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20.05.2013 02:48
to hear their powerful medium Chao antworten

The whole text without advertising the 409th chapter responses if said, the future group released the two generation engine products, people see the kind, to hear their powerful medium Chao, and won't feel very surprised. After all, they in this field has been the world's leading, so the habit of thinking has been on future group for automobile engine to develop high technology do not repel. But now, in the future the group released the two generation of link engine, through the official form, also announced that the aviation engine company of their operations, as well as the development of their first generation of aerospace power engine, and they need to go beyond, is the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380, the message can let a person feel shock. Future group and finally to the chain important aerospace industry this is a national industry, economy and science and technology, national defense lifeline. Dare to release this news to the world, it is that they have this confidence,Sunglasses Coach UK, no matter whether you really can't go beyond, but made from previous years future group initiatives, launched both automobile engine, or vessel, or is the engine of the engineering machinery, to the world has brought tremendous impact, no one is not beyond the contemporary advanced technology and cutting-edge technology products. So, let people have no reason not to believe that the next group on the engine air force technical research and development strength, they dare to say beyond the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 words on such occasions, so they must have embodied technology more powerful. It is because of this, it is not the people not to shock, even for the depressed to hematemesis, because when the future group. In this field, will also be a reign of terror....... While the government hospital. Is the office of the leaders in the busy time, a secretary suddenly Prime Minister of the Government Administration Council suddenly hastily into the office, said: "chief, have a very important piece of news to report to you!" Two heads of busy, saw the Secretary hurriedly look, said: "the time is not met Prime Minister of Ethiopia at two in the afternoon?" The secretary is sweating, not to speak, the Guo old also hastily into the office, immediately went to the side will open the TV,Coach Satchels Sale, and locked in a channel, way: "you look at this news will know what is going on......" Then, two chief very curious to see this news, found the news is the future group released the two generation engine, this thing he was concerned. But then, two heads look dignified up. When he heard the future group announced at the conference in aviation engine research and development, and the goal is to go beyond the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 heroic utterance, they also do not sit again, then immediately: "old Guo, it was so serious a matter, immediately organize team members, held an emergency meeting, on on this matter to discuss......" Here, leaders feel uneasy, then added: "no, it's so important, Guo, you personally run a western province, to see Xu Linyuan, the young man himself, on the matter of talk,Jordan 12 Shoes, they do not intend to put on the military products >

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