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among them the northern military antworten

The 429th chapter two town storm wolf tank Ning and Luo County Ji ā o boundary location, surrounded on three sides by mountains,Air Jordan 3, easily defensible, in ancient times is a soldier to take the important checkpoint. See also e^, Shuangqiao town is also a leading to the Luo County Ji ā o fortress,air jordan outlet, the earlier period, there have been a number of revolutionary martyrs and heroic sacrifice in there, there stands a monument. Basically, two Qiao Zhen town are the children of the martyrs, today the town is rich, but in most living there are military families. Because the Shuangqiao town where there is not only a belongs to Ning, Armed Police Battalion, and one from the Northwest District ch ō u transferred stationed troops, forces developed a regiment, its main task is responsible for the surrounding areas of the garrison, and emergency rescue and disaster relief, as well as for western province military region logistics supply. Xu Linyuan now carries a granted by the state of so-called 'military advisers' title, is that he always felt a little odd, but when he came to the Shuangqiao town of the garrison, it be keenly aware of the. Although he knows that this is how much and what a member of the CPPCC National Committee's title is a bit similar, but actually in the soldier's eyes, the military adviser position than far several times higher than gold content of the cppcc. The most intuitive feeling is, when he came to the town, where army officer after, heard that he is a military military advisor immediately register profound respect, named head of the honorific, but let Xu Linyuan feel feel shy. Xu Linyuan and the Central Military Commission of the big brothers came to the garrison, already noon, they directly in the army canteen meal, after a short rest, Xu Linyuan as the leading inspection in troops. Watch the training the army here, and here the arms equipped, Xu Linyuan this just as leading to a spacious office. In the office, the leadership of the Central Military Commission, and military bureau the leader, as well as the main representative of the military industry group is in sit. After the leadership of the Central Military Commission to drink tea, then directly into the topic, see Xu Linyuan said: "before the West Province, we had been in the army were visited on their arms, configuration, and military electronic self-confidence and modernization projects have done a detailed investigation, at present the greater military regions of armored forces,Madison Coach, serving in the arms, some still is old products, and even some still follow the liberation period model, need, already can not keep up the modern war, the central to convene a meeting of the Central Military Commission, will conduct a comprehensive upgrade to the machinery of our army of armored forces, so this arms supplies production, is the key......" Here, the leadership of the Central Military Commission at the side of the road, the military authority: "old Cheng, you tell Xu Dagai about the deployment of your......" Lao Zheng nodded, said: "the national defense science and Industry Bureau under the jurisdiction of the ten military groups in the recent two years since, has been committed to new military equipment R & D, according to their own R & D and manufacturing field, the focus is different, among them the northern military group to develop the army and Air Force combat weapon for key projects >

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