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20.05.2013 02:55
know how to kill the antworten

> Xuan Yang Fengyun silver nuclei in his hand, I feel a little warm, "This is how the nuclei will appear in its head, too strange. The WWW! QuanBEn! COM Yang Xuan feel this crystal The nuclear Some simple. "Da da!" Just then, the sound of footsteps coming from upstairs, the pace is very light, but still clearly pass into the ears of the Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan hearts surprised, he suddenly found that I do not know since when, around the world actually become so silent. This silence, as if there is a bit dark. That footsteps getting closer, soon, a staggering pace figure upstairs go down. See the figure at the moment, Yang Xuan Yi Zheng, immediately face became a pale. He found that this figure is actually this monster and kill him exactly the same, but the body slightly fat nothing. "Roar!" This monster apparently found him, growled and immediately rushed down, is fast. Yang Xuan quickly closed the iron gate, the sofa tightly against the door. His right hand holding a kitchen knife, forehead sweat oozes down. "Pop!" Soon, banging uploaded from the iron gate. Fortunately, Yang Xuan live in the middle cell, the door is strong, otherwise long been knocked. Beat sound lasted not long, it would only the extra padding humanoid monster soon discovered,Coach Kristin, there is a hole in the center of the iron gate. Under the excitement, it is immediately screaming in paw. Yang Xuan is this moment! "In spite of himself!" Leash, it would only fester gripper is cut off. The monster pain howl loudly, forced to hammer a few iron gate, followed by progressive one paw. "Puchi!" Yang Xuan standing on the sofa, the choppers severely pixia the. Cut off one paw. Next, it really and Yang Xuan imagine the the monster stretched its head in the Chong Yang Xuan ferocious roar. With previous experience, Yang Xuan resistance is slightly stronger that holds the knife arm just shaking a bit, they neatly split down hard. "Click!" Skull where it is needed, split into two halves children. Yang Xuan his face pale, his whole body trembling slightly, watching the bloody scene, the stomach while rolling like eating insects nausea. "These two people just how it became a monster!" After a long time, Yang Xuan gradually calm down, looking at the two headless body, really want to get out of this place. However, the thought of just a fat monster came down ... then downstairs or elsewhere, will not it? These two monsters, Yang Xuan are relying on the iron gate blocked kill. If met with such a monster on the outside is definitely a dead end! Wait a minute! Yang Xuan the pupil suddenly burst contraction, he suddenly thought, if outside this monster Wei child she ...... one extremely uneasy feeling rising from the bottom of my heart! "No, no!" Yang Xuan as if possessed by the devil in general, the whole body trembling slightly, his eyes reddening,Coach Satchels Sale, the mouth kept muttered: "She'll be fine, will be fine!" , a cell phone, a cell phone! "Yang Xuan as if madness general, pocket quickly took out his cell phone, select a number, then dial! Beep ... beep ... the phone is still connected. At this moment,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, as if the whole world was quiet down. Yang Xuan held her breath, beating heart seems to have forgotten! Few times after the "beep" - "Hello, the dialed number is temporarily unable to answer!" Sweet voice came over the phone. But fall into the Yang Xuan ears, but no doubt in skyline ponley! "Boom!" Yang Xuan minds a blank, as if the whole world in front of the spectacular crash! Trance, appeared in front of a lovely girl wearing a white dress, this girl looks very beautiful, snow skin, bright eyes white teeth, her jet-black hair glowing little bit shiny, glamorous. This beautiful girl he smiled, his mouth still saying something, but Yang Xuan one can not hear. Wei children ...... Yang Xuan stretched hand, you want to touch, but the eyes of the world, but a sudden collapse! The Verge, Yang Xuan kind of utter darkness reigned illusion. Wei children - Yang Xuan suddenly screaming, he picked up the phone, as if to rip and generally hard to call that number! He kept dialing, nowhere! Dial! Barrier! Dial! Dial! Dial! Yang Xuan phone almost by, but did not get through. Pata! Suddenly, a scared sound came upstairs. A rickety figure clutching a bloody arm, his mouth kept chewing issued the sound of broken bones. Is a monster! Monster looks like, than the previous two even terror, its body is blood, look as though they come out from hell. The monster soon as went to the stairs, they saw sitting on the ground hard phone call Yang Xuan. "Roar!" Monster immediately jumped down excitedly. "Go!" Yang Xuan looked like a man-like, his eyes reddening, as if drops of blood to the general, the right hand with a knife, handsome face full of grim, he was staring in front of the only ugly monster heart suddenly remembered Wei children. She is not, these monsters to ... Yang Xuan hearts of a pain, he looked at the front of the monster, as if vaguely saw the tragic death of Wei children like it hands. "Roar!" Yang Xuan growled, throat actually a bestial roar, caught up in his mind a blank, only one thought, to kill! With a roar, this has always been gentle man, suddenly a beast, holding a kitchen knife towards the monster rushed past. "Bang!" Yang Xuan feet stepped on the ground, the snooze granting Juchui beat. His whole being turned into a blur by recoil trend, the blink of an eye, threw herself into the front of the monster. This speed is too fast, even if it is 100 meters champion can not match! "Kill!" Yang Xuan red eyes, monstrous appearance, came before and after the monster itself will direct a boxing out, hit the monster's chest. Incredible scene, to Yang Xuan fist turned directly to the breakdown of the monster's chest, as if this monster's body is made of paper. Suffered such heavy losses, the monster pain howl loudly, his hands to to Yang Xuan head caught. Yang Xuan roar loudly, monster hands, grasp the shoulder, forced a tear! "Click!" Monster body as if the paper is torn in two! This is what a terrible power! However, the monster's body was torn, and it is not even this die, still waving claws sweep to Yang Xuan chest. "In spite of himself!" Yang Xuan clothes were easily torn up, the three faint trail of blood left chest. Strange thing, this bloodstain just appeared, speed will be visible to the naked eye, heal rapidly, even the scars did not leave! At this time, Yang Xuan has Unscrew the head of the monster, mercilessly pinch burst. Yang Xuan held the brains and blood flow are covered, it seemed as if from hell to come out of the general terrorist. A moment later, Yang Xuan gradually sober up, the eyes of Hongmang slowly dissipated, revealing a Qingming. The same time, the body seems what the passage of the general, burst weakness feeling came. "This is going on!" Yang Xuan stared in front of a minced meat, torn into two halves of the dead monster, especially in the hands of creamy warm brains ... Could it be that this monster kill? Yang Xuan was shocked, he just remember just saw the monster, hearts remembered Wei children ...... and then very angry, unprecedented anger! Then, my mind into a blank, vaguely whole body feels full of energy, thrilling power! Huiguo Shen, and found lying in front of a dead monster. Hands of shining white brains told Yang Xuan, just about everything, really! ! "I actually unarmed kill the monster!" Yang Xuan heart filled with shock and incredible power of these monsters how much he knows very well, cracking can be seen just from the iron gate. But ... he was able to kill it! Or simply force, unarmed! "Who!" Yang Xuan suddenly the ears of a move, looking at the stairs cold channel. "I, I'm a normal person." Out of a middle-aged man from a secluded corner of the stairs, fat build, wearing a suit, looks like some funny. Yang Xuan looked carefully at his eyes and found that the latter everything is normal and not a monster like this, systemic ulcers, covered with pustules. "Who are you?" Yang Xuan cold opening. "I, I'm Chenghua Liang." Middle-aged man said in a trembling voice, he hid from the beginning there and witnessed the Yang Xuan kill the monster the whole process, especially the monster scene torn in half, so that he will never forget! That power is really terrible! "Jiao Yang Xuan!" Yang Xuan He nodded his head, finally see a normal person, he was feeling somewhat easier. "You're amazing!" Chenghua Liang said sincerely, he saw Yang Xuan and malicious, and I feel some relaxed. Yang Xuan looked at him, it is clear just this fat to see their own process to kill the monster, barely smile, Yang Xuan did not say how. Just happened, and now he feels very realistic, even he himself did not know how to kill the monster! Chenghua Liang then has gone down, when he saw the door of Yang Xuan two lying dead monster, the reigning sluggish, and then mercilessly swallowed, in the heart shouted: God! ! Yang Xuan looked at this portly man, said: "You know these monsters come?" Chenghua Liang head shake like a rattle, said: "I was at home watching movies, suddenly heard screams and found these monsters . "Yang Xuan frowned. Da da! At this point, from the downstairs suddenly sounded a few footsteps sounds confusing, is clearly not a man! Yang Xuan the Chenghua Liang, as a the latter face some whitening. Now this time, dare to so blatantly walking around, obviously not! "How to do?" The Chenghua Liang see Yang Xuan, Mr Yang Xuan brave performance left a deep impression. In such an environment at the moment, Yang Xuan became his only rely on. Yang Xuan holding a knife arm trembling slightly, if only to a monster, he can rely on the iron gate of the barrier to kill! But listen to this sound of footsteps, apparently more than one! Metal door did not stop a few monsters at the same time hit! Downstairs in the footsteps getting closer, at this critical juncture, Yang Xuan, but calm down. He gritted his teeth and said: "go upstairs!" According to his guess, upstairs has gone down a few monsters, it is estimated will not be much left. And time and tide wait for no man, on the back burner! Yang Xuan finished his next Chenghua Liang immediately nodded, quickly ran upstairs to see that rapid action Yang Xuan burst a daze, I really do not know him so fat so fast, running up and how? "Well?" Yang Xuan he tried to ran upstairs, suddenly saw a corner of my eye ... it is a pale yellow nuclei, the size of a thumb. This nucleus lying just hacked to death by Yang Xuan monster bird skull, do not dye trace of blood, it seemed as if transparent crystal. Yang Xuan always feel some of these nuclei unusual, he hesitated a moment, bite picked up the sinking light yellow nuclei, and ran upstairs. He just went to the stairs at the downstairs staggered appear three or four figure ...... <

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