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20.05.2013 03:10
so he went to the one instrument antworten

Aviation engine production line workshop, the busy. "Slow down, slow down,Air Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, pay attention to the position of the point A3-E6, then the left 0.3 mm card......" When Xu Linyuan came to the aviation engine assembly line, was conducted in addition to static measures into the assembly workshop, I heard Zhu Jiran call in that voice. Will clear see go, sees an aircraft engine on the assembly line of advanced, assembly work has entered into the stage of completion. This engine is equivalent to a larger version of the original WFE100, and Tan Zhizhong, and Zhu Jiran and his air force laboratory cost maximum energy and time, as amended several optimization debugging and improvement of design scheme, and took a long time for test after the experiment, carefully developed and formally finalized, suitable for large transport aircraft and the generation of large civil aircraft aviation engine WFE2200. Because this is going to a formal confrontation weapons with the Pratt & Whitney GP7200 and Trent900 these advanced aviation engine, but also the future group intervention in the aviation industry's products, so in this product, Zhu Jiran air dynamic experiment project department, and the entire experiment base, are paid a great deal of effort. When the WFE2200 enter the assembly stage at the end, everyone is very exciting, and Zhu Jiran at this time in the field working condition, compared with the previous month assembly of WFE100 more focused,Nike Air Jordan, let not the slightest careless. Xu Linyuan in the side looked, he could not help what busy, so he went to the one instrument and the structure effect, look on the electronic instrument simulation assembly diagram. The core chip of the electronic instruments are the Qing Yuan provides transformation, its function is very powerful. At this time Xu Linyuan saw, whenever the WFE2200 in assembly parts arrived at the location specified after the connection, the effect is like a real contrast, it will show the parts of the finish and fit. Because there are some man-made factors, and external environment factors, compared with the actual assembly renderings of the instruments on the completion of the overall reached 93%, and each module of the parts in the process of actual assembly, perfect effects and instruments from the simulation fit the highest is only about 99.969%, some even before they reach 98.781%. But such a fit, is entirely within the allowable range. Because of the powerful calculation function through the analysis of electronic chips and simulated data are 100% perfect,OP Art Coach UK, which is equivalent to the theoretical value, but in the actual parts production and processing, as well as the process of technical operation there will be a number of factors, and even some dust particles, it would affect his actual data changes downward fluctuations. So in the original design of setting test, because is not possible to achieve 100 percent perfect degree, Xu Linyuan had Rangqing yuan on setting the final design are analysed, and some external factors in actual volatility, Qing Yuan, given the range around 1.001-1.0>.

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