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68th Chapter: Heaven surgery! [More] Yang Xuan slowly opened his eyes, dark eyes clear water, as if thousands of peaks greet the eye, he looked up during the day, smiled and said: "master www! QuanBEn! COM during the day looked at Yang Xuan, in the eyes of passing touch of appreciation, Yang Xuan and a few days ago is completely different, had an unspeakable temperament, like a holy wise, but also like an evil devil, both different temperament in his body together, revealing another flavor. After these days of meditation practice, Yang Xuan night practice Necromancer Master of the Holy Spirit will practice during the day, with his powerful spiritual force absorption elements much faster than those who are beginners, just a few days time, begins primary magician realm to achieve the intermediate realm of magician in the ancient environment, intermediate magician,Coach Online Outlet, is strong in the borders of where the top of the stairs and senior magician, belong to the pinnacle of bands only reached mage, can meet the Supreme Venerable Order of the environment Yang Xuan practice from scratch some hardships, but such unilateral practice, much easier than comprehension comprehension, equivalent to the entire department magician, each series of the need to meet the requirements, in order to break through which like a man exam, language and math is good, but the English scores drag, then the results will be dragged out of many, lead to graduate. Comprehension is. Self-cultivation sector to break through to the the saints throughout (immortal environment), to be worse than the other saints throughout the strong, but time-consuming, but also other career several times, even ten times and now time is running out, a few decades , is the coming of the market time his goal is to be in three years, reaching the saints territory, and then led the partners to find a safe place to escape to rise up against? Even during the day so strong strength can not resist, he is to die. He just wants to be able to protect his partner and himself the rest of the people, if you are able to help, but he can not live in the broader market the same thing. This is the end of the world you can resist, can be struggling, but in the end your efforts is still a waste of All Souls perish under the broader market, no one can escape out even though we can open up a world of strong, can not resist the operation of the market, even even the blocking qualifications are not watching during the day Yang Xuan, in the eyes of passing touch sigh, said: "Come on, the spirit of pool have prepared well." Yang Xuan nodded. Sleeve roll during the day, surrounded by rolling clouds, the next moment, they will appear in a top of the butte. In front of the two, there is a pool,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, white mist and fog above, there are spring BUZZ, very sweet. In it, are extremely rich aura fluctuations, than the Shushan wash Ling Chi rich times, thousands of times during the day and looked at Yang Xuan, sighed: "as a teacher nothing to you, pass your three strongest Taoism it. "Then, raising his hand a little direct, fingertip falls Yang Xuan forehead. Yang Xuan to speak in front of scenery "brush" to a change appeared in a bright vastness of the sky, and beside him during the day dressed in a snow white wins,Jordan 14 Shoes, standing, waving, the two standing with the void, surrounded by numerous meteorite roared overhead, but only penetrate through the body of the two, did not cause any harm. "This is your consciousness." Smiled during the day. Yang Xuan Huangwu. During the day and dignified, said: "Now, I show you this first type of supernatural powers, called Meteor" Then, raising his hand waved his palm across the void, led to a ripple, as if the void is water do, with the palm of his hand blowing over an elegant black cracks from that ripples appear. Seeing this, Yang Xuan eyes of a condensate hearts thrown a touch of shock, gestures will allow Void Shatter, this force is too terrible. He watched daytime fingers a little vanity, suddenly the space around violently trembling up, and finally down to his fingertips, a Road black crack spread, as if the entire space is a mirror, broken to. Snapped Yang Xuan think ear something fragmentation rang. He looked, I saw during the day and at the fingertips of a black swirl, this whirlpool will turn the greater, Ji Zhang, a few hundred feet, few baizhang to last, the black hole almost covered the entire patch of sky like a The ferocious beast mouth, you want to devour the two men. Yang Xuan heart shock, "This is on top of the saints throughout the force? Under one finger, the birth of a black hole, all things Perishable" side, look calm during the day, the moment of the black hole, and whispered: "Stars, falling" to even light can be swallowed by the black hole, with the daytime "falling" in that deep down, dark cave, all of a sudden a lot of attention a little bit of starlight, looks bright with a sort of horror, like a monster eyes. Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu ...... Yang Xuan feeling the ear there seems to be whistling sound when the bow and arrow emission. In his gaze, inside a black hole stars more and more, and more and more bright, as if from a very far place roaring, blink of an eye, the first starlight, shot out from the black hole, into a bouquet of light, and fired at a distance. Shortly afterward, the more stars, such as silk, such as lines, turned into a channel beam Since the depths of the black hole shot, overwhelming, like a Galaxy stretch along, all the way over, occasional meteorite blocked path, immediately they shot was riddled with migraine during the day looking at Yang Xuan, smiled and said: "You understand it?" Yang Xuan nodded, but then shook his head and smile: "I have a not fully understand the feeling, feeling there appear to relate to the power of space and wind force. "with appreciation during the day and looked at him and said:" Yes, this is his Master of attack moves, extremely powerful, wind sharp tricky, unpredictable space, two superimposed with vision coupled with the perception of the heavens and the earth, which hit Yang Xuan heart admire, be able to watch the planetarium will enlighten the spell, this talent is too terrible. During the day and looked at the bright meteor shower countless Star, said: "When will you be able to use this technique successfully cast out, then you have the law of the wind system with the initial induction, basically can rely on the rules of the wind system into the Sacred "Yang Xuan nodded. In order to become saints throughout the strong one of the nine main law, Ming Wu, wind system of law is one of the nine main law by virtue of the law of the wind system sentiment force invocation Rules, of course, extremely powerful , some people based on a rule for the Road, entered the saints throughout the everlasting Wizards, but Ming Wu two, even three rules, which entered the saints throughout, which are very powerful, far better than the same order during the day, the large waved his hand in front of Star again restored as black holes disappear, endless beam disappear, as if in front of him is a drawing board, and he is a painter, you can freely draw your desired things to come. "Here, this is the second type, the night" Then down, raising his hand outstretched, a grasping force rumbling in the void ~ ~ patch of sky are shaking, numerous Star swaying, as if crumbling, that track straight flying meteorites are trembling stopped. SG eyes during the day bloom, low shouted: "On" the word came, his fingers harder, clutching patch of the void force in tear, suddenly, in front of bright sky suddenly disappear, surrounded by dark, pitch dark, In the meantime, a sense of sleepy hit, to Yang Xuan suddenly fell into a coma. Wow, coming from the front of the stars, to Yang Xuan slowly opened his eyes, suddenly woke up, looked up, I saw the eyes are still bright sky, nothing has changed. Next day smile: "This night was my wife's moves, be able to wrap everything, sound, life can swallow everything, including mental energy," Yang Xuan Sidongfeidong nodded, mind rises while scared, this surgery in the battle cast, absolutely able to disrupt the enemy's will, so distracted dual-use way, in the face of peer competitors can easily win. Yang Xuan did not notice during the day that the phagocytic What does it mean. Night supernatural powers, in ancient times Weiminghehe, able to open up the world strong talk color, showing that this technique is powerful, not only can be assisted in the fighting, but the attack itself is also very powerful and quiet sound "Next ..." during the day smiled, and said: "Here is my type of supernatural powers, called Tiandun, you are optimistic." Then, raising his hand a little vanity, and whispered: With the words fall in starry sky in all directions, all of a sudden there are a myriad of light shot over, like a meteor shower in general, looks dazzling bright, very beautiful. These light skimming over, have gathered in the fingers of the day, and spread along the finger to him. Yang Xuan suddenly found that, in addition to the distant stars in his own body, from the chest at, had shot a light falls on the body during the day. Suddenly, during the day and whole body enveloped in a light, like a god of light, exudes lofty Pak Mong, full of holy calm voice came from the light, with a kind of irresistible authority, along with the word of that radiant light suddenly converge slowly cohesion in the body during the day, a fine pair of armor armor whole body silvery white, speckled with faint Pak Mong, golden Arcanum carved in his chest, looks very beautiful, with daytime handsome looks and a flowing black hair, making him the whole person as God of War. Migraine during the day and looked at Yang Xuan, said: "this Tiandun, gather the power of the light, and light for shield, the second form is the first form, based on days shield" Yang Xuan thoughtfully nodded. Dispersed during the day the body of the the Argent armor, smiled and said: "This supernatural powers, and only when you reach Heaven environment, be able to play its full force and waiting for you when initially cast, even if only a prototype, also represent that you have the potential to enter the saints throughout the Yang Xuan heavy nod. Computer ...... Yesterday was overcast twice manuscript is gone, but fortunately did not Manuscripts, suicide or have a heart ... today the fourth, compensation, hope that the computer will not be an accident ...... dual microphone Buddha < ;

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