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20.05.2013 02:59
the original Ping sister in his heart antworten

[text] the 458th chapter again rekindling? - 458th chapter again rekindling? "Zhuo learn elder sister from silhouette looks,jordan online cheap, like a white fairy descend to the world of NV, more and more mature......" Xing Ding watched the white lady standing pavilions, white fluttering, hair light scene, not by whispers, see the next to the Xu Linyuan eyes, thought: "now to see her, you will for her d à ng ripples in the water?" Just the speaker intentionally, but the listener is not. Xu Linyuan deadpan stare at the shadows, only to feel very strange, very far away, even if he opened in the memories of those who have heart, she had left only some ghost, don't think aftertaste, just feel exhausted. "Qing Yan sister, here we come......" Peng Lijie after the pavilion, and towards the back to their shadow light gave a cry,Jordan 1 Sale, that figure has finally turned the head. She just turned the moment, Xu Linyuan not from tiny tiny one zheng. A beautiful black long hair shawl, via the two oblique eyebrow shaping, long and small become warped eyelash m á o, clear eyes, beautiful t its ng straight nose, slightly raised, beautiful soft ch ú n, dainty little chin, with a great lady, with elegant beautiful temperament, and like a full reading poetry book NV scholar, give a person a kind of quiet and elegant feeling. Probably only a fly in the ointment is her Xi ō ng slightly smaller, but wear dress makes her t ú n micro become warped, skirt a pair of not wearing stockings, skin firming as y ù slender slender beauty Tu its like works of art, with the feet a pair of shiny J ī ng Ya small black s è high-heeled shoes,Air Jordan Spizike Sale, so that her whole person temperament has been a kind of sublimation, but made up for some defects of the body. Just to see this scene, Xu Linyuan Leng absolute being, he was surprised to find that looking at once the beautiful sister in appearance, but his mind is Lin Aiping wearing such a white dress standing in front of him. She and Lin Aiping looks slightly similar temperament, quiet and gentle, but she was little Lin Aiping that mature NV unique charm, a fresh and elegant, not Lin Aiping's charm like bones, born with a stream of a flustered y ò Uhu ò force. "Hey, what are you to stay ah, see Qing Yan sister is it right? And that your heart that acerbity s è memories?" Peng Lijie is not as it was before the NV mayor pomp and calm, it behaves like a neighbor's sister, perhaps in a good mood's sake, let her more brisk and lively a lot, a green ch ū n atmosphere permeated. But Peng Lijie heard him, Xu Linyuan this just return to god. But his heart has been found, this once gentle sister figure, had been replaced by imperceptibly into his life another NV, see Zhuo Qing Yan, Xu Linyuan's thought is Lin Aiping, this is also he has found, the original Ping sister in his heart, already replaced the NV immediate and occupy a space for one person. Peng Lijie teased Xu Linyuan sentence, stepped forward, holding her fat fiber if China hand, adjustable >

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