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20.05.2013 03:15
is directed at the future group antworten

For the disadvantage of future group news content network above the emergence of some, because the propagation speed, there are many small site on this matter when headlines were reported. But those who visit the large portal site above, there is no related news. After just the thing for those small web site for a series, the formation of public opinion on the future group and biological steel is very bad. They say the news content, the group's production of 3 biological steel contain toxic chemicals, because the production enterprises have not advanced detection technology, medical equipment produced by the use of medical accident has caused significant, this thing future group to load responsibility. At the same time, the biological steel material and some small sites on the future group production raised serious doubts about the future, whether the group in order to profit to steal workers Jane material involved in biological steel raw material processing,Outlet Coach, resulting in the occurrence of the medical accidents. Indignant is, these small website content is not real, not blaming the related medical equipment production enterprise responsibility, is directed at the future group and biological steel. Early in the morning, after a few employees the company website to browse the webpage department, is very angry. But the company responsible for the network that is the director: "these small airway site really fucking know fanning flames, I see these news content with obvious envy means, even if we have a problem of steel, the medical equipment production enterprise is eat shit for you,Coach Outlet Sale, isn't he in time manufacturing is not detected, they watched these products on the market is out of the question to consider is the biological steel problem, I think they mind won't be kicking ass......"...... But the future Group employees angry angry, but they still couldn't stop these not conducive to speech and of the press, the rapid spread of the network. The very next day early in the morning after the incident, when the Internet users all over the country at the time, saw a lot about future group involving biological steel containing toxic chemicals, and has made the production of medical equipment in use process, resulting in several major medical accident cases. When the news after the small site hit, quickly start by other small sites continue to reprint, immediately aroused the attention of all circles at home and abroad. Even, some large portal sites in foreign countries, there were news reports. Future group network division staff saw it, immediately on the official website of the foreign website reported false news events strongly condemns. So early in the morning,Coach Store, it can be said that the entire network in boiling up for that matter. Some people look at the small website news, on this matter has come to believe that, while some sensible people, and see the future Mining Group official news, still have questioned the attitude on this matter. Is the so-called experts began to analyze this thing, this thing the speculation has become a news today the most awesome, a drifting profusely and disorderly on the internet. But some people have found, whether it is true or false, but today the TV >

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