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20.05.2013 02:46
force played a great magical antworten

> Up to two meters mantis strange just appeared, the atmosphere of the audience will be solidified in vain. The WWW! QUaNBEN! COM especially tasted the mantis strange bitterness of the month people have pale up. Only mantis strange looks very sturdy, the most striking is its four mantis arm, as if the scythe of death, glowing the cold luster, daunting. Yang Xuan! "Wang Zhen suddenly spoke, he stared at the strange bird mantis mouth Yang Xuan said:" monthly to you, help me take care of her! "You ......" "Rest assured!" Wang Zhen, Chen Sheng said: "monster I kill you leave here, I will be more at ease!" Yang Xuan looked at him, this man's back is quite generous, as if a steel wall iron wall, giving a feeling of calm, peace of mind. Yang Xuan eyes moved, he deeply looked at the man, and immediately turned toward Chen months. "I do not want to go, I do not go!" Dialogue heard Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen, the month Chen Yi Chan himself, she grabbed Yang Xuan arms, tears his face, imploring. Yang Xuan hearts bear, tan a cry, and while she was not looking, she was knocked unconscious in the past. "Go!" Yang Xuan Zhang Liang next three light shouted, his body moves, picked up Mr months flew away, and soon out of sight. Yang Xuan left, Wang Zhen's mouth to reveal a faint bitter ...... goodbye month! His hands hold a knife, like a warrior, cold eyes looked strange bird mantis, he did not tell Yang Xuan is the last time he was able to kill has been mantis blame entirely on luck, and paid a great price ! Now facing war, he definitely did not grasp! - Even death, but also to die with dignity! He is a warrior, the soul and spirit of the samurai - the war! Even when they are dead, we must fight! ! Bao Hou soon, Wang Zhen knife, rushed past towards the mantis strange, as long as he was alive one second, it will never allow this ugly monster stepped on the step behind him! ! ...... The other side, holding Xuan Yang Chen month, returned to the floor of the residence yesterday. Chen month of physical fitness has been strengthened, is also very good, sober him soon. She looked at Yang Xuan and around the room, his face suddenly a pale, beautiful girl face anxious and panic: "is this place? Wang Brother, Big Brother!" Chen month as if Fengleyiban, clutching the Young Xuan's clothes, her Fenquan the pounding Yang Xuan chest, the girl sad to cry and said: "Why, why do you want to take me away! Why do not I leave!!" Even die, I have to and the big brother of the king, die together!! "her face firmly and sorrow,Coach Satchels Sale, for her, to leave the world of Wang Zhen ...... what is left of significance? Yang Xuan patted her on the shoulder, and whispered: "You wait here, I will now save him!" Really? "Chen month hesitated, she looked up at Yang Xuan. "Of course, but you must be allowed to run around, if something happens to you, then I can no hair and Wang Zhen account Yang Xuan shrugged, deliberately exposed relaxed appearance. Chen months like a little girl-like, constantly nodded and said: "Do not worry, I'll be fine." Yang Xuan nodded his head, he looks serious, Zhang Liang and the others on the side of the Road: "You protect her, I will soon be back! "Having looked at Chen month, seen from the eyes of this girl, hope, encouragement, a little ill at ease ...... Yang Xuan shook the hands of the spear back, eyes looking away, eyes a cold! "Kill!" Yang Xuan body bowed, like a sharp arrow, suddenly shot out, the entire clash with windows on the second floor and rushed out. Zhang Liang, who to stare ...... here, but on the second floor! Jump out of windows, Yang Xuan pediment the momentum unabated, the moment of landing toe first landing, and the soles of the feet, knees slightly bent then ... this process very subtle grasp, landing undershoot of the potential to offset most of the remaining under the impact of his body, did not care. Just a floor, Yang Xuan would like to shells are generally washed out completely rampage, the whole people like a cheetah rapid progress in the ruins of floors, from afar, only to see a black figure rapid shuttle in various ruins. "Must be waiting for me ah!" ... Among the ruins, Wang Zhen, sharp eyes,Coach Bags Online, staring coldly at mantis blame his arm, there is a huge scratch, bloody. Mantis strange not better than the original four mantis arm, has been reduced into three! The soles of the feet and stamp the ground, Wang Zhen by recoil trend, waving ancient sword, rushed up. Mantis strange roar cry, and the remaining three sickle-like arm, and striking madly him, like a three-handle sword, looks only a blur! Wang Zhen also did not weak, ancient knife in his hand and waved, saying that the three attacks of sickle arm to resist all down. "Whirlwind dance!" Di heard the Wang Zhen eyes Baoshe the two Fengrui Jingmang of his feet suddenly was Zama step-by-step standing hands of ancient knife momentum of a turn, holds the knife arm veins exposed, stud veins like earthworms generally vertical and horizontal at the top of the arm, very grim. "Dance!" Word export, Wang Zhen in the hands of the ancient knife immediately set off a whirlwind! I saw a circle of Jianguang, instantly enveloped live mantis strange three sickle arm, came the waves of cross-strike, "clang" sound, and occasionally you can still see the emergence of sparks visible mantis strange sickle arms how hard. In spite of himself! "One flower to splash out, but is not over yet, in the mantis strange body, instant seven or eight wounds. These wounds, just slightly out of the green blood. "Squeak!" Possession of the pain makes mantis blame completely crazy big hair, screaming loudly, three sickle arm suddenly elongation, suddenly stuck of Wang Zhen ancient knife. Wang Zhen eye pupil miniature, seeing a sickle to cut to the arm, under the critical, only to give up the ancient knife. He let go of his hands back out a few steps. "Bang when the ancient knife mantis blame thrown away. Wang Zhen's face slightly ugly, lost ancient sword, his fighting declined significantly. In this case, mantis strange has rushed to embrace. Wang Zhen bite his teeth, suddenly jumped out, kicked three sickle arm mantis clinging to blame. "In spite of himself!" Back pain, a sickle to arm stroke, blood spatter. "Boom!" Mantis strange Wang Zhen tightly to the ground, exposed the cruelty of light in the dark green eyes. "I was going to die?" Wang Zhen so weak, that move before the cyclone knife skills, has a large number of overdrafts his strength. Month ...... "fuzzy Wang Zhen eyes seem to see that cute cute girl, his mouth twitched, this man has always been poor speech, even showing a hint of gentle expression. Mantis strange sickle arm Wang Zhen eye pupil continued to enlarge ...... "If my next life ......" Wang Zhen smiled and closed his eyes. Spite of himself! "Has been prepared for the death of Wang Zhen, suddenly a loose who feel, then in front of a big bright light. He froze for a moment, opened his eyes and looked. Suddenly I saw the original pressure on himself the mantis strange, down ten meters of gravel. In front of him, stood a dark-haired man holding a spear! "Yang Xuan Wang Zhen hesitated. "Are you okay?" Dark-haired man turned his head and allowed himself a smile. "Well!" Wang Zhengang a nod,Jordan UK sale, suddenly remembered something, and his face became pale, anxious authentic: month? I do not let you take her away? "" She very safe, have Zhang Liang watching! "Yang Xuan said with a smile. After listening to Wang Zhen was a little relieved, suddenly Xuan Yang looked stunned and said: "how do you come back?" To help you! "Yang Xuan easily smile, raised his spear said. Wang Zhen Yi Zheng ...... Just then, it would only mantis strange rushed over again! Yang Xuan eyes of a cold spiritual power released, enveloped in the range of around 10 meters. Suddenly, everything around him see clearly. Yang Xuan figure of a dynamic, brought up a whistling sound strange to the mantis Baoshe out, scary fast. Nigh, Yang Xuan body suddenly to a rotation, bypassing the the mantis strange frontal attack, lightning appeared in the back. "Poof!" Spear like a viper, mercilessly inserted into the the mantis strange vest, and directly through! "Squeak!" Mantis strange pain howl, suddenly opened his wings, to get rid of Yang Xuan spear, pick up the wings, flew up into the sky. Fly? "Yang Xuan face slightly changed. - Yang Xuan eyes immediately exposed decisive and cold, a move his right hand, backhand holding a kitchen knife, and then mercilessly strange that mantis threw it! Resorted to full blow! Mental strength to guide the direction of the kitchen knife, hit explosion a mantis and strange head speed of 0.1 seconds. "Thump" sound, mantis strange huge body from falling down, fell to the ground. Yang Xuan several trot went over, withdraw a kitchen knife, remove the nuclei. Wang Zhen see all this action to fill the gap ...... aside completely shocked. Too strong! The mantis is strange in the hands of Yang Xuan, a total of only grips did a few rounds, he died in his hands. And to notice any Yang Xuan's clothes have not come across! "Pieces of dark blue nuclei" Yang Xuan raised his hands of the nuclei, Wang Zhen went around and smiled. To Wang Zhen just looked nuclei one, that he would turn its attention to Yang Xuan, "Thank you!" Said Wang Zhen bow, his voice is very sincere! "Nothing!" Yang Xuan waved freely, in fact, he did not expect to be so powerful. In the just which war which, the spiritual force played a great magical effect, all shrouded range of spiritual power, can not escape his palm. Sometimes, mental strength is better than the eye! And last whack choppers, if there is no spiritual power boot ...... Zhibu Ding will fly where do you go! "The nuclei take it!" Yang Xuan looked Wang Zhen, a man badly bruised, especially the back, have a bright red rip, blood clothes were given red. Nuclei to me? "Wang Zhen slightly surprised a moment, just kill mantis strange, but Yang Xuan way. "What, you do not?" Yang Xuan face slightly Shen authentic. In fact, he was a little remorse, if he had known that they can easily beat this mantis strange, never let Wang Zhen to adventure! After silver python enhance his strength, all of a sudden growth too fast, not yet fully adapt over. Or that he has not learned exactly how. Wang Zhen looked at Yang Xuan a flashing eyes a few times, the appearance of a hesitant, but finally bear down. "Then I thank you!" Wang Zhen took the nuclei, deeply looked Yang Xuan one, did not say any more. Sometimes, humility instead make the distance between two people pull farther! "Can you move it?" Yang Xuan smiled, to help him up. "Yes!" Wang Zhen, the ancient knife picked up quickly said: "month?" Yesterday place to live, we will soon go back, the three of them may not be safe. "Yang Xuan said. "Well!" Wang Zhen nodded. Just then - "Roar!" Came a huge roar. Yang Xuan and Wang Zhen looked back, suddenly face became pale, I saw in the distance a wall around the corner, the mighty came a large group of mantis strange eyes swept around seventeen eight! "Mantis strange group!" Yang Xuan face a little pale ugly, seventeen eight ah! Even he, nor the slightest grasp! Too many! ...... Seeking votes, almost able to top more than on one! Brothers Dingding - cough, Clarify, many people feel fat dead Unfortunately, the timid fat is really quite lovely. But - fat can be a hint, will be introduced later! If you look fat dead, it is estimated will be able to guess what ...... <

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