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20.05.2013 03:21
so we can authentication open to him antworten

"To protect you, I will be happy!" When Xu Linyuan heard these words, I really have a mixed feelings. Just to see Ye Danxi that serious look, did not make fun of, Xu Linyuan helpless, said: "it seems I have overestimated you, you is still relatively easy to give oneself over to blind emotions......" Ye Danxi had said: "of course, you so strong man, does not require women to protect, but I think so, I will not impose their own ideas on you, I am willing to do so, also won't give you to any trouble, I will follow your heart to do what I like, I will feel happy......" "Silly girl, you seem to go to extremes......" Xu Linyuan shook his head. "Correct, I am not the girl, you have to turn me into a woman......" "But you know, it happened in that case is not sensible things, you and I urge the result of now, you would be more let me bear thought burden, but I can't give you any commitment......" "As long as you do not reject me, without me, even if only to keep the light communication,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, you put me as this is like, or my affection or, I have loved you, the pursuit of your rights, you love or not love me, to your own judgment, that's what you do......" Xu Linyuan also did not want to dwell on this topic, then changed the subject, the electronic equipment, looking at the table: "since you put this thing with them, then I will honestly tell you, I really need some of the information inside this, if you don't mind, so we can authentication open to him, I need to use......" Ye Danxi shook his head, said: "I use that part of himself tried, the chip I had not pass the verification, so you have the earrings can really open, which is one reason I will bring him to you......" Xu Linyuan listenned to this words,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, heart also has a number of. But now the earrings he wasn't with me, I picked up after it has been thrown in the Qing Yuan, storage drawer, only this time Qing Yuan, return, he returned to the Qing Yuan, take out to solve need him this equipment is a part of the data. Leaf Danxi Road: "yes, there is one thing to say to you, the last time you enterprises biological steel containing toxic events, this is a test action was premeditated, I secretly survey, participate in the matter are only some small fry role, and behind it hide a peep at your eyes, their hidden deep enough, when I find a correlation characters only, the clue is broken......" Xu Linyuan way: "this matter you don't have to intervene, I have sent people in the survey, you want to find out what the clue, the probability is very small......" Here, Xu Linyuan looked at the time, has about twelve, said: "the time is too late, I have to go back tomorrow, you have to go back and rest......" Ye Danxi at this time to faint to see his one eye, the final is still slowly got up and walked to the door. Just Xu Linyuan is ready to send her out, when Ye Danxi suddenly turned up on my toes, in Xu Linyuan's mouth deeply kissed, this just go out and left quickly. Xu Linyuan stood in the doorway,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, Fu >

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