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these points of light like a starry antworten

> Inspired the three blood force, the Yang Hin whole body shrouded with three-color light, sky and roar loudly, desperate to whom it devoid of sentient beings shaking a finger straight past! Sky, a dark mass. in the WWW, quaNBen com sight, only the root huge hill half fingers! Chong Yang Xuan ear only the sound of the wind whistling, he took one unyielding trend, such as strong bamboo shoots, the whole person and Chaos stick together in order one, while the nine dragon roar behind him, suddenly reduced, turned into a bunch of light, imprinted in the the chaotic stick, at the end of a stick, nine Jiao head faint roar! Boom! Heaven and earth ring, broad surge in wind that half fingers twist in the bottom of the fruit hill, suddenly, Fruit Hill collapse, into numerous gravel. "Dead?" Far from the crowd saw this scene, have hesitated. "Detract from generation to kill God, so loss fall?" Too strong, which means the whole mountain collapsed under! "Really is not covered in this new world boss, the strength!" Crowd, sounded sorry sound waves marvel after another sigh, shaking his head. At this point - in spite of himself! A three-color light, all of a sudden from that finger back out of, turned into a dazzling, straight into the world, through the dark clouds of thick plot, throughout the world, has become a Babel column! Nine days, the clouds transpiration, the situation circulation, the wind comes up! Even though thousands of miles apart, are able to see this shocking picture of heaven and earth connection! Sudden scene, the crowd of people that hill and dale, amazed, staring like a miracle that the coming of the three-color light beam. At that altitude, Qin Hong brow wrinkled, more gloomy eyes, pointing to lift again, cold shouted: "Miemo the means!" Distant nine days on a ink the Guanghua poured down in the air quickly cohesion became a dark fingers up to little knowledge, exudes a rolling magic in the air, on which seems to be numerous vigorous spirit kick screaming issue sounds miserable. This finger just appeared, immediately go unto the tri-color light beam at the twist! Rumbling! At this point, half finger, a figure dressed in black sky, led to all air, followed up rushed, such as break free of the shackles masterpiece Xiongshen of his cold eyes staring at twist fingers, the eyes reveal a grim crazy, screaming, in the eyes of thousands of consternation, straight up. "Genius palm!" Yang Xuan sky and roar! Two large energy palm of your hand quickly condensed, Yang Xuan eyes of his crazy color, roar loudly, with the two Djinn palm clinging to the front of the finger nail at. "Give me collapse!!!" Yang Xuan clinging to the little knowledge that with the destruction of Granville refers to chase away, looked grim, roar loudly, waving moving up! The gas Nukiyama Come force guise! Big roar,Madison Coach Cheap, Yang Xuan raised alpine general chase away, mercilessly hit to the bottom of the mountain! Roar, towering peaks chase away means hit the the roaring open fracture, the countless monsters above all fled in panic. Qin Hong Yang Xuan grinning sound again whirl moving chase away refers to whom it mid-air hit go! Qin Hong formed the touch in the eyes of surprise color does not seem to think of Yang Xuan actually have such a strong force in the the little knowledge fingers swept over, he looks calm, slowly lift the palm of your hand, press in that finger. He moves very light, but allows enough to smash the peaks fingers to stop down, no longer move! Yang Xuan roar loudly, eyes blood red one instant, the spread of hair from the hair root, turned into a blood-red! Little knowledge is a finger in the hands of Qin Hong, moved a point! "Well?" Qin Hong eyes appearing a little surprised, looked at Yang Xuan a slightly nodded and said: "worthy of three blood force, laminated together, the power of the increase would go so powerful enough to deal with, with your strength, some 700 times the monster! "Yang Xuan blood-red eyes, full of the violent atmosphere, eyes turned to look to the Qin Hong Road behind a beautiful figure, she picturesque, such as Sin, Qiaoli that looked indifference him ... deep at the center, as if there's something a little bit crash, with a sad and disheartened, no longer feel any pain, he suddenly thought: If I died, she would not come to see me one it? He put his hand to wipe his eyes blood, and water! Standing in the sky, the sky and shouts! Sonic booms fieldwork, heaven and earth color! Three-color light along a spiral path, shrouded Yang Xuan in vitro, long howling, towering into the sky, and crashed the clouds, connection between heaven and earth! In his pubic region, the rapid operation of the blood Dan, with Qishang, slowly stopped running. Then, a little, a little, burst open! Bang! Blood Dan fragmentation! Turned into numerous small-rays scattered in the limbs, and turned into a small purple star point,Nike Air Jordan 13, as if the dark pubic region is a small universe, but at the moment, these points of light like a starry! With the crushing of the blood Dan, Yang Xuan, a blood fat, faded down, recovery became black, his eyes no longer blood-red, but at eyebrows, with three purple star points! These three purple star point, triangular in shape, imprinted in the eyebrows at! Originally stationary chase away the little knowledge means that,Women's Jordan Sale, once again moved a little in the Qin hung to stop! Broken Dan! "Qin hung in the eyes of passing touch of surprise color, said:" I did not expect you, you can actually broken Dan! "Yang Xuan's eyes filled with three-color light, no previous violent, only as disheartened without any emotional calm, eyes like! Qin Hong, then Yang Xuan smell if not smell, he let chase away means indifferent eyes, raising his hand to move a finger: "off days means!" Boom! ! Nine days, Huo Ran between exploding, purple the photoelectric tour channeling, clouds roll, then in the bottom of the countless shocked eyes, slowly stretched out a finger! Fingers as if from before the eternal time and space, reveal an vicissitudes of the atmosphere, up to little knowledge in the finger after the cut-off of yin and yang Pisces shrouded turned into a cycle of Bagua map! There is no doubt that this type of supernatural powers, is off spirits and chase away refers fusion! The crowd below Pathetic youth, who wind around a touch of vitality fluctuations are clearly self-cultivation! At the edge of their cuffs, embroidered with a white sword-shaped pattern, showing the identity of the person: Shushan Jianpai! Few people looked up at that wind around the black and white mythical gas fingers, eyes suddenly a convex, exposing extremely shocked disbelief, one of them speechless said: "The tragedy!!!" ...... Which has just appeared off days , then scroll through the sky Storm roaring against that Qin Hong twist! Qin Hong see black and white mythical gas at the moment, a rare shock of color in the eyes again, said: "actually his fingers!" ... Seeking recommendations tickets! <

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