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they rushed to the front antworten

Chapter 8: dispute! (A) to rest a bit, Yang Xuan feeling of injury in the body seems to have reduced a lot, after all, his current physical resilience, far more than the normal. The WWW QunabEN, com sky is getting dark, Yang Xuan stayed in the car, and the the Wang Zhen guard outside, occasionally do not have eyes variability man ran up, will be to solve. Slightly struggling, Yang Xuan slowly climb up, although the whole body and some pain and weakness, but simply look at the activities of the body or can. Chen month they do? "Yang Xuan car is constantly practicing brandished a knife and asked Wang Zhen. "They're in a side of the pier, was safe, and you hurt good, go and join them." While Wang Zhen Liandao, while said. Yang Xuan nodded his head and said: "Let us go, their strength is too weak, a long time can be dangerous." Wang Zhen stop down, looked at him in the eyes of passing touch of surprise color, said: "Can you walk? "Yang Xuan nodded. Surprised a moment, Wang Zhen did not ask once, and went with Yang Xuan, in fact,Coach Bags Outlet, he was even more anxious than Yang Xuan, only this time, he knew he could not leave Yang Xuan, otherwise, Yang Xuan true dangerous. Come so far, led by Wang Zhen Chen month they finally met. They hide in a secluded place, if it is, I'm afraid Yang Xuan do not see Wang Zhen pointed out. "You're still alive?" Just saw Yang Xuan two month will be pleasantly surprised to run over. She originally intended to wait a while, or did not see Wang Zhen back, it will go out and look. "Well," Yang Xuan smiled slightly, "Wang Zhen saved me." Chen month hesitated, watching silent next to Wang Zhen, watery eyes blinked. Wang Zhen some unnatural carried away to a cruel man's face turned slightly red ... "Really?" Chen month to see him so looks like, the reigning light Chen Dao. "Well," Wang Zhen nose "ah" sound. Chen could not help but rolled his eyes, I was a scourge? You guys, actually dare not look at me. Hum! "Flying python how to die?" Chen month turned his head, Yang Xuan asked. "It was I killed." Anyway, this Wang Zhen know, to Yang Xuan also not going to hide. Chen month a surprise, immediately asked again. In her questioning, Yang Xuan before Wang Zhen, then repeat to her again. Chen month have not personally seen, suddenly became convinced. Dark, we take a break for one night. "The few floor is covered in a piece of cloth, place a bed. Chen month from Zhang Liang backpack, took out some dry food and meat, assigned to everyone. Yang Xuan is now disabled persons, has been the most favorable treatment - two meat! (A) after eating, we chatted for a while, they have to sleep. Yang Xuan was to maintain the state of meditation, he found that absorbed world of strength, can be used to quickly repair the body, so he frantically absorbed night. His body, ribs and chest had serious injuries, even minor bleeding heart. But after the repair of the world of strength, actually overnight, the most of them. The morning comes, Yang Xuan while everyone has not woke up, went to the side of the road activities of the body. As long as not too much effort, basically like normal people, at least, to deal with some variation is still possible. It did not take long, we have to wake up. Eat a little dry food, they packed up their equipment along the highway going forward. "In spite of himself!" Wang Zhen, a knifed in a variation of the body. Along the way, led to his beheaded dozens of piecemeal variation. Car! "Yang Xuan suddenly eyes light up, looking away, where there are few BMW. Few people overjoyed, and went to the car before. Yang Xuan view, several cars are intact, the owner of the car may become a mutant, resulting in these cars are not the main thing. Yang Xuan went to the driver's seat of a car, looked at the oil, as well as more than half. Yang Xuan under the car, next to a car in the petrol into the car yard, excess use bottled up, time to time just. "Car would not have to walk." Yang Xuan feeling much better, near the highway, basically the shop before the middle of nowhere, they must go to the city,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Sale, so you can have food! Everyone on the train, Yang Xuan started the engine. "Hum!" Car soared immediately shot out! Along the way, they encountered a lot of scattered variation, Yang Xuan resolved. Time close to noon, Yang Xuan they have harvested more than 100 gold nuclei. Not long after, a tower greeted by the city before it was Yang Xuan. Getting closer, met on the road variation rapid increase, sometimes able to see a large hordes of mutants is stuck on the side of the road. However, these variations, but Wang Zhen hsiang, plus much more than the power of these variants, as long as it is not a case of forty or fifty, he can handle. Continue to move forward did not take long, Yang Xuan suddenly saw a a mantis strange. This is only mantis strange still wandering, never found, and Yang Xuan et al. Yang Xuan stopped the car, not near, because now, Wang Zhen, a person to deal with Mantis strange, there is a great deal of difficulty. His own body injury has not healed. Yang Xuan chose to stop and rest, and instantly, the way the morning nuclei assigned to. Absorb one will be able to force an increase of one! More than 100 gold nuclei,Sunglasses Coach Sale, Wang Zhen, 60 Xuan Yang 50, Chen 20 month, Zhang Liang three of them, each seventy-eight nuclei. This allocation, we are not opinions, The Originally these nuclei are hunted by Wang Zhen. Yang Xuan can be assigned to fifty, is unanimously felt that his strength in the ranks and Wang Zhen phase almost need to strive to enhance, so as to better protect others. Only need to cross the highway, that there will be in front of a police station to get a pistol, you have the ability to protect themselves. Just do not know where, gathered a large variation. After all, they'd been in the back of Yang Xuan those mutants, the sheer number is definitely not the power of a single person will be able to solve. Just then - ha ha, big brother, found a a mantis strange! "A laughter came. "Really? Where?" Four young men from the side of the highway Horizontal Plug over, and soon discovered a strange mantis. "Lucked out!" A face there is a cross-skinhead youth could not help laughing up, in their eyes, is to enhance the strength of the baby mantis strange! At this time, the mantis strange also found these abominable human screaming immediately rushed over. "Get back!" Bald-headed young light shouted, he step forward from the waist out a melon, sharp knife-edge flashing icy sheen. Killed! "Bald-headed young sneer, a few sideways, they rushed to the front of the mantis strange knife block mantis blame the attack, kicked the go. "Bang!" Mantis strange inverted out, there is a very significant dent at chest, dark green with the blood flow out from that. Yang Xuan time standing nearby watching this mantis blame, bald young people appear to make him slightly surprised, but this kick attack with the skinhead youth, made Yang Xuan values ​​up. "His power is estimated to reach the normal six times and seven times!" Yang Xuan solemn face, such as the strength has been worse than Wang Zhen. Of course, in terms of skill and Wang Zhen is absolutely not a grade. Wang Zhen's skill, the original strength would not be so weak. But because Chen month unburdened, and Zhang Liang three Tuoyou Ping, strength naturally big fall. "Careful, do not let them found us." Yang Xuan whispered to Wang Zhen, they said, these young bald look unlike what a good man. Yang Xuan over the years were removed from the office, know people is quite a general appearance and eyes, as well as tone of voice to speak, will be able to tell a person's character. Wang Zhen dignified nod, that the strength of the young bald, he also saw. In spite of himself! "Not long after, the young bald is knifed in a the mantis strange skull, and then grinning remove the inside of the dark blue nuclei. "Blue high level nuclei, tut, earned!" Skinhead youth could not help but laugh. "Big Brother is really powerful." The rest of the young surrounded over, looked with some envy the hands of a young bald nuclei, but did not dare show it. "Oh, follow the I, after a you when popular hot drink." Bald-headed young smile, "Fengyun nuclei to eat, I was able to break through to seven times the force, or even more!" That , big brother, you are really amazing! "Long live the Big Brother!" ...... young bald smiled proudly, some pride, suddenly between the rotation of the eyes, aiming met not far from a small car. Car? "Bald-headed young startled, immediately overjoyed:" car, we would not have to walk, "he greeted loudly, led the three young people came running. Seeking a reward ...... ...... seeking recommendations ticket ... <

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