throw us out......" Another bomb disposal personnel red in the face, as if by the great humiliation, shouted: "but this is our job, our technology is not dead, but what he is, he is a hero ah, this is our future how life ah, >

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