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20.05.2013 03:04
from far and near to see antworten

Clap clap clap! Around ten in the morning, provincial science and Technology Park on the right side of industrial south area surrounding the firecrackers Qiming, crowded, very lively. The passing car drivers will see from the distance, in the vicinity of the industrial park of science and technology, there are three in-line clouds of skyscrapers, such as three sword into the sky, it is very spectacular style. But the delicate point of view, these three skyscraper at an oblique angle to each other, from far and near to see, can be found with a metal style is very strong, can also with some science fiction elements, the modern high-tech embodied most incisive. The three buildings, from last year to start, each completed a part, will attract people's attention, and now the three buildings completed renovation completed, after revealing his true colors, and immediately became a beautiful scenery line in the whole west province. Then maybe the provinces to the people, will be surprised on the three magnificent building heart, but for the local people, can afford such a luxury style spectacular architecture, in the western province, only the next group will have the huge financial resources. In the vicinity of the industrial park of science and technology, but the future group headquarters occupied area, accounted for the entire industrial park of science and technology 1/3. These buildings, it is the future group investment in building the new headquarters building, time-consuming zero two months a year, now officially completed renovation completed. But this time, industrial science and Technology Park firecrackers Qiming, a festive. On many of the surrounding small building workers craned looked at the few grandiose building, is very envious of, fantasizing own if can reach the building into work, to become a future employee group, that is how happy a thing ah. Today is a lucky day, it is also the future group headquarters move here day, so the industrial park of science and technology relevant competent departments dare not neglect the slightest, best wishes for your new home to celebrate the grand future group,Nike Air Jordan, layout of the flags flying, be bursting with happiness, so it is very busy at this time. And this came to celebrate the guests, is quite much, most in some near the industrial park of science and technology enterprises, is the future of the downstream or peripheral group of some associated enterprises, in addition to a number of government officials, are also to the scene to celebrate. But like this little scene, Xu Linyuan and Wang Ni and bell weighing these group of high-level, nature is not come, owned a company deputy general manager with customer manager to entertain those who come to celebrate the guests. But this time, Xu Linyuan is the most main house majestic momentum during a visit to adapt himself to his new office. "Gee, that guy is bootlick get in by every opening ah, know that this position will be your office, look at the decoration, almost more than the United States presidential office style ah......" The son is very advanced in that facility luxurious big office took a turn around,Coach Bags Sale, do not praise by licking his lips. Xu Linyuan was satisfied with his new office,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, depending on the location of South, sunny, open field of vision, overlooking the whole city scenery. Office secretary Xiao Xiao is with two hands are busy finishing the document in the office, his face.

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