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and eventually back into antworten

> Young bald Closer look at a few people, Yang Xuan face gloomy down, and Wang Zhen trouble as the one, Yang Xuan whispered: "Wait a minute, you come forward, but try not to hands! "Wang Zhen nodded his head and said:" Rest assured, should not have anything www, quanBEn COM hope so! "heart silently Road, Yang Xuan, Wang Zhen, there is a reason to come forward Wang Zhen previously practiced Wu, who long train an imposing! A person's momentum is the need for long-term culture of some people, a look, or an idea,Air Jordan UK, you can let others feel the thoughts of his heart, which is momentum. Such as a person, though it seemed very polite, but if he has the momentum, his mind filled with the intention to kill, outsiders will be able to instantly feel a very strong kill the idea! The strength of the idea, the strength of the momentum. Even if this strength is not strong, but if his idea, then burst out of the momentum is stronger! Soon, the that young bald and his party of four, came out of the car ten meters at this time, they have found Yang Xuan et al. "Someone?" Young bald slightly hesitated and soon brow microfold the up. Wang Zhen Yang Xuan schematic, holding ancient knife, a black, and went out from the car. Have to say, Wang Zhen's body is very tall, coupled with his cold face and the hands of the ancient knife, people feel this is a strongman! Wang Zhen's out of the car, the young bald face suddenly slightly changed, he had just a street bully, on the momentum, where Wang Zhenjiang? See Wang Zhen, he kind of to see once thought shook ** Big Brother, which is an enigmatic and extremely cold momentum! Wang Zhen to go out, just looked indifferent young bald a few people, but said nothing. He got off the contest between the two sides has been opened, this time, if the first opening, the momentum will be weak to go on. A few minutes later, the young bald finally unbearable, strong flashing a smile and said: "Hello!" Wang Zhen did not speak, only a faint nod. This is not he deliberately contrived, but he was born to strangers very cool. But this move, but virtually, for him to add a little more power and influence. The bald-headed young heart smile, the face of Wang Zhen, a kind of feeling of the face of the giant. Wang Zhen did not speak, the time of the bald-headed young do not know what to say, the atmosphere suddenly froze again. "Roar!" Just then, a variation rushing from a distance. The young skinhead slightly Yi Zheng, immediately eyes reveal a trace lighted, This is not his fancy head of variation nuclei, but because of the arrival of this variation, breaking the atmosphere impasse. In atmosphere just froze, he kind of breathing, but to the feeling. Liu, kill it! "Bald-headed young light shouted. A youth standing behind him nodded his head, pulled out a fruit knife waist, to whom the variation rushed. Youth strength was significantly stronger than the variation, not a few to get rid of that variation. "You are hunting?" Skinhead youth to take advantage of the atmosphere let down, asked Wang Zhen. "Well!" Wang Zhen nodded. "Then we go first!" Bald-headed young ridicule sound, greeted him three brother, walked next to the highway, and soon left the Yang Xuan sight. ...... A hidden bushes. "Brother, we do not want to grab the car yet?" Saw the skinhead youth around a young man some confusion authentic. Bald-headed young glanced at him croon a cry, and said: "You did not see that man? He is a master!" "Oh, I saw the knife in his hand, to see that this is not an ordinary stuff! "another youth nodded. "Damn it, what you're saying is that that person is also worse than me?" Bald-headed young glared at him. "......" "Well!" Young bald contempt authentic: "The man is a master, but I do not mess with me!" Then why do you go ...... "" You never heard Caution is the boat it? "bald-headed young glanced several young one," there are several people that the car, if there were two or three like that black men master I can also save your life, but you would die "" So ... "" So Big Brother you mean? "bald-headed young Hey smile, cold authentic:" I'll pretend to leave, wait for them to relax, and then look at their overall strength! "smart" Big Brother! "worthy Brother!" that black people if it is master, then they are not a lot of nuclei? "says a youth. Heard, the young bald naked eyes boom, turned his head and looked at the direction of Yang Xuan et al, the eyes reveal the color of greed. ...... Yang Xuan side, with young bald leave, Yang Xuan relaxed slightly down. Yang Xuan looking away mantis strange corpse, frowning thought for a moment, immediately helpless authentic: "Today is the first day of rest, we first nuclei absorb, increase strength. Then go forward, the front may encounter a lot of variation! , Yang Xuan remember,Jordan 9 Shoes, had in the back of the car chase variation, absolutely there are tens of thousands! Tens of thousands of people stand together, is definitely a sea of ​​humanity! Heap to heap them to death! Moreover, there are a number of other powerful monster, strange mantis is one of them. For Yang Xuan decision, we have no objection. No one would have noticed, we knew it, the Yang Xuan decision, it became final for small team operational instructions. Extra time, we have removed their nuclei, began to absorb up. About the evening, everyone nuclei absorption. This time, the absorption of the nuclei, the strength of the entire squad to the next level. First of all, Yang Xuan absorbed that allocated fifty nuclei, nine times the normal strength! Wang Zhen actually achieve the strength of seven times! Rocket from Mantis blame remove the nuclei of the body, he raised to more than six-fold, coupled with more than 60 pieces of ordinary nuclei, finally successfully reached seven times! Mr months of strength, it is the normal four times! The rest of the people, Zhang Liang reached three times, and the remaining two are twice. Yang Xuan completely assured down, even if it is hit by strange mantis, Wang Zhen's strength, but also can be easily solved. After the baptism of the nuclei, Yang Xuan feeling a lot of their own physical rehabilitation, have been able to play a two-thirds strength. At night, a pedestrian in the car to eat some dry food and meat, barely eat. Food is running out. "" Must be found as soon as possible city! "According to Chan months report, Yang Xuan also understand the urgency of the matter,Nike Jordan After Game, food only enough to barely eat for a day! Without food, the function of the human body will be greatly decreased. Increase strength, to have the opportunity to find food. Food, will be able to maintain combat effectiveness. This is a cycle ...... Yang Xuan removed from the arms of the black nuclei, this green python body. The strength of the other end of the green python is so horrible, While The energy contained in the nucleus, but also a surprisingly large! Yang Xuan hesitated, and eventually back into his arms. He had a feeling, now if absorbed While nuclei, the consequences would be extremely miserable ...... the original nuclei absorb a piece of silver python, Yang Xuan pain fainted. While the the nuclei the cyan fly python, do not know how much stronger than silver python own physical changes a little strong, but not enough ... the night silence in heaven starry. Yang Xuan sitting on the road, looking at the sky, a gentle breeze ...... Yang Xuan suddenly felt a little cold! Have been in his current system, even if the snow days will not feel cold. But at the moment, there is a kind of cold from the heart ... the whole world, have become variability and various monsters! Once familiar friends, loved ones, need to rely on the daily life and death struggle, in order to protect! This was originally a peaceful world, and shortly became one hell of a battlefield! You need to continue efforts to kill! You are the same, you have to die! Brutal rule, is the only way to live! If Previously, Yang Xuan may be surfing the Internet World of Warcraft, may also watch TV, work overtime may also be in the company, may also accompany her shopping ...... but now. The whole world into a living hell. Every day for food and hard work the daily hands have to go kill a lot of variation, and feeling their blood spray in their own body ... This is the end of the world! This is cruel hell on earth! Yang Xuan bleak smile, he is not too sentimental? Hearts gently sigh breath, Yang Xuan stare, his thoughts - Wei children ... I! The thought that the memory unforgettable, Yang Xuan covered with full strength, wait for them to immediately fly to the past to find her. Meditation! Practice! Yang Xuan efforts calmed down and repression that deep-seated longing in my heart began to absorb from the world of strength. Must be resumed as soon as possible, we must! ...... Seeking a reward! (* ^ __ ^ *) Recommended votes ...... help more than the previous two ...... did not differ much, we hit a couple of tickets to estimate can be rushed passed! <

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