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After the the> determines the, the the three of clean up the the good things, walked to the outside this building this. Www! QUAnBen! Com has just out of the the outside the door of the building, Yang Xuan will be allowed to gaze longingly to the a huge figure. This is a height of about the the tremendous Niuguai of the two-tier Floor,, to whom is reserved the blackness quintana, the skin looks like iron sheet in general. It upon the head of long forward to a iron angle of three, Angran sharp. A pair of blood-red bull's-eye is full of of beeing bloodthirsty evildoers, in particular is its mouth, teeth She gazes out at crocodile Usually sharp, I'm afraid even piece of iron can be break it in pieces! Yang Xuan cold suction the breath, This is Where is the Niuguai, distinct seasons is, one-moving heavy armored vehicles! Yang Xuan, a former go to the zoo, at close range have seen the highest the big animals first,, but also a elephant of just two-meter-high only! Can be in front of the this head of cattle of strange, but a full on the ten-meter-high. Elephant in the front of it, I'm afraid one foot can step on into the slag! The at the moment This head huge Niuguai, was groveling in the the midst of the the open space on, in the around it, the some of the four or five-storey of buildings in tattered, like a the ruins of, do not have to would like to also know that,Air Jordan Store, these I'm afraid were part of this the a masterpiece of of the huge Niuguai. "This head of cattle strange, really is is weaker you want to at the Flying Tsing pythons, than for that, do?" Yang Xuan very speechless authentic. Chen Yuet-yu month you should see that huge Niuguai to, and pale, Road, all over with fright.: "Either we to go back bar, and so on a few days, maybe it will left the." Yang Xuan shook his head, the original he and WANG Chen they were that Article of silver Monty Python blocking In the building, is also the to holding the such the mentality of, but it finally they will inevitably the First World War! With its quietly waiting for, not as good as to take the initiative to the initiative! After the the Yang Xuan slowly to calm down a emotions, calmly thought for a moment, the Zhuantou Dui the Wang Zhen Road,: "and wait a minute, When I will first cited, open the this head of cattle is strange, with an estimated the a short period of time can not be join the with you, you first go to the police station, I a result to get out, Make sure you do not miss out by will be to look for and you. "Wang Zhen nodded his head, Chen Sheng said:" you want to be careful, We will wait for you! "Yang Xuan a could not help smile. Of mutual say goodbye to the sound, Wang Zhen of months from its with a Chen Yuet-yu, the the two walked into the the is housed in a in within the of the building of the next to the and escaped that up. After the the see they a to hide a good, the Yang Xuan deeply breathing the breath, cold eyes, to staring at the the that huge Niuguai of the the distant. "Chong!" Yang Xuan 's's body is like a a artillery shells, suddenly hair force, to the the on the In addition a street undershoot to go, the the the the direction of of he advance with the the police station is exactly the opposite. The huge Niuguai of the the distant positive rest of the in, do so now to add on the found that the Yang Xuan, it that huge bull's-eye suffused with a blood-red luster, roar heard, huge body is like a in dramatic hills or, standing up. A four of stout and forceful the thigh, support The forward to it the whole body are. "Want to go after I?" Yang Xuan cold smile, this huge Niuguai of the body is such a huge, Although the the the power of of the outbreak is is not weak, but in the the on the flexible degrees, the in certainly we should inferior to a lot of, as long as multi-ran some corners, Not really, not As for the going to be hunted. There is no to grasp the of the things Yang Xuan is will not do of the, so he before deciding adventure a try! "Moo!" Niuguai roaring cry, and chase over to the Yang Xuan. It's thigh every time fall to the ground the will be slightly Thriller in the on the ground, and even will also trampling it down and out of it the footprints. Yang Xuan corner of the eye peripheral vision swept away the, see the Wang Zhen is leading the forward to Chen Yuet-yu month, from the Niuguai behind ran out, Not long after, out of sight. See them to leave, the Yang Xuan the hearts of is also breathed a sigh of relief, immediately condensate from the spirit, to concentrate on to deal with the This head huge Niuguai. "Bang bang bang!" Is being Yang Xuan side of the runnin, side of the thinking about the when of the the to get out method of the, behind the suddenly there came waves of rumbling big ring, as well as the collapse of sound. Looked back, Yang Xuan could not help taken aback. I saw the the other end of Niuguai actually directly rampage, completely did not take into account the those who get in the way to of the buildings in. As long as the the buildings is is not high, it directly a hit in the past! The the the three horns of iron of of on its head Fengrui incomparable, those buildings are stated in the front of it, is simply bean curd residue! Originally Yang Xuan also intends to use Because the buildings, that to blocked by it, did not expect this Niuguai turned out so sturdy, according to go on like this, their own sooner or later will be it to catch up with. "No! A certain in order to a any way to!" Yang Xuan force yourself to quickly to calm down, forward to a variety of of ways chance to think about in the my mind constantly. "This is Niuguai whole body and hardening. It forms a surface as hard as iron, but also strength is amazing, coupled with the the that huge the volume of, to deal with up,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, really is is not an ordinary thorny!" "However, to see if it the appearance of, it seems that the wisdom is not high ......" Yang the eyes of the Xuan suddenly of a bright, immediately cold smile, feet and stamp the ground, the whole person jumped up, in mid-air, the the right hand of Yang Xuan's with twinkling of an eye the metamorphosis into a silver Monty Python the appearance of, extending to the over twenty meters long. After the the flying out of of the Monty Python snake-heads, biting in the the the of the building the windows side of of a building of more than a dozen-storey. Yang Xuan like a Spider-Man in general, the controls the the Monty Python of the body contraction, in the flew up into the of when the Nadong high-rise, the arm once again be restored to their original. Just, once they landed, Yang Xuan as soon as ran forward, at the same time the arm is once again change into a the Monty Python, the snake-heads Feishe to go out, bite in the at the a certain of of the the another high-rise buildings of, Yeung Xuan Mung after a hard, a direct and jump to the this an of high-rise on the. On the in the the he had just jump to the this building high-rise the high-rise of the Soon, before the Nadong twelve multi-layer, he was immediately that iron sheet Tsing oxen,Kristin Coach Bags, and gave knocked down, the of the high-rise of the tens of meters came crashing down, from the the the the part above the in the five-story, all of falling Laiza in the the the's body of the iron sheet blue bull and. Economy "moo! Economy class" iron sheet Tsing cattle Extra pain howl up, it skin be thick and then the, but was four-five-story buildings to the hit, will also be very painful! Possession of the pain, but also thoroughly angered the it, I saw it a pair of bull's-eye blood Mans large Sheng, regardless of all, once again to settled of the in Xuan, Yang, this building hit by a high-rise to! "Boom -" buildings collapse is, the above floors falling down, smashing in the the body of the the iron sheet's blue bull and. While the At this time, the Yang Xuan has been the use of snake hand jump to the a separate, Building of high-rise on the. The very fortunate the, here is the, Shangcheng District architectural of the, the building in the city is are very tall, but also Distance-intensive. Yang Xuan like a Spider-Man, in the the the up guesthouse after an high-rise on the the shuttle. And that iron sheet Tsing cattle, then the talking angrily to the with the in the back, will those high-rise skipped by the Yang Xuan All crashed! A series of knocked down the, Building more than a dozen, high-rise, the's body forward on iron sheet of blue bull and is, and finally gradually slows down, and, in its back, the stained with blood, do its share toward become a lifelong affliction Lanrou, After the impact of the so multi-floors of, its body is also affected by for a very serious the injury. But this is the the temper of the blue bull and of the iron sheet is very stubborn, he just and the Yang Xuan compared with the previous trial of strength, dead chasing the and hold! See this scene, Yang Xuan could not help laugh, this creatures pass by evolution, Although the the forces is powerful, and but the but wisdom has not changed much. As long as the make good use of the this vulnerability, an to overcome it also did not multi-difficult. "Bang!" But also a block of more than a dozen--storey building and be Niuguai from the the under the severing, the above the partial collapse of down, mercilessly smashing in the its body. Niuguai howling the cry, and in order to the wisdom, it's is really very can not figure out, why old in the heavens, out these up stones to Laiza at their own it? Chase lasted for a while, Niuguai finally exhausted,, pouring out a stream of tongue sitting in to the ground, mercilessly wheezing. "It is time counterattack the!" Yang Xuan has been concerned about the forward to it the case of, Upon seeing the could not help sneer, the figure of a move, he landed in the in front of of the Niuguai. "Moo! The" one saw this abominable human, iron sheet blue bull and they roar soon as, It has just struggling to forward to want to stood up and said, but found that their own actually to make to not on the the effort. Yang Xuan thoroughly lay down their the the heart to, holding a forward to melon knife, walked slowly to the Tsing cattle of the iron sheet. Iron sheet blue bull and Growl cry, and blood-red bull's-eye 'staring at Yang Xuan's. Yang Xuan the slightest did not bother, Well, want to eat me? Now is the you to pay the price when! Although it is known to this iron sheet Niuguai exhausted the, but the Yang Xuan is still there is no to the effect, he to mention forward to melon knife, along the the the the one arm of of the iron sheet Niuguai, directly rushed to the the top of it's head. The iron sheet roaring on his Niuguai a cry, and but because the efforts to run out of the the, it the roar of is also appeared to be very weakness. Yang Xuan his men silk showed no mercy, resorted to the full force of the, with the melon knife facing the the the most vulnerable the place of the it on the back of the head, mercilessly tie the into it! "A cracking!" Melon knife with its of the skin the friction out of a piece of spark, but in the, under the the Road, of the huge the force in Yang Xuan, the melon knife or forcibly thorn into it. "Moo -" huge pain, making the the iron sheet Niuguai could not help but pain howl up. Yang Xuan afraid of alarmed the around the other unknown monster, the the hands of force Road is greater, Mengzha more than a dozen under the, finally, the the weak as the the Niuguai the roar of slowly crescendos gradient, until the final and complete fell to the ground. Yang Xuan fast to incision the hits it in of the head with, taken out of the from the inside the a purplish black of the crystal nucleus! The after the crystal nucleus has been removed, Yang Xuan does not have the slightest recall with nostalgia, fast jumped off the the-like body of of Niuguai hill, was trying to sail to leave. "Flap!" On the in the At this time, a sound and very surprised to see sounded by acclamation as, the same time, one light laughter came the: "really good, we'd a took have a good out thank you for your, actually to help us to to Niuguai these head and iron sheet to get rid of! "...... seeking collection! ! ! ! Find the recommended votes! ! ! Seek Member Click! ! ! ! Seeking to fight reward! ! ! ! ! Four Asking ...... brothers, and today is still three-shift! ! ! Houhou, fast get the job the, we help rush to go! ! ! (^ O ^) / <

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